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Things to look out for when buying property overseas

There are several reasons why you would contemplate purchasing a property in another country. Perhaps you’ve discovered the ideal holiday area and need a permanent location to store your belongings. Perhaps spending your senior years somewhere warm and bright appeals to you. Whatever it is, there are many things to look out for, especially when buying property overseas. That being said, we asked experts from Joel Real Estate to help us figure out what are those things. Now, let’s see what you should be on the lookout for!

What to take into consideration when buying property overseas

As mentioned before, there are many things to consider, so before you fall in love with a beach house in Spain, look out for these things:

  • Cost of living in the area
  • Laws in your chosen country
  • Your budget
  • Documents
  • Hire assistance
  • The markets

Cost of living in the area

Buying a property overseas and moving to a foreign country might be more enjoyable if you choose a low-cost-of-living location. Moving overseas, on the other hand, may not make sense if you wish to buy a property in an area that is more expensive. Food, transportation, and medical care can be significantly more expensive than in your present city. While you’re looking at houses, discover all about how the living cost within these places. You may then plan ahead and set a budget.

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The cost of living in areas is very important thing that you should take into consideration!

Laws in your chosen country

Individual governments have the authority to impose limitations on non-citizens seeking to acquire property. Even if the nation you want to visit allows foreigners to buy properties, you may need to get special residency permissions or apply with a government office before you can make a purchase. If you are unsure about the regulations of a certain nation, you may always contact a real-estate lawyer who is familiar with overseas transactions. After all, you don’t want to discover after you’ve already moved in that you can’t legally buy a house in another country.

Your budget

Finding finance is one of the most difficult components of buying a property in another country. If you want to seek a mortgage from a foreign bank, be prepared to make a large down payment and maybe pay a substantial interest rate. You may even be forced to acquire a separate policy for life insurance in order for your mortgage to be paid off in the case of your death. If you don’t want to bother with refinancing an overseas house, you might pay for it in cash. As a source of funds, you might employ a home equity line of credit. But if you can’t make the payments, you’ll be putting your principal house at risk.

Another important thing to include in your calculations is moving costs and the price of your real estate agent. Most moving companies like movingtransparent.com will offer you a free quote on what will your move cost. International moves can be quite expensive, and by getting quotes you will be able to take that into account and avoid unpleasant surprises.


Before signing any paperwork related to a possible real estate purchase, get them properly transcribed if they are prepared in a language you are not totally comfortable understanding. You must be able to properly grasp what you and the vendor have agreed to in writing. This part is very important when buying property overseas because if anything goes wrong you will have all of the documentation in 2 languages and you will be sure that any parties involved know what they are reading. By having documents both in English and the local language you will be safe from any misunderstandings!

Person signing a document for buying property overseas
If you have translated documents you will be much safer in case anything goes wrong.

Hire assistance

Buying a property in another country straight from the owner might result in fantastic savings. However, if you are inexperienced with a country’s real estate market, buying through a competent real estate agent or a reputed property developer may give beneficial assistance and help you avoid numerous problems when acquiring abroad property. Such specialists are normally obligated to ensure that you are fully informed about the terms of the transaction. They will also frequently make an attempt to finalize the transaction and ensure your pleasure.

It is also recommended to hire professional movers. This is especially true if you decide on taking your furniture with you. Moving furniture is complicated if you are moving locally, now imagine what it’s like when moving overseas. Luckily, you can leave heavy lifting to experts, and you can just take your most valuable items with you during your move. That way both you and your furniture will be safer and the moving process will be easier and less stressful for you.

The markets

Although there are worldwide property price patterns, real estate markets in various locations can go through cycles of increasing and then correcting lower. These might be entirely separate from one another. In summary, just because property values across your area are rising does not imply that they are likewise growing in Spain. Such tendencies are especially significant for investors, who normally seek to purchase near the bottom of a cycle and sell towards the peak.

Laptop showing a stock chart
Understanding the real estate market is very important if you want to be a part of it!

Furthermore, several governments prohibit or restrict foreigners from owning real estate. Check to see if you have the legal right to acquire real estate in that nation and under what terms. To avoid housing scams or unpleasant disappointment, this is a crucial step before giving over any money. Basically, it makes sense to complete your research on the real estate market in the nation where you intend to make a purchase before putting money down. This involves investigating the currency conversion rate and the stability of the nation in which you intend to buy a property.

In conclusion

There are many things to consider when you want to invest in real estate anywhere. Buying property overseas can be complicated, but with professional assistance and research, everything is possible. If you take the listed things you shouldn’t have any problems, so go ahead and start doing research!

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