Tips on decorating a rented Brooklyn apartment

Tips on decorating a rented Brooklyn apartment

Welcome to Brooklyn! You probably can’t wait to go out there and start exploring the coffee shops, restaurants, galleries, cinemas, charming streets, and everything else here. But first, you need to find a Brooklyn apartment for yourself.

Rather than doing it on your own, which means sleepless hours, lots of thinking, calculating, and learning about it in all in the first place, maybe you should think about consulting professionals in real estate.

When you’re done with that and you’ve found your new (rented) apartment in Brooklyn, it’s moving time. Make sure you learn all the moving hacks for a painless experience. Now, it’s your turn to have some fun. You know what that means. Decorating!

Common problems with a rented apartment

Let’s face it – the only scenario where we can be totally relaxed when using something is when it belongs to us. The same goes for apartments. You never know what kind of person your landlord might turn out to be, and you definitely don’t want that your living in Brooklyn turns into a living nightmare in Brooklyn.

One of the most common problems with a rented apartment is its state. For that price, it’s amazing (considering the prices overall) but it’s still not what you imagined in your teenage dreams of living in the big city. Maybe you like the open space, but there’s not enough light. Perhaps you imagined colorful walls instead of white ones. Or the kitchen doesn’t look like the oasis you need to start your day right. Bummer.

Another problem is the landlord. Luckily, they’ll be okay and fair, but you’ll also want your deposit back and there are people who will try hard to keep it. That’s why you need to be careful with decorating your Brooklyn apartment.

Decorating your rented apartment in Brooklyn

After reading about the problems, you must be thinking – that’s it. I’m stuck in this affordable but drab Brooklyn rental apartment. Check this out: you’re not!
Just use some great tips and tricks, and make it into the place of your dreams (for the time being).

Color is your friend

Although you need to check with the landlord for permission to paint the walls and doors/windows (they’ll probably allow it – free renovation), you’re free to play with colors on your own stuff.
It’s surprisingly easy and effective to paint the accent coffee table or the legs of chairs and armchairs.
Same goes for anything else you brought along: bookshelves, your desk, even plates and mugs – which can be a source of inspiration for a lot more than drinking and eating.

When you do get that paint permission, unleash your inner artist. If you got a smaller Brooklyn rental apartment, try painting one wall a statement color, like pink, yellow, dark blue, or even do a glitter wall. It’s guaranteed to work well with the rest of the white or light colored walls.

Wallpaper everywhere

If the landlord doesn’t allow you to paint your rented apartment, don’t despair and opt for wallpaper. It’s easy to use, cheap, and best of all – removable. There’s a wide variety of colors and patterns to chose from and don’t limit yourself to walls. You can make a wonderful headboard for the bed with a large piece of cardboard and wallpaper. Also, putting the same wallpaper in different sized frames and hanging it makes a unique statement wall or area.

Decorated bedroom in a rented Brooklyn apartment
An inspiration for decorating a bedroom in a rented Brooklyn apartment.

Wallpaper can also be used to refresh your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, doors, and closets.

Decorating your rented apartment – the smart way

Decorating shouldn’t be only about the way it looks. You’ll get the best effects if it looks good and has a function. One example of this is the lighting. If there’s not enough light in your rental Brooklyn apartment, or you don’t like the fixtures, you might want to do something about it. Lamps are one solution. Whether you want your place to be bright, or you’d like a dimmer, more romantic light, consider getting several lamps with adjustable brightness. Remember that headboard? Tape some fairy lights on it for a guaranteed homey feel.

Here’s a smart tip: mirrors. Use mirrors to create a sense of a larger space, but also to enhance the lighting in a room. Try placing a tall mirror across a window or a large lamp for best effects.

Fairy lights in a jar
Fairy lights are a subtle and original home decor idea

Storage as a form of decoration?

When we think of storage, we often imagine dull boxes in a basement. It doesn’t have to be like this. Cover large cardboard boxes with rope and some colorful fabric and you just got chic storage space for towels, toiletries, shoes, even books.

If you lack closet space, try painting a wooden ladder and using it as a statement piece of storage for shoes, jewelry, or dresses. Next thing you know, what used to be a problem is now going to be a focal point of the room. Living in a rental Brooklyn apartment means being creative.

Unusual decoration ideas for your rented apartment

Two words: adhesive hooks. We all have them, usually in our bathrooms, and we use them for towels.
However, these little things can be used for so much more:

  • Hang necklaces and scarves for a smart storage solution, and pretty wall decor in your Brooklyn apartment
  • Combine the hooks with some string and pegs or paper clips to hang photos or your favorite prints
  • Use them in the kitchen to hang your favorite mugs for a colorful display and easy access

Last but not the least: plants

Here’s a great tip on how to make simple but effective changes in your living space: use plants. They don’t have to be big or high-maintenance; you can buy a succulent or two for the desk, some for the windowpanes, and if you enjoy cooking, growing your own herbs in the kitchen is as healthy as it is pretty.

A nightstand with white fairy lights and a plant
Put a  plant and some string lights next to your bed for a fresh start

If you’re not a plant person, a fresh bouquet of flowers now and then, or even a faux desk plant might just do the trick.
Hopefully, some of these tips will help you decorate and enjoy your new Brooklyn apartment.

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