Choose wisely where to purchase real estate in Europe

Top places to purchase real estate in Europe- Part II

The discussion about where to purchase real estate in Europe continues, as we promised! After you read our previous article- Where to buy a home in Europe- Part I, we are back! We are suggesting you today the most various cities in Europe! You will meet cities from Eastern Europe, across the middle Europe, to Western Europe. It is your decision what part of the Old continent you like the most. What we can tell you, being that we spent some time in all of the cities we are about to mention, is that you can’t be wrong.

Choose wisely where to purchase real estate in Europe
Be wise when choosing a European place to invest in residential real estate

Whatever city of those to come you pick to purchase real estate in Europe, you will feel complete satisfaction. The difference is only what is your source of satisfaction. We are offering various things, so pick one and enrich your life! You don’t need necessarily move to these cities to live there, but it is our highest recommendation to invest in property in those cities. Reason? After seeing these cities once, you’ll want to go there at least for a vacation, and at least once a year!

You don’t need necessarily move to these cities to live there, but it is our highest recommendation to invest in real estate in those cities. Reason? After seeing these cities once, you’ll want to go there at least for a vacation, and at least once a year! And it is much easier, and much more comfortable if you own a home there. You would be able to rent it while away or even sell it later. Probably at the higher price, being that the real estate market constantly grows in Europe!

Best real estate investment opportunities in Europe

It is not too much of a wisdom to advise someone to purchase real estate in Europe. The important thing is to advice one where to invest in it. We are about to do that. 

  • Antwerp, Belgium– Nice and calm, but still full of life European place for buying a house
  • Košice, Slovakia– The good to invest in real estate – capital in Central Europe with an easy life

Antwerp, Belgian multicultural city ideal for non-Europeans to buy a home and settle

Everything in Antwerp is multi-something, so you could never feel lonely if you buy a home in this European city.

Purchase real estate in Europe- choosing Antwerp is a good idea
Wouldn’t it be nice to own a real estate in such a mixture of architectural styles that you may see on streets of Antwerp?

First to mention about Antwerp is the mix of nationalities in it. You can meet everyone here. Literally. For those of you who come from the USA searching for a good residential property purchasing opportunity, there is a great number of English speaking people here. That makes it easier for you do blend in. That is why this city is the top recommendation for Non-Europeans to invest in. Rarely you can find a city in Europe to live using English language only.

The beauty of Antwerp is what attracts both- tourists and immigrants- to make their European real estate investment here

What Antwerp has to offer is- everything you would want out of European home investment! The architecture here is brilliant, it is an old city where you can feel European history walking through it. Still, it is a modern city, with modern buildings all around you. You could say that balance of past and modern time is ideal for a home buyer here, in Antwerp. Purchase real estate in Europe, and let it be Antwerp where you will put your investment.

The city carries a flattering title of fashion and cultural tourist place. There are many tourists here, so the real feel about living in Antwerp is similar to living in a metropolis. Families tend to buy homes in northern part of the city, with backyards and plenty of space to enjoy the nature around the house. Single expats, on the other hand, prefer buying flats in the modern buildings in the centre of the city.

Considering to buy a home in this part of Europe is specifically good for the overall prices, especially property prices

The prices in this European city are at least affordable for an American immigrant. Just mentioning that, for example, milk here is below 1€ (0.88€), and 1kg of chicken breasts is 9€, will let you know that your standard would be higher for the same amount of money. And in a beautiful European city. Also, the price of a square meter in Antwerp is below 2700€. Pretty affordable, pretty attractive, pretty likely to invest in real estate in Europe, once you checked Antwerp, isn’t it? And owning a property in second largest port in Europe wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Watch a video of atypical Antwerp to find out more about it:

Košice, Central European, well hidden, and yet close to everything capital with low-cost but high-potential real estate market

Enjoy the peace of Košice, being able to travel to various European cities- by buying a real estate here!

Purchase real estate in Europe- choose Košice
Košice real estate, the right place to invest your savings

Not so big city, and yet not too small one. Košice is just about the right size city to have your own peace whenever you feel like being left alone. On the other hand, with enough amusement when you need to have fun! Tired of everyday life here? Not a problem at all! Get into the car, hit the road, and 20 minutes later, you are in various beautiful cities of Europe! Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, a little further Belgrade, Rome, Munich… The choices are endless when you live in the centre of Europe!

Low-cost city for high-quality life standard. This is what you get purchasing a real estate in this city of Europe.

An average salary of 1800€ in Košice probably seems like not so big money to someone having enough money to buy a home. But what you need to do is to compare it with the prices. Telling you that a meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant is 17€ on average and that boneless chicken breasts are priced below 5€, you get the picture how high-standard of life you would have by making a decision to purchase real estate in Europe – choosing Košice.

The Slovakian property market is predicted to grow in years to come. It is perfect timing to purchase real estate in Europe, buying a home in Košice!

The price of a square meter in Kosice is just above 1400€! It means that you can choose the size and the look of your new residence for a fraction of the price you would pay in developed country of western Europe, or in the USA. Forecasts say that the real estate market is about to grow in Slovakia. The quality of life is great in Košice. What obstacle could possibly stop you from buying a home here in Europe now? Having a chance to live here or come for a vacation. Being able to sell it in the future and earn money. Also being able to say you own a property in 2013 European capital of culture!

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