Top places to invest in property- around the world

Top places to invest in property around the world

It is not a too good situation for property investments in Europe and in the USA. Europe is surviving Euro depreciation and the US deficit is measured in trillions. That’s why it is hard to decide to invest in real estate there. Not that there are no opportunities. We previously discussed where it is good to invest in Europe, part I and part II. Also, it is almost never a bad time to invest in real estate in the USA. That’s why we talked about what are important steps when buying a home in the USA. But being that the situation isn’t too bright for investments in both of aforementioned territories, we change the subject in this article. We are going to talk about top places to invest in property, around the world. Out of the USA and Europe.

BRICKS countries are becoming stronger and stronger. The economy of Japan is getting more and more efficient. Singapore almost has no unemployment.  These are some of the information to show you that the situation is changing around the world. Not only in aforementioned countries. Also, the number of tourists is growing everywhere in the world. Therefore, many people get in touch with different cultures around the world. That way, they also get the opportunity to explore the top opportunities to invest in property. And to visit them in person. So the world realty market is changing. Follow the trends, and keep in touch with overall changes.

Learn about top places to invest in property

Invest in booming realty market of Hong Kong

Why should you invest in Hong Kong’s real estate?

Top places to invest in property- Hong Kong
Hong Kong- One of the top places to invest in property for many reasons!

Hong Kong is one of the fastest growing economies of this part of the world. Therefore, although one bedroom condominiums here start at 200.00$, the prices are still going to grow. That’s why it is a smart move to invest now. You’ll be able to sell it at a higher price in a couple of years. Or you could rent it, and earn money constantly. It is up to you. Nevertheless, this is one of the top places to invest in property, being that people from all around the world come here. There is a rise in both, the number of tourists in Hong Kong, and the number of expatriates moving here to stay.

What are the predictions for Hong Kong’s realty market?

As we previously said, the economy of Hong Kong is one of the fastest growing. And it is already very strong. Therefore, the predictions for real estate prices here are that they will continue to grow until at least 2020. Especially the prices are expected to grow during 2017. That’s why you should invest in property here ASAP, so you could make money later.

Who is investing in Hong Kong property?

Literally, everyone invests here! Until recent times, the realty market of Hong Kong was interesting to western world countries, such as Europe and the USA. In past several years, more and more home buyers come from China and Japan. The matter of fact is that now, almost 1/3 of all realty buyers come from China! That is the certain indicator that this is one of the top places to invest in property, being that Chinese were repellent about everything connected to Hong Kong, and now they make 30% of investors!

More and more investors purchase Mauritius property

Top places to invest in property- Mauritius
Invest in Mauritius real estate and have no fear about the profit!

Besides being an exotic tourist destination, Mauritius becomes an important place for realty investors! It is not that strange information, having in mind it was closed for foreign buyers, until recent times. Therefore, being open, it is one of the most interesting destinations to invest your extra money! It doesn’t matter if you are investing to earn money, or planning on buying a home to go for a vacation, or even live here, the opportunities are great. It is now an open realty market, with a scheme to encourage foreign realty investors.

Besides that, it is important to mention that political situation is stable here. Also, what makes it enter our ‘top places to invest in property around the world’ list is that the economy is constantly growing. It is growing at average 4% rate over past 8 years! Talking about the most attractive real estate to buy, three bedroom homes are starting at average price of 311.000$, and four bedroom ones at the price 497.500$. Pretty much interesting prices for such an exotic destination interesting to tourists all around the world, to invest in rental property for example.

If you want to invest in a country like no other, invest in property of South Africa

Top places to invest in property- South Africa
Invest in property in South Africa, the country like no other in the world!

The first thing to mention about why to invest in South Africa is- the climate. It is probably the best in the world, for the most of the people! The winters here are mild to warm, and summers are not too hot, just hot enough. The other thing to mention is that this is the territory inhabited by Britons mostly. So the most commonly used language is English, which is probably the best information for Americans and Europeans, being that the most property investors come from these parts of the world.

Still, what makes South Africa one of the top places to invest in property, is the price of real estate here. The prices are very low by global standard, varying from 60.000 for a one-bedroom apartment to 200.000$ for a three-bedroom house, for example. The real estate agents here say that South Africa somehow avoided European and North American volatility. Therefore, the prices are stable here all the time. With predictions to furtherly grow. Which is, of course, the most important information for someone planning to invest in property.

In case you have second thoughts on where to invest, or what to pay attention when it comes to purchasing a real estate, contact Joel Real Estate, and we shall find the perfect place and perfect property for you to invest in!

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