Look for the Top NYC suburbs to buy a house

Top NYC suburbs to buy a house

Have you decided to move to New York and buy a house? Are you wondering is that a good decision, where can you buy a house in New York? When you think about New York, probably the first association that comes to your mind are buildings. You have seen all those TV shows filmed in the middle of Manhattan among all those buildings and fancy apartments. But you want a house and you want it in New York. It is definitely doable. New York has it all. Here, we will try to help you out and give you some pointers on where you can find a nice house. If you think about it, there are numbers of NYC suburbs to buy a house. And remember, when moving to New York  Dorothy & Martha Moving NYC is a place to get the right information. Now we can start.

NYC suburbs to buy a house let’s go to Jersey City

Jersey City can easily be listed as one of the most desirable NYC suburbs to buy a house. It is a calm city in New Jersey, where most of the residents rent, but that doesn’t mean anything. There is a large number of beautiful houses that you can buy. Not a very fun fact is that real estate prices in New Jersey have grown in the past couple for years, but it is still high chance that you can find a nice house for a reasonable price.

Nature in Jersey at its best
Buying a house in Jersey city cannot be a wrong decision


Hoboken is such a famous place. First of all, name Hoboken really has a ring to it, but that is not all. Hoboken is famous for a man who invented the zipper. Let’s put that on the side for now, and let’s talk real-estate. Buying a house in Hoboken can be a really good decision. There are so many gorgeous, affordable houses. Therefore, moving to Hoboken and count it among top NYC suburbs to buy a house is really easy. Be very aware though that Hoboken became somewhat a hipster place, so hopefully, you are into that.

Hoboken is one of the best NYC suburbs to buy a house
Hoboken is such a cool place to buy a house

Glen Rock

Glen Rock is definitely one of the NYC suburbs to buy a house. Even though we are mentioning it as third it should be the first place on your list. What is very interesting about Glen Rock is that crime rates are extremely low. This can be a decisive factor when buying a house anywhere, none the less in New York. Also, people who live here are mostly family oriented and they own their houses, renting is not so popular in Glen Rock as is in Jersey City. When raising a family in NYC suburbs schools are important and in Glen Rock, there are so many schools with a great reputation so that you can choose. For now, it would go in this order:

  • Glen Rock
  • Hoboken
  • Jersey City

And there is more to come. When it comes to NYC suburbs to buy a house, the selection is big and various.

Clinton Hill

Let’s check one of the best places to buy a house in the neighborhood of Brooklyn. Clinton Hill is an amazing place to buy a house for so many reasons. The first reason is the one we already mentioned as the most important one and that is that the crime rate is really low. This neighborhood is becoming very desirable for people from New York. Every year the number of newcomers and new house owners is growing. In case you decide to choose this Brooklyn neighborhood, find out how much will your Brooklyn move cost, since this neighborhood is up and coming and a lot of wealthy families are moving here, and therefore demand for movers company is bigger and their prices can grow.


Let’s talk about Bronxville. This is another great NYC suburb to buy a house. It is a place where a lot of students live and they are usually renting, however, all the other resident usually own their houses. This is a real family friendly place. It has a lot of great parks, restaurants, diners and everything else that you can need for a good life. It is also a pet-friendly neighborhood, nowadays almost every place in New York is pet-friendly which is a great news for us and our furry friends.


Another interesting name. Chappaqua is a great family place. Buying a house there can be a great decision. All of the neighborhoods we mentioned so far have low rate crimes, have great restaurants, parks, schools. What is somewhat different about Chappaqua is that it shows the nature at its best. So many trees, parks to walk and enjoy the fresh air. It really has that nature breath of air. If you ask anyone from Chappaqua how is their life there, they will recommend you to come and see how joyful this place is.

Happy family walking
         Chappaqua is a perfect family place

So far, we mentioned a number of the NYC suburbs from which you can choose to buy a house. Every neighborhood we mentioned has something special but at the end of the day, they are all great. Wherever you go and whatever suburb of the great New York you choose chances are really low that you will make a mistake. So, enjoy in your choice and know that you cannot go wrong, well at least not a lot. Good luck!

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