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The most popular architectural styles in Louisiana

When dreaming about the perfect house you will not stop imagining the white walls and red roof. Usually, we tend to develop the whole idea in our minds. We tend to put the furniture in the right spots, dreaming about the perfect lite in our potential living room. After placing everything perfectly on the inside, we like to imagine the nicest outside, the particular architectural style that we like. If you are searching for a new home, it is good to know that you can find popular architectural styles in Louisiana. Explore it and you will be able to find the right place to fulfill your dreams.

Bayou State on the Gulf of Mexico

Louisiana is far southeast of the U.S., located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River. It is divided into the north region and the coastline. Each region is characterized by different geographical features. You can see low swamp lands, coastal marshlands, and beaches. There are also barrier islands on the coastline and the higher and contiguous hill lands on the north. Besides geographical features, architectural styles in Louisiana are affected by history.

New Orleans
Enjoy in beautiful arhitecture

The history of Louisiana is affected mostly by the French, African, American, and French-Canadian people. This has a huge impact on culture and architecture.

Popular architectural styles in Louisiana

Diverse geography and rich history allowed the development of some popular architectural styles in Louisiana. The most represented ones are:

  • Creole cottage.
  • American townhouse.
  • Creole townhouse.
  • Shotgun house.
  • Double-gallery house

Deciding about the right style is not going to be easy for you, because there are many beautiful ones. At least, moving is going to be easy because you can rely on Zippy Shell Louisiana. They will help you to safely transport your belongings to your new address in some of the popular architectural areas in Louisiana. The most prominent architectural styles in Louisiana you may see in the capital city, Baton Rouge, or in the largest city of New Orleans. The cultural influence is huge here. You will see the greatest Jazz festivals and colorful Mardi Gras festivals. Renaissance-style St. Louis Cathedral is something everyone must-see.

Red Stick

Because of its historical and strategic importance, Baton Rouge has become the capital city of Louisiana. Throughout history, it was ruled by seven different governments. French, British, and Spanish colonial era has left the mark. One of the most popular buildings with distinctive architectural styles is the Old State Capitol. Besides that, gothic, fairy-tale edifice occupies a regal position above the Mississippi River. That is Louisiana’s Museum of Political History. Opposite to all this is the Shaw Center for the Arts. This might be the most eye-catching modern building in this city. Besides all this, there is the oldest part of the city, Spanish Town. This part of the city offers a colorful and contrasting density to the rest of Baton Rouge’s residential neighborhoods. It is the perfect place if you want to live in the past. When you see it, you will start to pack your bags.

Old State Capitol
A perfect place for an artistic soul

Considering this, we come to the conclusion that, most popular architectural styles in Louisiana and princely in Baton Rouge styles are Acadian and French styles for homes. Modern and Traditional are representing government buildings, museums, and new tall buildings. The most important fact is that you have a choice, you just have to decide what you like.


located along the Mississippi River is located the most popular city in Louisiana, New Orleans. It is an economic and commercial hub on the one side, and on the other, it is a cultural and historical center. Because of its rich history, now you can see many architectural jewels build during the change of historical epochs. They are to be seen and considered as neighborhoods, rather than individual structures. Commonly known as the French Quarter or the Vieux Carré, this part of New Orleans, which is perhaps the most historically intact neighborhood of its age in the U.S. Masonry buildings standing one to another along the street with courtyards in the interior. The famous one is the colonial-era French Quarter.

Various neighborhoods, perfect for your new home are showing various time periods and influences. Have in mind that, if you decide to move here you can reach desired place in no time no matter where are you coming from and how far you were. When you know this, you can dedicate your time to choosing the right historic neighborhood for your new home. Garden District has one of the finest collections of antebellum mansions in America. Those mansions are known for tall windows and wide verandas.  Faubourg St. John, on the other side, contains a French Caribbean-style plantation house along with Bayou St. John that dates to the colonial era. Keeping all this in mind the conclusion is that the most common architectural styles in New Orleans are Greek revival, classic Victorian styles. It is the city that is developing and you can see some modern influence around.

New Orleans
You can see the great architectural styles on each corner

Add something extra

You should have in mind that there is more. This state has a rich history, diverse geography and it has gone through various stages in the development of the economy and culture. Therefore, you can find any architectural style you like and make yourself a home. When you start to furnish your new place, don’t forget to free your imagination and organize some DIY projects, to rearrange and refurbish some old furniture. This way you will give that extra glow to your place and you will preserve a piece of history.

If you explore the most popular architectural styles in Louisiana, that information can help you to find and build a style of your own. Nowadays we like to see something new but we should always have respect for the old. The most inspiring thing you can do is to combine something old and something new. This way you can bring some old things back to life and give them a new glow.

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