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Renting your first apartment in Denver 101

Denver is a very lovely city. That is why it has been a very popular moving destination for young people over the last few years. And as Denver is not very cheap, most of these young people have been renting their apartments. So, if you are thinking about renting your first apartment in Denver, we are here to tell you a little bit more about it. This guide is going to help you choose your perfect apartment in a perfect neighborhood.

Home prices in Denver

If you don’t know much about home prices in Denver, no need to worry. We are here to give you a quick insight. The median home price in Denver is around $451,500. This is two times the national average of around $226,000. This means that Denver is not a cheap city to live in. But as you are looking to rent your first apartment in Denver, you might not find this very important. But it actually is. This means that renting in Denver is going to cost you more too. The average renting price in Denver is around $2,200 a month. The national average rental price is $1,600. It isn’t such a big difference but it still is more. But you have to have in mind that Denver is one of the most amazing cities in the United States.

Denver buildings you can consider when renting your first apartment in Denver.
Home prices in Denver are higher than the national average.

A little bit about Denver

If you are moving from another city or state to Denver, you definitely need to know a few things about it before you relocate. And there’s a lot to talk about it because Denver is young and modern. 66% of the population in Denver is under the age of 44. This means that Denver is a very lively city and that there’s always something going on. You’ll find a thing you enjoy in no time in Denver. You can choose from hundreds of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, clubs, etc. So, even when you have to transport just a few items

Denver is not a city with a lot of parks and greenery. There are some parks where you can spend your free time, of course, but there are other big cities in the country with a lot more of them. But this doesn’t make it any less family-friendly. There are hundreds of other activities for families with children. And if you find spending time in nature to be very important, you can always go to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Park which is located just outside of Denver.

The cost of living in Denver

Before we recommend the best Denver neighborhoods to live in, you might be interested in knowing a little bit about the cost of living in Denver. Property taxes are relatively low in Denver but the sales tax is pretty high. The income tax falls right in the middle of 4.63%. These taxes are usually a deal-breaker for a lot of people when it comes to moving to Denver but we believe it shouldn’t be. Renting your first apartment in Denver is a great idea.

Denver has plenty of job opportunities and the paychecks can be pretty high. For example, if you work in the medical field, you’ll earn decent amounts of money in Denver. This is probably because health care costs about 17% more than the national average. And if you’re worried that your groceries are going to be expensive if you are living in Denver, you shouldn’t be. You’ll pay about 4% less than the national average for groceries in Denver. No matter how expensive or inexpensive Denver is when you have to transport just a few items or even more, it is going to be a good idea living here.

Calculating money.
Living in Denver comes with its own price.

Best neighborhood for renting your first apartment in Denver

Denver has plenty of neighborhoods. All of them are very lovely but some are better than the others. So, if you want to be moving as quickly as possible to Denver, here are some neighborhoods to consider.

The Highlands

This neighborhood is one of the most desirable places to live in when we’re talking about Denver. It is located just outside of the city center which makes it a perfect place to live in for those who are working in the city center. The Highlands is one of Denver’s most diverse neighborhoods. It is where you’ll find innovative restaurant concepts, rooftop bars, patios, and boutique shops on every corner. It has a very bohemian vibe to it. This mostly where young people live in. Going out in The Highlands is the most fun you can have in Denver and that’s what attracts young people and tourists. homegrownmoving.com will help you relocate here in no time.

Denver skyline.
Denver’s neighborhoods have a lot to offer to its residents.

Capitol Hill

If you are looking for a more affordable neighborhood, Capitol Hill is for you. It is located almost in the center of the city which confuses a lot of people. How can it be in the center and still be very affordable? It also has the fastest commute into the Central Business District. The average apartment rental is around $1,500 in Cap Hill. This is where you’ll find the Colorado State Capitol which is located in a very lovely park. The longest street in the country also passes this neighborhood – Colfax Avenue. So, if you were thinking about renting your first apartment in Denver, this is a good neighborhood to consider moving to. Especially if you are moving out of your parent’s home.

Cherry Creek

A very luxurious neighborhood in Denver goes by the name Cherry Creek. It isn’t the most luxurious one but it still is very well-maintained and nice. It has plenty of world-class shops but there’s also a more relaxed side to it. You can enjoy plenty of bike trails here that lead straight to downtown. It’s very energetic and lively and living here is going to be amazing for people of all ages. People from all over the country have been moving to Denver and so can you. We have some tips for organizing a long-distance move.

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