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Renting your first apartment in Boca Raton – what’s to know?

Moving into your first apartment is a new chapter of your life. However, there are many things to know before choosing the right apartment. You don’t want to make some of the common mistakes, like falling for home staging hacks. And that’s the part of the reason why you need to have all the necessary information. So, if you’re renting your first apartment in Boca Raton, then you’re at just the right place.

What to know before renting your first apartment in Boca Raton

At this point, no information is too much, if you really want to make a good choice. But, some of the steps you’ll take depend on your own choices. For example, when moving anywhere in the city, you can choose to hire a professional moving company, or you can go for a DIY move. With that in mind, these are the most basic steps  of your new move:

  • Determine your budget before renting your first apartment in Boca Raton
  • Prepare the necessary paperwork
  • Choosing the right neighborhood and apartment
  • Plan your move-in day
  • Secure a move-in day before you sign the lease to book a moving van, movers and plan our packing
  • Make your apartment your own piece of heaven
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The financial aspect of your move

Being financially prepared for renting your first apartment in Boca Raton is very important. First of all, you will have some upfront costs and the costs of your move. And the costs of your move will depend on the fact if you’re hiring a professional moving company like City Movers, or not. While they will definitely make your life easier during your move, it can affect the overall expenses. Besides these, you’ll, of course, have long-term costs, that you’ll need to have covered. 

The median rent

When renting your first apartment in Boca Raton, the important information you should have is the price of the median rent. According to, in January 2020, the median rent in Boca Raton, Florida is around $ 2.448,00. It’s gone up by $ 200,00 since the middle of 2016, and it’s been mostly rising since the year 2012. To keep it in perspective, according to the same website, the median rent in the US is around $ 1.595,00. However, ever since the global pandemic occurred, we are yet to see if and how it will affect the rent in Boca Raton, so stay put. The newer information, according to is that the median rent, for a 1,042 square feet apartment, in March 2020, is around $ 2.033,00.

Upfront costs

While the most obvious, rent is not the only thing to worry about. Before having to pay monthly expenses, you’ll need to cover some upfront expenses. From application fees, deposits, and rent for a couple of months, it can get to a quite significant amount in total. So, make sure to save up a good amount of money before deciding to rent the place in Boca Raton. Especially given the fact that the rent here is not so low.

Finding the right neighborhood in Boca Raton

When choosing the location of your new apartment, know that it affects the price of rent and transportation costs you’ll have. For example, if you choose a location far from the center, the rent is lower. But, you’ll spend too much time commuting and you’ll have higher costs of transportation. But, the key is to find the right balance, and you might find it in Boca Tecca, as it’s still close to businesses. On the other side, more expensive options go from slightly more expensive, Boca West to luxurious St. Andrews Country Club.

Choosing the right apartment

Don’t succumb to the pressure and the fear of missing out on a great opportunity. Try to follow this rule – wait at least 24 hours before deciding to apply for a certain apartment. Also, just like when selling properties, some landlords will stage their apartments, so be aware of that. And, if there is a big flaw that you are aware of in advance, you’ll have several options. You’ll have to learn to live with it, or you can consider the potential costs of a home renovation. Either way, there are many options if the landlord is open to negotiations, but it’s important to have it in writing.

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Renting your first apartment in Boca Raton can be a nice, fresh start.

The application 

If you think you’ve chosen the apartment, the next step is usually finning out the application and paying the application fee. And this usually involves running a credit check. In some cases, you’ll need a co-signer, for example, if you don’t have a credit history or your credit history isn’t good. Also, bases on all of these, your deposit might get significantly larger. Either way, make sure that all the info on your application is accurate, to avoid any inconvenience.


In general, you should make sure to read carefully all the documents that you’ll need for renting your first apartment in Boca Raton. And this is of course, also the case with your lease agreement. If you have some questions, feel free to ask them, because now is the time. If you want a second opinion, feel free to say so, and wait until you’re sure about everything. Make sure that all of the important points are carefully determined. But, also, if you think there might be a need to arrange some specific case, do it now, as you might not get a second chance. 

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Do you really give agree?

The big day

The move-in day should be carefully planned out. As previously said, you can hire a company to help you, or do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself, you’ll probably have to rent a moving van and to call your friends to help you out. If you’re hiring a company, then you’ll have to choose the best possible choice, after getting the quotes. Also, there’s a packing and unpacking process ahead of you, but one step at a time.


While it might be overwhelming, renting your first apartment in Boca Raton is also the beginning of a new chapter for you. It is after all your new life in your lovely new apartment. So, once you settle down, enjoy your new place. And then, you can go out and start making friends with your neighbors. Make sure to enjoy every single step, as your new life awaits.

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