Top 6 most affordable neighborhoods of NYC

Dream big or stay home. There is a no bigger adventure than living in a big city, especially in a Big apple. Finding the top six most affordable neighborhoods of NYC can make your dreams come true.

New York is the center of the largest metropolitan area in the world, one of the world’s most populous megacities. New York is the cultural, financial, media capital of the world. It is a center of entertainment, research, technology, education, politics, tourism, art, fashion, and sports. Home to the headquarters of the United Nations and an important center for international diplomacy. It is one of the world’s largest natural harbors.

In my hood

Wherever you are right now you will dream about New York. Once in a lifetime, it will come the opportunity to make your dreams come true. When moving into New York you have to make a well-developed plan. Foreknowledge about the neighborhoods in NYC is essential. New York City is divided into, around, fifty smaller neighborhoods. When buying or renting an apartment or a house, you should consider the facts about each one.

Manhattan streets
Wisely choose your neighborhood

Decisons, decisions

At the beginning of this process, you have to be aware of your possibilities and needs. Besides the other obstacles, the most important task is that you have to make it work financially. New York is an expensive place to live, so you have to find a perfect balance between the cost of life and quality of life. Neighborhoods of NYC make up the five basic and largest boroughs.

  • The Bronx– The Bronx is divided by the Bronx River into a hillier section in the west, and a flatter eastern section, and a home of Yankee Stadium, and Broadway. It has beautiful beaches and parks, public and botanical gardens. It can be a fine place for new beginnings.
  • Brooklyn– Brooklyn has become a perfect destination for hipsters, it is evolved into a thriving hub of entrepreneurship, high technology start-up firms, postmodern art, and design. It is a place of fun where you can visit the New York Aquarium, Luna Park at Coney Island, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn bridge park, and promenade, and many more. Life is rich in this place.
  • Manhattan– This is the city, the core of New York, cultural, financial, media, and entertainment capital of the world economic, administrative center, and historical birthplace. There is a large list of attractions here: Wall street, Empire state building, United Nations Headquarters, Central Park, Times Square, Statue of Liberty… Living here is be nothing but an adventure.
  • Queens– This is the borough with the most diversified economy of the five boroughs, home to John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport, Flushing Meadows–Corona Park, Citi Field, home to the New York Mets baseball team, USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, site of the US Open tennis tournament, etc.
  • Staten Island–  Island was settled by Dutch colonists in the 17th century, and it was one of the 12 original counties of New York state. It was home to Lenape natives, and now it is home to museums, parks, nature centers and harbors, large and beautiful beaches. Besides fun, it is a nice place for moving and living. If you opt for living in Staten Island you will discover that many professionals are at your disposal.
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Make a decision

After knowing about the neighborhoods of NYC, it is natural if you have brought that big decision to move into this large city and epicenter of life. Neighborhoods of NYC will enchant you and make you wonder why you haven’t moved before. Get ready to take that big bite of a Big apple, it will be a sweet experience.

Finding the spot

Finding a place to live in New York could add some extra hard time. If you already live in the State of New York, it is a matter of time to explore the opportunities.

Albany is the capital of the U.S. state of New York and the seat and largest city of Albany County. Located on the west bank of the Hudson River and one step away from NYC. Moving from Newburg should be a piece of cake. You have a chance to find a reliable crew to ease the process of settling in and moving to New York. Buffalo and Niagara-falls metropolitan region is a great place to start the plans about moving to NYC. They are close enough to be versed in occasions.

Think about the options

Bridge across the river
It is a place for dreams

When moving you should think about the most approachable option like visiting the In that way, at least, you don’t have to worry about the technical things. We will list the top six most affordable neighborhoods of NYC:

  • Parkchester- Bronx. This neighborhood is fairly safe, quiet, and clean, perfect for raising a family, enjoying nature, and making life easier.
  • Hammels- Queens. This is an area within Rockaway Beach on the Rockaway Peninsula. The community is based on a series of boardwalks that ran between the Bay and Ocean shores.
  • Port Ivory- Staten Island. The coastal area in the northwestern corner of Staten Island became locally known as Port Ivory after Ivory Soap. That was one of the best-known products from Procter & Gamble. The neighborhood is now known for safe areas and nice, clean, and polite neighborhoods. It gives you the possibility to easily rent your home.
  • New Brighton- Staten Island. This neighborhood comprises an older industrial and residential harbor. The current neighborhood includes Hamilton Park, an enclave of Victorian homes built before the American Civil War. The surrounding area includes several older churches.
  • Howard beach- Queens. This is a suburban neighborhood at the edge of Jamaica Bay in southern Queens. It is a great neighborhood to raise a family, the schools in the area are intelligent and safe. The stores are very family-friendly, and the restaurants are always spot on with their authentic Italian food.
  • Miners Harbor- Staten Island. The neighborhood is named for its 19th-century harvesting of oysters and other seafood products and it was home to large shipping and dry dock companies. Originally populated by the Dutch and French now it is a home of museums, parks, historical towns, cultural centers, etc.

Have in mind that the cheapest apartments could be found in apartment buildings, low-key neighborhoods if you are not facing a beautiful panorama from your window, if you are noise-resistant and if you make direct contact with the seller or a person who rents the apartments. If you want to reduce the cost of living, consider having a roommate.

New York City is definitely on the top. New York City is everyone’s dream because the possibilities are manifold and in order to achieve your goals make a good plan and organize moving considering the top 6 most affordable neighborhoods of NYC. Make yourself a safe springboard to your dazzling dreams.   

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