The Portland cityscape.

The benefits of moving to Portland

Portland, the capital of Oregon, is an amazing city. If you have visited it before, you will agree with us. If you have moved there, you will definitely agree with us. Portland is both extremely urban and extremely full of nature. There are trees everywhere and the birds can be heard from all of Portland’s numerous parks. This is a real marvel of nature and urbanism combined to exhilarating effects. “Pack your bags and move to Portland” is not the only thing that we can tell you, but it all boils down to that. With this in mind, here are some of the benefits of moving to Portland.

Nature meets… more nature?

Well, nature is a big part of Portland, Oregon. There are gardens, parks, national parks, resorts, and pretty much anything nature-related in Portland. There’s even a Lan Su Chinese garden, the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China. You can be in the United States of America at one point, and travel to China five minutes later after you enter this garden. The authenticity of it is so amazing that even the Chinese people have a hard time believing how similar (practically identical) it is to the real deal. Not only does Portland have a Chinese garden, but it also has a Japanese garden. Funny as it is, the Japanese garden in Portland is also the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan! Imagine living close to both gardens? Yes, we’d want that as well…

A Japanese Garden in Portland - the opportunity to visit it regularly is one of the benefits of moving to Portland
Portland’s Japanese Garden is as authentic as they come, which might persuade lovers of Japan that moving to Portland (preferably somewhere in the vicinity of this garden) is the right thing to do!

If you have stress issues, then the aforementioned gardens or parks may seem tailor-made for you. While all of us have had stress while moving, it is up to you how to handle it. Parks are beautiful in Portland, Oregon. They simply never cease to amaze the visitors. The climate is perfect for a walk, the people are playing chess, the children are playing, the atmosphere is so tranquil and serene that even the slightest hint of stress won’t remain in your body. Relax and enjoy the scenery and you will never regret your decision of moving to Portland.

Get an apartment or a home before moving to Portland

Portland is beautiful, yet surprisingly cheap for most people. Getting an apartment or home might not be a bad idea. We would recommend the areas relatively close to the city center, for there are many exciting places to visit there.

A luxurious apartment living room.
Even a luxurious apartment such as this one isn’t too expensive in Portland!

If you are into museums and culture, you can easily satisfy your needs. The same is true if you’re a lover of sports and nature as well. Portland has it all and everything is relatively nearby, despite the city being so big. Still, you should try to get a permanent living place near the city center. This will prove useful when you are navigating around this gem of a city.

More things to do after moving to Portland

  • Visit the Art Museum. The Portland Art Museum is the seventh oldest museum in the country. It houses more than 42,000 pieces of art in it! Amazing, isn’t it! You need to visit this museum at least once in your lifetime, but if you live there, you should go at least once a month. It is definitely worth it!
  • Enjoy the food. Portland has a different, yet similar cuisine as the rest of the United States. Burgers, pizza places, you name it – it is there. However, due to the Chinese and Japanese influence, we would advise you to eat something more exotic. Sure, burgers and pizzas are nice, but consider changing your diet a bit. Japanese traditional cuisine is a must, Chinese as well. Hmm, why not try both then?
  • Attend a festival at the city center. The city center houses a large amphitheater in which people gather to watch events happening almost on a daily basis. Live performances are also quite common, so you can grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy whatever is currently on. Portland is quite a lively town.
  • Bring your friends over! Your friends will never believe you until they see it for themselves. Portland was never that high on the radar like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, but it is definitely worth both your and their time. Breathtaking nature, amazing exotic food, live performances, yup – Portland has it all! And that is great if your friends or family are visiting.

Enter a submarine!

Portland has a non-functional submarine which serves as a museum and a memento to the United States Navy. It is a fantastic exhibit for many visitors. Let’s face it, how many times have you been in a real submarine? We thought so. You can do anything from touching a real torpedo to looking through a periscope. You can relieve the moments of US Navy sailors. Now, how cool is that?

Think about the future

Moving to Portland is the perfect choice if you’re thinking about your future. The gem of Oregon is the perfect city to start a family in. It is not overcrowded, it is not loud and it is not smelly. It is the relaxing mecca of the United States of America. Extremely civilized and extremely natural at the same time. The combination of the two might just get you interested enough to move here. We’re pretty sure that it would only take you one visit to make such a decision.

Why is moving to Portland such a good idea?

Well, if you did not get the idea so far, this might help you decide! Waterfront parks, urban forest reserves, art and science museums, and great exotic food might do it for you. Never has a city felt more urban and more relaxing at the same time.

A beautiful image of nature in Portland.
There’s beautiful nature everywhere within this amazing city!

Nature is overwhelming the city streets as well. There is always shade in the sunny day and the protection from the rain when it occurs. There is something interesting in almost every step. Moving to Portland is something no one should miss out on. Forget about the expenses, costly or cheap moving supplies, and your current job. Life begins after moving to Portland!

Final thoughts

You’re already aware of our thoughts about moving to Portland. What are your thoughts about it? Do you prefer a modern environment or a more natural one? Perhaps both at the same time? If that is the case, then you know where to go. Portland will always welcome you with open arms.

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