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Simple home upgrades that will add value to your Nashua house

There are many methods to increase value without making any significant improvements, whether you want to sell your house or just want to future-proof it. You should be able to walk away with a few quick improvements, a fresh layer of paint, and a little yard upkeep if your property is structurally solid and well-maintained. Not only will these renovations improve the curb appearance of your house, but they will also probably raise its value, giving you more money when you decide to sell. Our experts from Joel Real Estate gave us some of their favorite simple home upgrades that will add value to your Nashua house!

Home upgrades that will add value to your Nashua house quickly

There are many different things that you can do to boost the value of your home, and these are the simplest ones:

  • Repainting
  • Make it more energy-efficient
  • Make your basement useful
  • Light up your deck
  • Replace your windows
  • Clean and declutter
  • Plant some trees


Does the outside or inside of your house have signs of wear? DIY painting is inexpensive in terms of supplies, but it may significantly improve the curb appeal of your house. A fresh coat of paint can make worn-out surfaces appear brand-new and instantly add elegance to your house, whether you’re painting your home interior, guestrooms, or the main door. It’s one of the easiest remodeling projects you can take on. Moreover, after staying on top of a house and seeing your equity increase, selling it might be a terrific opportunity to make some money. Your home’s prospective sale value and your earning potential—can be increased to the maximum with a few easy, inexpensive improvements.

Painting the wall of your Nashua house is an essential step.
A great way to refresh your home and increase its value is to give it a new coat of paint.

Make your basement useful

The fair market value of your house is calculated in large part using the finished square footage. Even if you don’t want to spend money on a major renovation, doing something as easy as hanging drywall and adding carpet to a room may convert an unfinished area into a useful addition to your house. By extending the finished space’s footprint, you may raise the value of your house. If you want, you can even turn your basement into a hangout spot or a guest bedroom. But, usually, people use their basements as storage or cleaning rooms.

Light up your deck

Although installing low-voltage lighting systems may appear like a difficult DIY undertaking, even a novice can do it. Additionally, if your deck is the main attraction, the increased visibility will raise the overall degree of safety. Due to the system’s reliance on a transformer connected to a typical GFCI outlet, low-voltage systems are far less hazardous than ordinary domestic wire. This reduces the voltage from 120 to 12 volts, and the current then passes through outside lines to power the fixtures.

Clean and declutter

If you’re selling your Nashua house, first impressions matter. By taking the effort to freshen up your area, you can make the interior of your house sparkle from floor to ceiling. Gather your belongings and put them away. Clean all surfaces inside and exterior of the house, including countertops, baseboards, and other surfaces. Smudges should be removed from all doors, windows, and mirrors. One of the simplest and most affordable methods to keep your house in top shape while preparing to sell is to deep clean and declutter it.

Man screwing a light bulb into a lamp.
A small yet easy change you can make to make your home more energy efficient is to switch to LED bulbs.

If you don’t know how to get rid of all the clutter by yourself, don’t worry. You can hire movers to transfer excess stuff elsewhere, like a storage facility, for example. This is a simple way to get rid of all the things you don’t need without totally throwing them away.

Make it more energy-efficient

While you own the home, energy-efficient modifications save your utility expenses. These improvements will increase the appeal of the property to purchasers when it comes time to sell it, many of whom are looking for energy-efficient features to reduce their expenditures as homeowners. Even adding reasonably priced new appliances might help you get a higher sale price if your property currently has outdated equipment that wastes energy and looks dated. Finally, exchanging your current to LED lights can make your home much more eco-friendly and energy efficient.

Replace your windows

Window decorating isn’t all that addressing your windows entails. Both appraisers and potential purchasers will take note of them. Wooden windows have a higher overall cost and a nearly 1% lower recoup rate than vinyl, although having similar recovery rates. Before making a purchase, find out the answers to any questions you may have concerning new windows.

Worokman screwing in a window frame.
One of the best upgrades that will add value to your Nashua house is changing your windows.

Plant some trees

If you don’t have any immediate plans to sell your Nashua house, do a future-focused landscape makeover. Plant shade trees. Mature trees increase the value of your property. Moreover, a fully grown tree that is strategically positioned can reduce your cooling bills by as much as 40%. Additionally beneficial to the environment, mature landscaping gives wildlife the habitat they need while enhancing the curb appeal of your property.

Improve the air quality

It’s not just about the weather when it comes to air quality. Older carpets might be hiding allergies and toxins in your house. Hiring a qualified business to evaluate your indoor air quality is a must. It is the first step in determining if you need to change them. If the findings indicate that your carpets need to be changed, change them. You can go with eco-friendly natural materials like tile or laminate flooring. Hard-surface flooring is more aesthetically pleasing to buyers, easy to maintain, doesn’t retain smells, and gives your property a more modern appearance. Experts at Michael Brooks Moving NH suggest you should avoid personalizing your home too much, but a modern, minimal look is always in.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of simple home upgrades that will add value to your Nashua house. When picking out which improvements to make, always think long-term. If you’re planning on sticking around for a long time, consider making bigger changes. On the other hand, if you’re planning on moving soon, don’t waste time on those. Instead, go for smaller, cosmetic, and some of the cheapest improvements that all buyers will appreciate.

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