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Things to consider when renting an apartment in Detroit

Unless you’re moving into the building you’re familiar with or you have recommendations from someone you know, renting an apartment can be a complicated process. Your new place should match all the boxes when it comes to affordability, location, coziness, and tenant policy. The Motor City can offer you some great residential options. But before renting an apartment in Detroit you should know all factors that could influence your decision.

Do your homework when it comes to apartment hunting

Before starting with the search for a new place, gather all the information in one place and set up a budget. That way, by preparing ahead, your choice can narrow down in the beginning. The things you should put on paper are:

  • your budget for renting an apartment in Detroit,
  • how much can you afford for costs of living,
  • count on having to provide a security deposit on the apartment,
  • cost for moving services,
  • possible additional expenses.

After you’re aware of your financial possibilities you can start your hunt for a new place. One way to do it is to use online services, like ads or specially designed apps for apartment search. If you don’t live in the area, and you don’t have the opportunity to check it out in person, there are still ways to get a closer look. Many real estate agencies offer virtual tours when it comes to renting or selling residences.

Calculator, money, pen and paper with written budget for renting an apartment it Detroit
Calculating the budget for renting an apartment in Detroit in advance is a great idea

Motown is a great place to live

Detroit had a rough past, but in the past few years, this city rose from the ashes and now has more life than most places in the US. Young entrepreneurs in engineering, art, government, programming and many other professions have been coming here for a job. But, eventually, they are staying for the city itself. A lot of successful businesses have moved to Detroit in the past couple of years. D-City is a hub of tech, advanced manufacturing, auto manufacture, engineer, design, development, and medical device industry. But Detroit is not all work and no fun. The D-City is vibrant with the cultural scene, art, waterfronts, an amazing community, and great places to visit.

Detroit neighborhoods

There is a variety of different neighborhoods in Detroit. All of them have great communities and amenities for an amazing social life. From magnificent Palmer Woods to Rivertown, there is something for everyone, but when it comes to the most affordable cost of living there is a couple of neighborhoods that you should consider:

  • Chandler Park,
  • Blackstone Park,
  • Carleton,
  • Grandale,
  • Wayne,
  • Briggs,
  • Trenton.

The median rent price in Detroit is $1,115. That means you can pay more or less for a decent apartment. But in the end, it all comes to your personal preferences. And when it comes to all of these places and the wider Detroit area, there are some great residential moving services. If you look for experts who can assist you locally, you can be sure they not only know the city, but you can count on their help when it comes to anything.

Girl taking a photo of street art after renting an apartment in Detroit
Detroit is a city vibrant with street art. Some wall-art across the city are real masterpieces

The cost of living

When talking about the cost of living in any of the big cities, we can’t expect numbers to be low. However, that is not the case with Detroit! Living in the city is very affordable with a living cost index of 87.6 (100 being the national average). To simplify, the cost of living in Motown is 12.4% cheaper than the national average numbers.  

The same applies to necessities like healthcare, food, and housing. And surprisingly, comparing Detroit’s living costs with surrounding cities will show you that living in this city is much more budget-friendly. Sounds suspicious, right? Here is the reason for that. In the 1950’ Detroit was a hub of the auto industry. Its importance could be compared to Silicon Valley’s industry today.

But soon after the Motor City had a decline, so many people left. And while being repopulated again, the city had its rough time in 2013 as well. Still, it managed to get back on its feet and today it’s thriving more than ever. Young people are coming back, and businesses are moving their cores there. It’s a city of opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs.

Detroit landlord-tenant law

Moving to any state or even a different city, we need to be aware of the local landlord-tenant laws. However, Michigan landlord-tenant law is slightly different than Detroit’s, because unlike Michigan’s, Detroit landlords must register their property within the city. That way, the landlord gets certification that the property is fit for rent. This certificate is available for tenants to see before moving into an apartment.

Also, if you are renting the place for over a year, a rental agreement must be made. But you should also know, when it comes to Detroit landlord-tenant laws, there is no grace period in late fees. There is no statutory limit either, but late fees must be reasonable.

Box with packed winter clothing
Make sure to pack winter clothing!

Still, this is just law. And every building has its own rules within it. The same goes for landlords. It is just business between you, but if you treat each other with respect and solve any possible disputes before involving the law you should not have any problems.

When renting an apartment in Detroit make sure to ask about the heating system

If you’re moving from across the state, you are probably not familiar with the Detroit climate. When it comes to winters in this city, they can be rather harsh. This very cold climate is a result of the ice formations in The Great Lakes during winters. And sometimes, cold temperatures below zero can last for over a week. But that shouldn’t discourage you.

There is nothing prettier than a city dressed in a white coat of snow! Make sure not to resent the city because of its climate. According to professionals from High Quality Movers Detroit, when renting an apartment in Detroit, ask about the heating system, just in case.

Final tips for starting a life in unfamiliar city

New beginnings are never easy, especially if we don’t know the area. It will take some time adjusting and getting to know the great things Detroit can offer. Whether you’re moving there alone or with family, one of the most important things when it comes to settling in a new home is introducing yourself to your community. Open yourself up to new experiences and let people in your life.

Getting to know the people from your work, school or building is a good start. That way, you will have a friend nearby, plus they can give you plenty of useful tips when it comes to living in the city. After getting to know all the possibilities this city can offer, you will realize that renting an apartment in Detroit is the best thing you could have done.

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