A student wondering What It's Really Like Moving For College to Maryland

What It’s Really Like Moving For College to Maryland

When you’re moving for college to Maryland, you will have a lot of things on your mind. Relocation is never easy, and this type of move can be particularly tricky. Still, there are some tips and tricks that can help you to handle this task. This guide will reveal some of them, show you what expects you and how to prepare for college relocation to Maryland.

Start preparing for moving for college to Maryland early

Moving for college to Maryland can be a scary experience. Especially if this is the first time to leave your parents house. You will be living alone or with a roommate, and that takes a lot of preparation.

The sooner you start to prepare for your college move, the easier will be. When you finish the main moving tasks, the more time you will have to adjust yourself for this change. Start planning early, make your ultimate moving checklist and avoid the additional stress that the lack of time will bring.

Choose your new home

If you prefer to have your own home than living in the college dorm, choose it wisely. Focus most on the neighborhood that you’ll be living in.
Depending on your finances, the ideal situation will be to find affordable housing near your college. Preferably in the walking distance. That way, you won’t have to waste time on the commute and you’ll be always on time for classes.

Luckily, most of Maryland’s colleges are renting homes that are within the borders of the campus. The bad thing is that these housing options are going off the market very fast. If you start planning your moving for college to Maryland early, there is a big possibility that you can find some available unit.

Hire a moving company

A good moving company can make a difference between smooth relocation and the move from your nightmares.
Reliable movers will make your family relocation simple, your commercial move or moving to college. No matter what type of move is on the stake, it is always a good idea to hire a moving company.

People think that they don’t need the help of professionals when their kids are moving to college. If you are traveling with the only a couple of bags and moving into a dorm that can be a case. Still, if you are moving for college to Maryland and you’re renting an apartment, you will need to bring more of your things with you. That means heavy furniture as well. While you can theoretically move on your own, in practice it will be a very hard job. Not to mention dangerous because of the risks of moving injuries. You want to start your college experience fresh and not with your arm or leg in the cast.

If you are moving in your own apartment in Maryland to attend a college, the best advice is to hire some reputable moving company like Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland to help you with your move. With those pesky things not lurking over your head, you can focus on making other arrangments for your college life.

Think carefully what you will pack

Figuring out what items that you don’t need to pack and which one to bring is an important decision when moving for college in Maryland. Our things give us comfort in unknown environments, but you can’t pack all of them. Especially if you will be living in the dorm. Your new room has limited space and cluttering it with the unnecessary things isn’t a way to make a good studying environment. Make a list of the things that you really can imagine living without and only pack them. The rest of your items will be safe in your parent’s house.

If you’re moving to the other part of the country, it will be best not to leave your seasonal clothing at home. You never know when the weather will change, so it’s best to keep it close by. Since you maybe don’t have enough room for storing them, think about renting the short term storage unit. It is a convenient and cheap way to have the items that you need, but don’t frequently use near you.

Dorm room at the college campus
If you’re staying in the dorm, you have to pack only the things that you really need.

Make a plan for staying in touch with your loved ones

Just because you are moving for college to Maryland, it doesn’t mean that you should stop communicating with important persons in your life. In fact, keeping in touch with your friends and family will give you the necessary support that you will need during this transition. Before you move to college, open the lines of communications:

  • Gather the contacts – Make a list of contact information for family members, friends, your sport team buddies. Include the contacts of your teachers, guidance counselors, and neighbors. Maybe in the future, you will need reference or advice, and having these contacts can help you get them.
  • Join social media community – If you don’t have an account on the social network that most of your friends and family use now is the time to make one. It will help you to stay up to date with their life even if you’re miles away.
  • Make a communication plan with your parents– Your parents will miss you terribly. It’s in their nature to worry about you. If it’s up to them, they will call you at least twice a day just to check on you. That can be very annoying for the college student. To avoid miscommunications and arguments, make a deal with your parents. An arrangement on how many times you will talk to them in a week or per month. Don’t be selfish and make this plan only in the way that suits your needs. Your parents should also feel comfortable with it.
Girl talking on the phone after moving for college to Maryland
Keeping the line of communications open will help you after your college move.

Visit the campus before your moving for college to Maryland

The curriculum of the college is the most important thing, but its environment is the close second. After all, you will be spending a couple of years there, so you need to like at least some of its features. So spending some time in the town that you will be living for now on will be very beneficial.

Visit the dorm of the college that you will be attending, and take a stroll around the neighborhood. If you are planning to live outside the campus, this can be a good time to find a place where you’ll be living.

College campus
Once you get to know the campus and the new city, even for a few days, you will manage more easily once you start college.

On your trip, be sure to explore some of the entertainment options and activities that you can enjoy after moving for college to Maryland. Each city of this small state has great amenities and outdoor activities,  so you will have plenty of things to do in your free time.

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