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Seniors guide to the most charming towns near San Antonio

Being a senior can be very nice. You have all the free time in the world, and you have enough financial resources to do whatever you want to do. Many seniors decide that the best thing for them is to travel. In comparison, the rest of them decide that moving is a better solution. So if you do decide to relocate, you should first focus on finding the most charming towns near San Antonio. Only after you find your location, can you proceed with other obligations. If you’ve for sure decided that aging in place isn’t for you, don’t worry as we have a couple of ideas to present you with – location-wise.

New Braunfels is one of the most charming towns near San Antonio

This is a town that is located in Comal County, very close to San Antonio. There are 84,622 inhabitants that live there, and most of them are families and young professionals. Also, they tend to lean conservative. No matter if you are a senior or not, this is, without a doubt, one of the best places to live in Texas. The area feels sparse and suburban. You can find plenty of parks and quiet places in nature. But at the same time, there are a lot of bars and some coffee shops, which is great for days and moments when you want to socialize with other people and even meet more of them.

When it comes to prices, you should know that compared with the national average, this place is quite affordable. About 62% of people are owners of their homes. The median rent is $1,217, while the median home value is $237,900. So you can see that it is almost like that in many other places. The decision is yours to make, but we do suggest renting because you could save more money on different things. Also, when it comes to executing a long-distance move around this area, you can easily trust professionals with your items. They are reliable, and they will do all the work for you. Guaranteed.

Seniors exploring charming towns near San Antonio.
You will be able to explore charming towns near San Antonio and other surroundings.

Another place worth checking out is Live Oak

When it comes to Live Oak, this place is even more charming, according to many seniors. There are fewer inhabitants and unique places where you can be active or just hang around people your age. Many young professionals and seniors live there, and the population is 16,118. It is located in Bexar County, and the area feels dense suburban. There are not many bars for sure, but nature is stunning. So if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet place, this will be the best option for you.

When it comes to prices, it is even more affordable than the previous place. The median home value is $171,800, while the median rent is $1,184. The difference between renters and owners is not that big. In fact, about 43% of residents are renters, while owners are 57%. There are many reasons to buy an apartment or house, but there are also many for rent. As you already know now, this is something that you have to decide on your own.

You can also consider Universal City

Even though this place sounds exotic in some ways, it is not like that. Universal City is a suburb of San Antonio, one of the best places to live in Texas. And there are 20,691 inhabitants there. It is also in Bexar County, and many residents tend to have moderate political views. There are plenty of families and young professionals that live there, but there are seniors as well. So you will be able to meet different kinds of people. The area feels dense suburban. And most of the residents own their homes. There are plenty of parks, for sure, but there are also other facilities where you can go and spend your free time. If you like the idea of this place, check out and other moving websites so you can book the slot for your relocation on time.

Seniors socializing with each other.
It is essential that you go out and socialize.

Leon Valley is also on the list of charming towns near San Antonio

Another suburb in San Antonio that will be a good option for you is Leon Valley. It is also in Bexar County and another one of the best places to live in Texas. The area feels dense suburban, and there are 12,279 inhabitants. Most of the residents are young professionals, and they tend to be liberal. The median rent is only $923, so we definitely suggest you consider renting instead of buying another home. Find the list of best places for renters and choose which one suits you the most.

And finally, check out Selma

The last place we prepared for you is Selma. This is another amazing suburb of San Antonio with only 11,241 inhabitants. They are mostly families and young professionals. So once again, you will be able to socialize with different generations. Life here is highly rated, and the healthcare system is quite good. Which, as a senior, should be very important to you. It is a very safe place, and almost no crimes ever happen there. If they do, there are mainly some thefts that are solved quickly.

Grandparent and granddaugther hugging.
Make sure you have enough space so your kids and grandchildren can come and visit.

Get proper help; you will need it

Once you decide which one of the charming towns near San Antonio is the best option for you, it will be time for some action. Relocation is a pretty long and tiring process. And as a senior, you shouldn’t do it by yourself. You will need help. Both from professional movers and your family or neighbors. Make it easier on yourself when it is possible. They won’t mind helping you, and you will surely enjoy the entire experience even more. And that is precisely how it should be.

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