Pittsburgh is one of the best places for buying a second home in Pennsylvania.

Tips for buying a second home in Pennsylvania

Numerous reasons inspire people to buy a second home, but the final decision must be an informed one. Whether you’re considering to obtain a cozy place for retirement, an investment property or simply a vacation getaway, prepare yourself for yet another long-term responsibility. Buying a second home in Pennsylvania, in general, is like buying a second home anywhere else in the States. It gives homeowners an excellent chance to experience a different lifestyle and make the most of this sort of purchase at the same time. As long as this investment is well thought.

The best of Pennsylvania

The Keystone State is among the top ten popular states for a second home. This doesn’t come as surprise as there are valid and financially-responsible reasons to make that dream come true. While there are many cities here worth of investment, people who consider moving to another state and buying a home in Pennsylvania tend to choose Pittsburgh.

PNC Park in Pittsburgh, PA.
Pittsburgh, PA is attractive to sports fans and home to three professional franchises, the Pirates, Steelers, and Penguins.


The city of Pittsburgh ranks highly in terms of diversity and culture. However, people also flock to it due to the big city feel on one hand and warm and friendly neighborhoods on the other. Not to mention beautiful greenery that surrounds it. The city offers cutting-edge healthcare and leads the way in transportation development, finance, technology, and science. Also, Pittsburgh is brimful with history, tradition, amazing art and culture, sports and outdoor activities for everybody’s taste.

The cost of living is affordable and housing is abundant. Even though road congestions are inevitable during rush hour, public transport keeps commute times to a minimum. Every Pittsburgh neighborhood has something to offer. Whether you wish a residence closer to vibrant nightlife spots, sports fields or in one of its peaceful neighborhoods, Movin’ Murdy – Pittsburgh Movers will take you there. From local movers to cordial business owners, friendly clerks and smiling neighbors, one aspect of buying a second home here will amaze you – and that is Pittsburgh locals.

Things to consider when buying a second home

Let’s face it, even if buying a second home in Pennsylvania is a fulfillment of a dream for you, you still need to take into account real-life factors. Namely, ask yourself the following questions

  • Did you consider all the costs?
  • Does your purchase make financial sense?
  • What type of second home do you need?
  • How will second-home ownership affect your everyday life?

We will explain why they are vital to consider before you fully commit to the endeavor such as home-buying.

A historic house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
A historic house, a vacation home or rental property – Pennsylvania has it all.

Factor in all the costs

Hopefully, you are very well aware of all the costs that stem from homeownership. After all, you already own one. However, buying a second home in Pennsylvania doubles those costs and attaches some of its own. In addition to inspections, repairs, maintenance, and bills you should take into account other necessary costs and fees. Have you planned to furnish your second home with new pieces or move items you already own? Can you do it on your own or need professional help with unpacking furniture and moving it around the house? Do you need to rent a short-term storage unit before your second home is ready for move-in?

It all depends on the distance from your current home, accessibility of your second home and it has its price. Sometimes these costs are hidden and require careful, step-by-step budgeting. This makes you wonder if your financial situation allows the purchase in the first place.

Understanding finances

When you draw the line at the end of the month you know how your finances stand. There is no reason why buying a second home in Pennsylvania shouldn’t be an investment that will pay off in the way most important to you. Hence, consider the method of financing so you don’t pay more than expected. If this purchase requires hiring moving experts, before you organize your long-distance move, do your homework and ask for a free moving quote. It will help you estimate your expenses better. Furthermore, consider insurance and taxes. Property tax rates in Pennsylvania pay annually as a percentage of a home’s market value and range from 1% to 2%. Moreover, consider the income tax, too, if you plan to rent out your second home. This further leads you to think about the purpose of your new home.

Expectations when buying a second home in Pennsylvania

As mentioned previously, the reasons for buying a second home in Pennsylvania stem from each person’s expectations and needs. If you need the second property as a vacation spot but plan to rent it when you’re away, Pennsylvania IRS will not bother you if you prove you have rented your vacation home less than 14 days a year. Crunch some numbers and see if renting your second home covers and pays off the investment, and how fast before you find reliable movers. The good news is that Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania are hot destinations, not only for tourists but for young professionals, too.

You shouldn’t have a problem to find tenants, whether for a short-term or long-term stay. Moreover, being a landlord doesn’t mean just showing up to collect the money; be aware that your renters will turn to you for any sort of assistance and you should make yourself available. this may prove challenging if you live too far from your second home.

Andy Warhol bridge in Pittsburgh.
Three rivers run through Pittsburgh, the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio, to which the city owes its life.

A second home: a burden or a haven?

Unless you have a clear financial plan on renting your second home or intend to visit it frequently, ask yourself if the investment in buying a second home in Pennsylvania is a good idea. Ideally, your second home shouldn’t be too far from your current one. Over time, your enthusiasm for driving for hours to spend a few days in your vacation home will wilt. No matter how beautiful it is when you buy it, time will not be gentle toward it. One day, maintenance and travel costs may prove to be too much for you. So, consider an exit strategy, just in case.

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