picking a family home in Toronto

Tips and hints for picking a family home in Toronto

For many different reasons, Toronto is considered to be a great place for raising a family. A safe, clean and multicultural city environment is a dream come true for many parents. Job opportunities, great health system and high ranking schools and universities are the main reasons why so many young families have decided to make Canada their permanent home. Even though, due to the reasons above, making the decision to relocate comes easy for many people, picking a family home in Toronto is a different thing.

The capital of Ontario province has many great iconic neighborhoods which of whom each has its own vibe and culture. Choosing the right borough for your family, especially if you are having a long-distance relocation can improve your family life greatly. Living in a new and unknown environment will be much easier for your children if they can fit in easily.

When looking for family homes in Toronto you should create a specific list of priorities. Whether it is the commuting time, living space or expenses, having a clear idea of ideal housing will save you a lot of time.

family in a car after picking a family home in Toronto
Moving to Toronto will be a great change for your family. Choosing the perfect family home will let you settle in right away

Besides looking for a perfect house or an apartment, relocating to Toronto will require further moving plans. From choosing the best moving company, creating a packing plan, transportation arrangements to cleaning your previous home. In order to avoid any moving stress and becoming a fraud victim, you should look for reputable and licensed Toronto moving services. With the help of professionals, your relocation will be easy, fun and trouble-free.

Reliable moving companies, such as Tender Touch Moving & Storage will be able to provide you with any customized moving service. Also, hiring a reputable mover will ensure your belongings arrive at your new home safely and quickly.

Getting to know Toronto

Before choosing a specific neighborhood or a house we recommend you take some time and effort to get to know your new hometown.  This way you will be able to be familiar with the city before the move and get a glimpse into becoming a local in Toronto. Picking a family home in Toronto will be much easier if you have had already visited the city and experienced the local culture and venue.

Research online, and find the fun activities for your family. Wheater you plan to move in winter or are waiting for the temperature to raise up, Toronto offers many outdoor and indoor activities. If you are looking to have fun while learning or want to see a rain forest visit the Ontario Science Centre. In winter, don’t miss the opportunity to ice skate in downtown and seeing amazing art installations during the Toronto Light Festival.

Besides having fun and quality family time, short visits to Toronto before the move will help your children adapt to the change and get on board for the moving day.

Picking a family home in Toronto – The priorities

Good prioritizing is a key factor in any important decision making. Therefore, make sure you create a detailed list of the most important expectations when it comes to picking a family home in Toronto. There are a few important guidelines that may help you stay on track and not get overwhelmed:

Create the list of your family’s top priorities for picking a family home in Toronto in advance.
  • Are you looking to buy or rent? is the most important question when picking a family home in Toronto.
  • Location, location, location.- Is it really that important?
  • Are you willing to compromise when it comes to the size of your living space?

Buying VS Renting a family home in Toronto

For making an important decision as this one, you will need to create a budget first. Renting or buying is a difficult question for any family that is looking to relocate. Renting will be much easier on your budget in the beginning. However, having a home of your own is a long-term solution.

Investing in a real estate is never a bad thing. However, it is all about the timing. Is this the right time for you to invest? Or are you looking for a temporary housing option? Making a final decision will influence the neighborhoods and houses you will be picking from. Therefore, make sure you check the home real estate listings and find a reputable agent.

The importance of location and picking the right neighborhood

family walking after picking a family house in Canada
Visit the neighborhoods you like and get to know the locals.

Is the location important to your family? Does the commuting time make the cut as one of the top priorities? Are you looking for a good school district? How long are you willing to commute to work? Needless to say, you will, probably, need to compromise. Planning your budget in advance will help you make the decision.

Downtown vs. suburbia is a struggle for many people when picking a family home in Toronto. If you are looking for a suburban house, you will most likely have a larger living space. However, don’t get fooled by the square footage. Think about the overall practicality. Downsizing to a smaller apartment in the downtown area has shown to be a great solution for some young families.

The most important thing here is to trust your instincts and not to make any important decisions prematurely. Some people tend to get carried away and forget to research their new neighborhood in advance. Choose a few boroughs your family likes and visit. Walk around and to talk to the locals. Canadians, friendly as they are, will most likely be happy to help you. This way you will have the opportunity to get a glimpse into the neighborhoods everyday life. And, who knows, maybe even to make few new long-lasting friendships.

How much space do you actually need?

Is the living space something you are willing to compromise about when picking a family home in Toronto? This is also something your budget will have a great influence on. However, make sure you decide on the approximate square footage before visiting the open houses. This will save you some valuable time and help you narrow down your choices.

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