A building in Jackson, one of the most expensive places to live in Mississippi.

The 10 Most Expensive Places to Live in Mississippi

There are many reasons why people love living in Mississippi, from its pleasant temperature to the fantastic food and craft beer culture. Furthermore, the “Magnolia State” boasts incredible natural beauty. Many lakes, woods, beaches, and waterways provide countless outdoor opportunities. Nevertheless, those wishing to relocate to Mississippi must pick a suitable community. Fortunately, across the state, several locations are more than desirable. Thus, we looked more closely at some of Mississippi’s most outstanding and attractive places to live. These are safe locations with easy access to amenities and high-quality education. Therefore, if you are considering moving to this southern jewel of a state, look at our list of the top 10  most expensive places to live in Mississippi.


The state’s most populated city is Jackson, also the state capital. This city has many excellent museums covering various subjects, including history, civil rights, African-American culture, natural sciences, and art. Jackson is a beautiful place to live and a lovely place to visit. Nonetheless, the cost of living in this city is not low. In truth, Jackson has a far higher cost of living than many other Mississippian cities. For instance, it costs about $930 monthly to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city’s heart and about $305,000 to buy a home. Also, a one-way bus ticket costs around $3.50, while a monthly pass for local transportation costs more than $60. Also, you’d better have extra cash if you enjoy dining out. You should prepare to spend around $20 on a single dinner at one of the inexpensive restaurants. Furthermore, a two-person meal at a mid-range restaurant costs about $65, comparable to the prices in expensive buffets in Vegas.

A couple dining at a restaurant in Jackson.
Dining out in Jackson is quite expensive.


Hattiesburg, often known as “The Hub City,” is the regional hub for health care, retail, and cultural activities for those in southern Mississippi. Top educational options include William Carey University and the University of Southern Mississippi, while Camp Shelby is a significant National Guard training facility. The median home price is $309,000, with rents at $940.


Biloxi is a beautiful city on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. With a population of around 45,000, the city is fifth in terms of size in Mississippi and boasts some of the most costly real estate in the state, although still much less expensive than other American cities. Although Biloxi’s population increased modestly over the previous ten years—by less than 10%—the local housing market remained strong. The city is in the top 20 percent of all cities in the state and the country, with a total appreciation rate over the previous ten years of 2.76 percent, which places the city in the top 20 cities in the state.

Unlike the state median, Biloxi inhabitants have a higher quality of living than the rest of Mississippi. Also, the typical home price is around $296,000, much more than the state average, and the median rent is around $900. Nevertheless, the strong market is still growing and shows no signs of slowing down.

A handshake.
The strong real estate market in Biloxi is still growing and shows no signs of slowing down.

Ocean Springs

The “jewel of the Gulf Coast” is the ideal fusion of stores, art galleries, and gastronomic delights, most of which are in a charming historic neighborhood. The many places that provide live music every night make the city come alive at night. Also, Ocean Springs can meet your needs for relaxation if you’re after that. The Gulf Islands National Seashore encircles the city, dotted with inviting cottages ideal for a much-needed beach vacation. The median home price in Ocean Springs is $345,000, and rents stay in the $900 range.


Madison, about 20 minutes north of Jackson, is a rapidly expanding city, and it’s easy to understand why. You might quickly find yourself exploring Jackson’s Fondren District, Mississippi’s cultural center and a hive of artistic expression. Madison is an expert in its field in creating an economy that works for everyone. After all, it is the wealthiest city in Mississippi. The poverty rate is the second lowest in the state, while unemployment is at an all-time low. Not to add that Madison has the highest rate in the whole state of inhabitants with health insurance. The median home value is $722,000, with rents well above $2000. However, it is still not comparable to the most expensive cities in Florida, for instance. But, it is still one of the most expensive places to live in Mississippi.


One of the state’s newest cities is Petal, founded in 1974 from a neighborhood near Hattiesburg. Petal now boasts over 10,800 residents and has earned the title “Safest Cities in Mississippi” thanks to its incredibly low crime rate. With a typical home value of $308,000 and a median rent of $939, Petal inhabitants are much wealthier than the state averages in these two categories. Home values have gradually increased for the previous ten years, adding to a 44 percent overall growth. The most recent quarter indicates an even better market, with an annualized appreciation of 12 percent, which is higher than the extra growth over the previous year.

The city is one of the most business-friendly in the state, and the Petal school system is also one of the best. However, if you want to relocate here, the Morgan Van Lines team will be glad to help you move fast. This little city will keep expanding and flourishing, with real estate prices rising considerably for the foreseeable future.

A businessman using a mobile phone in one of the most expensive places to live in Mississippi.
Petal is one of the most business-friendly cities in Mississippi.


Modern times have seen Oxford develop into a magnificent city. It boasts a vibrant cultural scene, particularly in terms of music. The local artists are influenced by Memphis, Nashville, and New Orleans, which results in a distinctive sound. Oxford now prospers due to its closeness to Ole Miss, also known as the University of Mississippi. Oxford also features a charming, historic town square with a lot of personality, stunning architecture, and superb eating options galore. Median home prices in Oxford are around $585,000, with rents lower than in other cities at around $874.


Although one of the most expensive places to live in Mississippi, Clinton is also one of the state’s most livable and family-friendly communities. The population of this tenth-largest city in Mississippi is slightly over 28,000, and it is in Hinds County inside the Jackson Metropolis. In Clinton, less than 200 miles from New Orleans, there are many beautiful sights to visit. Moreover, this subtropical metropolis, once known as Mount Salus, is proud to be home to prestigious universities, such as Mississippi College, the second-oldest Baptist college in the United States. The median housing price is around $460,000, and rents go slightly over $1400.


You can find the little Mississippian city of Flowood in the county of Rankin. For the past five years, Flowood has maintained a modest but steady number of new inhabitants arriving in the little community. Life in Flowood has a sparse suburban atmosphere, a wonderful blend between rural places and more significant suburban neighborhoods, and typically still a friendly, tight-knit community. The median price for homes in Flowood is $535,000, with rents going over $1500.


Ridgeland is a charming city situated in the hearty state of Mississippi. There is a wealth of natural beauty for you to take in, from the thick vegetation along the freeway to the stunning Barnett Reservoir. Residents in Ridgeland flourish in a place with the best of both worlds to offer. It is ideal for businesses and families because of its strong economy and small-town way of life. Furthermore, you can find a range of well-kept residential areas in Ridgeland at different prices. Although getting city services that are unmatched in police enforcement, fire protection, and infrastructure, all Ridgeland homes enjoy the lowest tax rates of any nearby city. The median home price is $530,000, and rents here exceed $1500, comparable to the most expensive places in Texas.

In conclusion

As you can see, our list of the most expensive places to live in Mississippi has a lot of variety, from small cities with a relaxed and laid-back lifestyle to larger towns with top-class amenities. So if you consider moving to this state, you have what to choose from.

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