Mover Carrying Boxes - What to do while your movers are doing their job

What to do while your movers are doing their job

People usually hire movers so they don’t have to lift a finger during their relocation. Someone else will do the job while you sit on the porch and sip lemonade? Well, that sounds great. However, the reality is different. The moving day often arrives with its list of moving-related tasks that the movers can’t complete for you. Hiring movers does make the process a lot easier, but there are few things you can do to help. Here’s what to do while movers are doing their job.

Pack what movers won’t relocate

You did your homework and learned how to find the best movers, that’s great. But, you should know that even they can’t move everything for you. Moving companies can’t transport flammable, perishable, or dangerous items. So, while your movers are doing their job, pack and load them into your vehicle.

Flammable Sign
Movers can’t relocate flammable items. So, pack them while your movers are doing their job.

Offer refreshments while your movers are doing their job

While the moving crew is working, it’s a nice gesture to provide some refreshments. So, you can set up a station with bottled water, coffee, and grab-and-go snacks. This way everyone will have a place to go when they’re feeling slow.  Also, at noon, you can let your movers from to take a lunch break to refuel. Of course, there is no obligation for feeding the entire crew. That’s only if you want to. 

Ensure entertaining for kids and pets

Energy levels of kids and pets don’t mix well with a house full of movers. So, try to arrange for off-site care. If that’s impossible, make sure they’re kept out of the way. Put pets in an empty room with food, water, some toys, and a litter box or puppy pad. The best entertainment for kids is an iPad, some board games, or a trip to a nearby park to burn off some energy. Use how to move with children – tips and advice, they are helpful.

Clean while your movers are doing their job

There is no better time to clean your home then when it’s empty. So, if it’s possible, get to the new place before the truck arrives for a fast once-over. Also, do this with your old place, once everyone leaves. If you can’t do it ahead of time, clean up each room as it’s emptied. The home will be clean by the time everything’s on the truck.

Cleaning while your movers are doing their job
When movers pack the entire room, you should clean it.


Movers may overlook a few items here or there. So, check every room for things that may have been left behind. Typical hiding spots are dishwashers, medicine cabinets, and the drawer beneath the oven. Also, before everyone leaves, go through the house and ensure doors and windows are closed, and lights turned off. 

Stay out of the movers’ way but don’t disappear

You should point out things like fragile items or tricky staircases, that’s okay. But, don’t hover over your crew telling them how to pack and move every box. Instead, rely on their expertise and let them do things their way. In case they have a question, they’ll come to you. That’s why you shouldn’t disappear. They may need your assistance, so leave at least one person on-site to oversee the move. You need somebody to handle tricky situations and pay the movers.

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