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The pros and cons of moving to Baltimore, MD

Baltimore was established in 1729 and since then, it has had a major role in American history. History is very important in this city, and the locals are doing a great job preserving it. Believe it or not, but there are over 65,000 historical buildings all over the city. However, that does not mean that the city is old. While you walk the streets of Baltimore you will see the mixture of historical and urban. And exactly that gives this city its bohemian vibe, great people, vibrant musing, amazing food, and a mesmerizing art scene. Well, it is called a Charmed city for a reason. But like any other city in the world, Baltimore too comes with some advantages and disadvantages. So, if you are interested in the pros and cons of moving to Baltimore, MD, keep on reading.

The Cost of Living in Baltimore

First, let us start with some cons. Before moving to Baltimore, there are certain things you need to know. First, bear in mind that this city is politically independent.  And because of that, you will have to pay different kinds of taxes, which are the highest in the state. So, if you think about settling and buying a home in Baltimore, you have to come prepared. The cost of properties is twice the national average. However, the government is working on reducing the property tax for about 20% in the near future, so, hopefully, a lot of things will change. Until then, think about downsizing and renting a storage unit for the things that cannot fit your Baltimore living space.

the city of Baltimore - moving to Baltimore
Baltimore is Maryland’s largest city. It is home to more than 2.8 million people.

And now, let’s talk about the brighter side of moving to Baltimore. If you are planning to rent an apartment, you will certainly not break the bank. Also, it is possible to rent an affordable storage unit in Baltimore, MD as well. And, when it comes to everyday things like paying for utilities, gas, groceries, clothes, and entertainment, you will be glad to hear that all that is rather affordable as well!

The Baltimore Job Market

Well, when you hear the pros about this one, it will be rather easy for you to pack your bags and call the movers at allstatemoving.net to help you with your moving to Baltimore. Whatever education and skills you may have, you can put them to good use in Baltimore. And you will be paid well too! The job market is thriving! What is more, it is constantly searching for professionals in almost all fields. The biggest industries include shipping, transportation, auto manufacturing, and steel processing. Moreover, Baltimore is a part of the Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System, so getting a job in education, health system, and biosciences will be easy. Also, if you are a fan of sports, you are in the right place. Baltimore is home to the Baltimore Ravens and the Orioles which are in the constant need for new employees.

John Hopkins University
John Hopkins University not only provides new job positions but a great education system as well!

Transportation System

In many metropolitan cities, driving a car is not manageable. However, in Baltimore, it is common for everybody to have a car and to use it for getting around the city. Here, you will not have big traffic jams and obnoxious rush hours. That is because the transportation system is very developed. Besides using your own car, you can use other means of transportation as well, of course, depending on your needs. For example:

  • Metro – you can use the subway which connects northwestern suburbs to downtown.
  • Bus – which operates all around the city.
  • Marc Train – which is a commuter rail system that goes around Harford County, Brunswick, Washington, D.C and other nearby places.
  • Charm City Circulator – this is a free shuttle that only covers four routes. All four routes are located in the central business district.
a woman waiting for a metro
Penn Station is the historic terminal and it is the eighth busiest Amtrak station in America.

Crime in the City of Baltimore

Well, we have to say that the city of Baltimore has a higher crime rate than other American cities. Moreover, many people call it ‘The Most Dangerous City in America‘ as well. And, when you look at all the facts together with the popular HBO show ‘The Wire’, no wonder why so many people are scared of moving to Baltimore. However, the is no reason for those kinds of feelings, as the city is doing everything to address this issue. They established a program called ‘Safe Streets’ and the bill that demands higher fines and longer sentences for even the slightest criminal acts. Moreover, the situation is not the same in every neighborhood. Here is our list of the safest places to live in Baltimore which can hopefully help you choose the best neighborhood for you:

  • Mount Washington –  great for outdoor activities, offers varieties of homes, great entertainment.
  • Charles Village – many green areas, landmarks, Hopkins University, and campuses.
  • Old Goucher – diverse neighborhood, cheap properties, affordable rentals, amazing culture
  • Roland Park – big homes, great food.
  • Washington Village/Pigtown – great for families, moving with children and pets, college students and young professionals.

Culture and Nightlife

No cons here. We only have nice things to say about Baltimore’s nightlife, entertainment, and culture scene. So, if your moving to Baltimore and settling in has finished, you might want to start with the places that tourists like visiting as well. Start with Baltimore’s Inner Harbour where you can enjoy National Aquarium, Historic Ships, Maryland Science Center, museums like Geppi’s Entertainment Museum and  Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture. And, very close to the Inner Harbour, you will find Power Plant Live. In this area, you can enjoy shopping, eating the best food in some of the local restaurants or drinking coffee in a collection of bars. In these areas mentioned, you will find a lot of tourists. But, if you want something local, and low-key, visit Station North. There you can enjoy galleries, workshops, and markets.

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