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Things to fix before you move into a new house

Moving into a new home is a great way to start a new, fresh chapter in your life. However, unless you’re moving into a newly-built house, there are some home improvements to consider before moving in. Buying a home that had owners before means you need to fix any problems left behind them, and also adapt it to your own lifestyle. That’s why once you buy a house be sure to start thinking about the improvements, so you can finish them before you move in. They all take time, so don’t forget to start on time. Here are the things to fix before you move into a new house, the ultimate list you should pay attention to. 

Before you fix anything…

…make a plan. Often, many of these tasks require some extra money and time, and can’t be done along the way. That’s why making a solid strategy is a must. Along with planning your move, be sure to write down everything you need to do around the house. This way you’ll make sure you move in without any stress and have no problems around the house in the future.

Everything you need to fix before you move into a new house

Here are some common house improvements everybody needs to take care of when they are moving into a new home. These will save you a lot of time and money in the future since they will prevent any further, bigger problems.

Fix any moisture stains

Even though your house inspector did the check before you bought the house, it’s good to do another inspection for any signs of moisture – yellow stains on walls or ceilings. It’s much easier to fix these before you move in and fill the rooms with furniture.

Check the water shut-off valves

One of the most important spots in case of danger is water shut-off valves. Be sure to locate them before you move in, and check if they work well. Don’t wait to actually need them before you locate them. They are probably not in the same place as in your old home, so you will probably need some time to locate them.

Check the electrical box

Along with the water shut-off valves, you need to check the circuit breaker box. Find out where it is, and check if everything is working well.

Replace the heating/cooling filters

One of the inexpensive things you need to fix before you move into a new house is the filters of your heating system. The reason is that you don’t really know how old are the current filters, and if they overheat, fixing the whole system is very expensive. That’s why you should protect yourself from unexpected costs in the future and replace any equipment that should be changed once in a while – it’s like changing your car oil.  These include your air-condition filters, smoke detector batteries, carbon monoxide detectors, etc.

Childproof your new home

If the previous owners didn’t have young children (or pets), the house is probably dangerous for your baby or toddler. That’s why one of the first things to fix before you move into a new house should be childproofing. When you are moving with children, home adjustments should include hiding/covering the outlets, putting bumpers on any sharp objects like a coffee table, securing kitchen/bathroom cabinets, etc. Think about all the things you’ve done in the previous home, and see if the level of safety of your child is the same in your new home.

Adapting the home for the senior family member

If your family includes a senior family member, you need to think about adjustments that will make staying at home easier for them. There are many senior-friendly home features to consider, but yous hold choose those necessary for your situation and health condition of the older member of the family. These may include securing the stairs, changing/adapting the floors, installing different appliances, renovating the bathroom, etc.


Feeling safe in a house you don’t really know well yet can take a while. That’s why you should accelerate the adjustment period by doing everything you can to protect your home. The first thing you should do as soon as possible is to change the locks. Apart from the all exterior locks in your home, don’t forget the fence door if you have any. Also, it’s a good idea to install a new security system or update the old one with new passwords or cameras.

Painting the walls

Another thing you should fix before you move into your new house is the condition of the walls. Painting the interior walls is much faster, easier and mess-free if there are no furniture pieces around the house. Furthermore, if you paint the walls before you move in, the fumes from the paint will be long gone when you and your family arrive.

painting walls as one of the things to fix before you move into a new house
As painting is one of the things to fix before you move into a new house, be sure to do it on time to avoid bad smells.

Changing the floors

If the floors are not brand new, you might want to update them before you move in. However, this investment is on a more expensive side, so it’s common for people to postpone this task for later. Nevertheless, postponing it will make the costs even higher. It’s much faster and less expensive when there are no furniture and people in the house yet.

Storage improvement

Before you move in, you should compare the size and storage solutions of your old and new home. As you will probably want to have more space, now is the time to do something about that matter. Creating more storage space is one of those things you need to fix before you move into your new house because the house is empty and easier to navigate. That’s why you should consider installing more closets, shelves or turning a room into a walk-in closet before the moving boxes start to arrive.

nails and a hammer used for the things to fix before you move into a new house
Adding new shelves and wardrobes is much better to do before you move in.

Don’t force it

Buying a house is expensive already, so we understand that you may not feel like investing a lot the moment you move in. Be sure to do the basic and most important fixes around the house, so you can move in. All the other home improvement can wait until you save more money to do them. Don’t force the whole process so you don’t feel overwhelmed and spend more than you actually can afford.

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