Buying a home in Alaska for this.

Things to know before buying a home in Alaska

Ah, Alaska. Once the part of the Russian empire, and nowadays a part of the US. It almost looks like that Siberia has spilled over the strait and it came to the US soil. We can almost call Alaska – our Siberia. But that has many implications. Yes, Alaska is cold, like really cold, but it is also one of the most beautiful USA states. Wildlife is pretty important, but sometimes bears can be a problem. So, what are some of the things you need to know before buying a home in Alaska? Well, without further ado, let’s find out!

It is cold. Really cold.

Not surprisingly, Alaska is the coldest state of the US. Alaska has the coldest winters, the coldest summer, and everything in between is the coldest. So, have that knowledge with you before buying a home in Alaska. You need to prepare for the weather. It is best to organize your move to Alaska during the summer.

But it is beautiful

Many people consider Alaska to be the most beautiful state in the US. And there is a reason why. The nature is intact, and that cold weather makes the Alaskan landscape very pretty. You can sometimes even see the northern lights.

Buying a home in Alaska for this view.
Before buying a home in Alaska, know that you can see the northern lights there.

The cost of living is pretty high

This one is a downer. The cost of living in Alaska is pretty high. This is because so much has to be shipped and carried by plane. Alaska is pretty far from the continental US, and that means that the cost of transportation is also pretty high.

Before buying a home in Alaska, learn how to defend from a bear attack

Alaska has large swaths of untouched wilderness, and that means that there are many wild animals that are roaming around. Most of them are cute and harmless, but bears can sometimes be a problem. So, learn a basic bear defense, and always carry a pepper spray with you.

Bear waiting for the victim.
Bear attacks can occur.

Northern day and night

It may take you a while before you get used to long days and short nights, or long nights and short days in Alaska. Maybe your sleep schedule will be affected for a short time, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

Native heritage of Alaska

Alaskan native heritage is alive and well. There are 227 federally recognized tribes in Alaska. This is an enormous number, and Alaskans are very proud of their native brethren.

Alaska pays you to live here, which means that buying a home in Alaska is a way to go

Yes, this is the truth. Alaska residents get a Permanent Fund Dividend that varies from 800$ to 1100$. For many people this is huge. Imagine being paid only by living in a certain state. Many people use this for their retirement. Put that in your moving checklist.

Learn how to fly a plane before buying a home in Alaska

Planes are a big thing in Alaska. Many residents of Alaska know how to fly a plane. This is because many places in Alaska are quite isolated, and can only be reached by plane. So, if you need, learn how to operate a plane.

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