Top places to buy a home in Europe- Part I

Buying a home in Europe is the best choice to invest your capital

In case you are considering buying a property to diversify your portfolio, we suggest investing in a home in Europe! There are many reasons for that of which we are going to mention only some. The purchasing power of a dollar in Europe is stronger than it was ever in last decade. The main reason for that is that dollar is getting stronger, and it is getting close to the value of euro. The other important thing is that the prices of a square meter in Europe seem to be a lot cheaper than the one in the USA, so you could buy a house or a condominium in Europe for a lot less money than back here.

Also, besides the economic aspect, Europe is a beautiful place to live in, or at least go for a vacation from time to time. It is the continent of some of the oldest cultures of the world, and because of that, the architecture is brilliant and dates from different periods in the past. So, moving across Europe is like moving through time, experiencing different periods of art. Once you go to Europe, you will find out why it is so beautiful place to live in, and you shall immediately want to have a home there. Investing in property in Europe is now maybe the best decision you could make, and therefore we will present to you some of the most attractive places in Europe to buy a residential real estate!

Some of the top places in Europe to buy a home at a reasonable price:

  • Valletta– Capital of Malta, EU member, ideal place for purchasing a property in Europe
  • Algarve– Europe’s secret for those seeking to buy a home near beautiful nature, and without winters.
  • Budva– Montenegro’s gem on Adriatic sea, with beautiful Mediterranean style of buildings, this is maybe the top recommendation for those wanting to invest in home, being able to enjoy the top European Beauty


Valletta offers so much for you if  you want to buy a home in Europe

Valletta is a great city in Europe to invest in real estate

Valetta is the capital of Malta, the land of three islands, and the land with the rich history and architecture and Valletta itself is European capital of culture. It is a small country, with beautiful nature, calm life and never ending enjoyment for your mind and your heart, perfect to make it your new home in Europe! One of the most important things to mention is that in this multilingual country, English is commonly spoken language, so you don’t need to worry about the language problems, which is so common for European countries.

Also, people here are so warm and welcoming, so the fact that you are a foreigner is not an issue here, on the contrary, they would probably treat you even warmer as a stranger. In the end, what is maybe the most important to say is that buying a housing here in Europe costs only around 1300$ per square meter. The authorities of Malta require from foreigners to spend at least 105.000 euros if buying an apartment, or 175.000 euros if buying a house.


Algarve, for those who love azure colour of the ocean, this European place is where they must buy a real estate 

160km of the Atlantic shore-approachable from home if you buy it in Algarve

Being that Algarve owns such a beautiful nature, and over 160km of Atlantic shore, the information that there are over 100.000 expats retirees here is not that weird, but it is a confirmation of how a peaceful and mind releasing place this is. The beaches here were awarded European blue flag for many times, for the cleanliness of the water. Another thing specifically attracts people to buy a property here in Europe is that Algarve has more than 3300 hours of sunshine a year, which is more than almost every place in Europe.

Winters here are mild, so during the summer you can enjoy in sunning, swimming in clean water or boating, and during the winter, when it is cold in Europe, it is warm in Algarve. In addition to everything aforementioned, there are as many as 42 golf courts in and around Algarve, which makes it the top golfing destination in continental Europe. Why wouldn’t you buy a house here, if you are already considering Europe to invest in real estate, settle down and become a golfer? It is not expensive at all, the square meter here is only 1350$! Can you imagine that purchasing a home in such a piece of heaven like this costs that cheap?



Buy a house in European city of Budva, enjoy in perfect nature and beautiful architecture of  Mediterranean gem 

Budva- The gem of Europe to invest in real estate

If you are searching to invest in a property in Europe with almost untouched nature and peaceful and relaxed environment, Budva is the right place for you! It is a city in Montenegro, country in south-western Balkans, with the most millionaires in Europe to the proportion of the population. Mediterranean sea is so pure here that you would think nobody has ever entered it in Budva!

The city itself is 2500 years old, and nature looks like it was born yesterday. That is what makes people living here so relaxed that it seem like they never worry. Once you have decided to buy a house in Europe, we suggest you come here and see yourself the beauty of Budva, there will be no need to persuade you why it is so great to be a home to your new residential real estate in Europe.

The fact that a square meter here is at below 1850$ says that you can own almost a castle (and in what environment!) for the amount of money that you could buy some average-sized house, in an ordinary suburban area! Here you would feel like the king in his castle, feeling like you live in the very place where the life was born!

In the end, let’s say again why we recommended those three places as the top destinations to invest in real estate in Europe:

Valletta: Foreigner-friendly environment for strangers buying home here in Europe, with rich history and beautiful architecture

Algarve: Blue flag beaches, with long and hot summers, and warm winters, and also the top destination for golfers in continental Europe. 100.000 expat retirees bought a home here in Europe

Budva: Pure nature and clean Mediterranean sea, city old 2500 years and very affordable price of housing to invest in this part of Europe

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