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Top places in New Jersey for aging in place

We will show you the top places in New Jersey for aging in place. Choosing a place to live needs to be done carefully and patiently. You cant choose today – a decision this big needs to be calculated. Especially if you are planning to live for the rest of your life in one place. So, let’s check them out together, and later we will show you how to get there.

Lambertville is the most beautiful city in New Jersey

Lambertville is a picturesque village like no other we have ever seen. It is on the Delaware River but located near the Pennsylvania border. Lambertville has some wonderfully preserved Victorian residences. You can also find some charming federal-style townhouses you will love. Most of them are from the early 18th century and now they are the home to charming vintage shops that residents simply adore. Those buildings are the reason why this town owns the title of ‘Antiques Capital of New Jersey’. Lambertville’s is a great place for artists and the ones who enjoy art. If you are visiting make sure to check out their annual arts and crafts fair (ShadFest).

For the foodies

Lambertville is not only one of the top New Jersey places for aging in place, but it is also a foodie’s paradise. This city organizes an annual food fair and restaurant week and it is to die for. Chances are, you will love the culinary scene as much as we did. Fun fact this and Nashville are the top destinations for young families in 2022.

Healthy food served
They have the most amazing food.

Rutherford is the best place for the ones that love the suburbs

Rutherford is a New York City suburb with a population of almost 19,000 people. As you can see, this is a pretty big suburb. This place is in Bergen County. Many people (and magazines) consider Rutheford to be one of the nicest places to live, and, thus, it is no surprise that this is also one of the top places in New Jersey for aging in place. The prices are pretty affordable here. There are numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and parks here. That is something that all age groups can enjoy. We even compared it to some of the best Texas towns and suburbs and we still love Rutheford the most.

This is a great place for young professionals as well

Rutherford is home to a large number of young professionals because there are a lot of great job opportunities to be found here. Rutherford’s public schools are rated above average. That is something that parents care about a lot. As you can see this suburb is a great place for all age groups and it can be a perfect place for you for many years to come. If you wish to relocate here we suggest you team up with nearby pros. They can help you to unpack and settle in quickly.

Grandpa and his granddaughter enjoying one of the top places in New Jersey for aging in place
All age groups will fit in here.

For the ones who prefer smaller places to live – Princeton Junction

This is a really small place. There are less than 3000 people living here and yet this is one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Young families love it a lot and it looks like this place will get many more residents this year. Princeton Junction’s inhabitants enjoy a dense suburban feel. Even though this is such a small place there are numerous parks and outdoor amenities. Kids really like them. So do we of course. This charming small place is home to a large number of families. We have some great news for the ones that are moving here with kids – Princeton Junction’s public schools are highly rated as well. That means great education for your kids.

The reason why we said you need to research a lot

This place might not be the best for young professionals but it is for digital nomads, families, and seniors. This right here is the reason we told you that you need to research a place before deciding on it. For example, big families usually choose British Colombia and smaller families usually choose this region. One city can’t be perfect for everybody and you need to see which one fits your needs the most.

The most popular township in New Jersey – Lyndhurst

Lyndhurst simply had to be on our “top places in New Jersey” list. You will see that Lyndhurst residents are kind, courteous, and respectful. That means you will easily find new friends here. One thing people notice about this small town is strong community values. Let’s not forget a lovely park in the center that is a huge hit for all age groups. Because of the location, there are numerous chances for young professionals! You will often hear that this township is a wonderful environment to grow up and that’s why many families live their whole lives here. If you decide to relocate here make sure to enlist the help of expert neighbors. You will need some help with relocation.

Moving to New Jersey

Relocations can be awfully stressful and they can take a lot of time. Unless you find experts like allseasonmovers.com to help you out. You need to find movers with additional services that will work great for you. Seniors need to see if they are offering a service called senior relocation. If you have some items you need to store it’s crucial that you find movers that can offer you storage near your new home.

A couple packing for relocation.
Movers can also help you to pack and unpack.

Honorable mentions (top places in New Jersey)

We showed you a couple of places we liked the most but this is not everything this great state has to offer. So, here comes a list of more top places in New Jersey that you should research after the ones we showed you above :

  • Hoboken
  • River Edge
  • Ho-Ho-Kus
  • Princeton
  • Edgewater

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