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Starting over in Manhattan – the complete guide

In 2015, magazine Forbes published an article titled ‘Why Everyone Should Live in New York City.’ The article highlighted different facets of this city’s famously alluring nature. Artists from Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift have waxed poetic about NYC, and particularly about this quality of potential and opportunity it exudes. It is notoriously a place where many people from all around the world dream about moving to. On the other hand, no matter what borough you choose to settle in, New York can be quite intimidating. This is maybe the truest of Manhattan, though. So how do you go about starting over in Manhattan – the complete guide in front of you will hopefully provide you with plenty of ideas on how to embark on this new era of your life.

The view of Manahattan.
New York has historically been a place where people from all over the world converge.

Moving when starting over in Manhattan

First things first, you need to organize your move before being able to begin the starting over process. The best thing to do is to go online and get informed about dos and don’ts when hiring movers. If you’re unsure about who to hire, research several moving companies to see what the basic options they offer are. Many companies offer online quote calculators, so you can have a ballpark idea of how much the move will cost you. A good idea when starting over in NYC is to contact three or four companies and ask them for offers and then choose the best offer you get.

Even though you want to get the best deal for moving, this doesn’t mean you want to skimp on this part of the process. This is particularly true if you have any difficult-to-move or fragile items that you want to take with you.


While you’re looking for the best movers, you should definitely consider what you are going to do for work. The majority of people in NYC are very work-oriented so be aware of this when thinking about starting over in Manhattan. If you are already of this mindset, you will fit right in. What’s great about New York is that everyone is on the grind so you will be able to find like-minded people with whom you will be able to share your work-related gripes. Not only can you find someone to complain to, but they will probably be able to share advice or offer some networking opportunities that can help you in your work.

Finding a place – how to start a new life in NYC?

This can prove as the trickiest part of starting over in Manhattan. New York is notorious for its pricy and tiny real estate. So to begin with, you may want to modify your expectations accordingly. There is a variety of apps that you can peruse and possibly find something appropriate. You should favor the ones that offer a map, as this can reduce the instances where the landlords play fast and loose with geography. You want to make sure you are really looking at a Manhattan listing, and not say, New Jersey.

A building in Manhattan you could choose when starting over in Manhattan.
Finding a great and affordable apartment can be difficult when starting over in Manhattan.

Even a website like Craigslist can be of help. People who have looked for places in New York already say that listings without pictures shouldn’t be discounted. You may actually find a hidden gem this way, though you will have to allow for a few tries.

Skin shedding

One of the ways to start a new life in NYC (or anywhere for that matter) is to leave behind anything you have no more use for. This can mean more abstract things like relationships with certain people that are beyond repair or something similar, but for most people, they will have to do with actual material things. Your planned life in Manhattan can be somewhat of a blank canvas for you, and that is what is particularly attractive about it. Going into it without any heavy baggage – metaphorical or literal – might be a good idea. The fewer things you have with you, the more you are likely to be able to truly start over with abandon.

There might be things that perhaps you haven’t found a use for in NYC yet but you do not wish to part from. In that case, you can opt for storing those in a storage facility. This way, they won’t be cluttering your everyday life, but you will still be able to go back to them if you decide to. If you do decide you need storage for some of your things, you can get this organized as part of your move. Moving companies like Divine Moving and Storage NYC, for example, provide storage facilities and services as part of their packages.

Making connections when starting over in Manhattan

If you already know someone living in Manhattan, you may want to try finding a place close to them, within your price range. As a result, you will find it easier to integrate into the neighborhood. If not, make sure to be open and willing to make friends with neighbors or people working or owning businesses around where you live. It will provide you with potential friendships and a feeling of belonging that can sometimes be hard to come by when you live in a city as big as NYC. Therefore websites like can be a great tool for making new friends and finding activities to do with other people.

Take full advantage of starting over in Manhattan

Living in what is referred to by some as the world’s capital has so many benefits. If you’re starting over in Manhattan, you might want to throw yourself into experiencing the city as much as you can. Firstly, New York is famously a walkable city, so no matter how much financially sound you currently are, you can get so much joy from simply walking around and people watching. If you ever get tired of the city streets, you can still find nature and fun outdoor activities within the city. Whether it’s a walk or a picnic in Central Park, you’re sure to feel like a definite part of the hustle and bustle of this great city while still getting some fresh air.

A view of the Central Park.
Central Park is one of Manhattan’s top attractions, especially if you want to have a little respite in nature and don’t have a lot of time.


Furthermore, New York is a cultural hub that is second to none. Whether it’s theater, classic or modern art or music that you are into, there are places where you can fully indulge in these interests. Many museums have free days or days when you can pay what you wish so this is another activity that will be fulfilling without breaking the bank.

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