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Renting an apartment in Ontario – 5 places you should consider

Ever considered moving to Ontario? Whether you live in Canada or think of becoming one of its smiled residents, you need to think of many things. Packing, finding a moving company, finding a place to live. Well, not packing. We’ll give you some tips on how to pack, so scratch that of your list. Well, while we’re here, let’s help you with one more thing. We know how stressful relocation can be, so let us give you a hand. Here we present you a guide on renting an apartment in Ontario – 5 places you should consider. This way you won’t spend so much time for searching a perfect place to start your new life.

Yours to discover

If you’re planning on renting an apartment in Ontario, you should get to know it better. Located in the east-central of the country, Ontario is the second biggest and most populous province in Canada. If you’re looking for diversity, moving here is a great choice! Though the weather can be harsh, especially in the northern part, it is still manageable.

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Factor in everything!

Ontario compensates for it through many outdoor activities, safety, and cosmopolitan vibes. It is for sure a great place for newcomers wherever they come from. Also, the job market is constantly growing. Start-ups, technology, film industry, government jobs. So even if you don’t have a job, you’ll find one easily.

Renting an apartment in Ontario

Moving into a new apartment is a very exciting thing for everyone. Do you want to rent in an old or in a new building? Do you want a high-rise apartment or lower floors, what do you prefer? But don’t let the excitement get the best for you. Sometimes you have only a few minutes to go tour your potential apartment, so you better keep track. Before you rent an apartment, pay attention to some details:

  • apartment building and condition
  • amenities
  • pay attention to the lease
  • location

And speaking of location, we made you a list of 5 places you should consider when renting an apartment in Ontario. So let’s begin.


Located in northeastern Ontario, Sudbury is home to around 161,000 people. According to Number 1 Movers who relocated numerous clients here, if you’re looking to get out of the big city and move to a more ”nature” one, this is a place for you. It is surrounded by lakes, forests, and beautiful parks to explore. Also, it has great job options, especially in finances and business. And being almost 400 km apart from Toronto, it is logical that the cost of living is small.

So, if you’re getting really warmed up to the idea of moving to Ontario, why not contact moving experts? Besides being professional and offering free estimates, they tailor their service to your needs. That way, you can relax while moving to your new home, knowing that everything is taken care of.

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There are numerous ways of entertainment

Thunder Bay

A little more to the west is where this small city is located. Although being a small city, with a population of 107,900 people, it is considered to be the most affordable city in Ontario. Costs of living are small, but that’s not the only perk. Natural areas and the small-town vibe are perfect for raising a family. And, the city is home to a prominent university, which makes it ideal for students too. As in Sudbury, job opportunities are numerous – manufacture, education, transportation, industry. You can pick!


Located near the US border, near Detroit to be precise, this city is home to some of the cheapest real estate in Canada. Due to its closeness to Detroit and Toronto, a lot of residents live in Windsor and work in bigger cities. Wonder why? Well, let’s just say that rent in Windsor is 56% lower than in Toronto. Its location is very accessible, since you can drive to States or Toronto, or the nearby international airport that offers daily flights to many mayor cities.

Public transportation is also very cheap and can get you anywhere. And there are more perks to it. You get to visit a lot of museums, festivals, gardens, and enjoy a beautiful lakefront view. And don’t forget the Windsor University, which is one of the top post-secondary institutions in the country. So it’s a city for everyone: students, couples, and families.


A district in western part of the state, and a home to 365,000 people. It is divided into three large areas, each with its own neighborhoods: The Lakeshore, Central Etobicoke and North Etobicoke. The central and northern areas of Etobicoke have many high-density apartment complexes set in the middle of sizable, open fields and parks. So it’s a very good place to rent. It is also known for its lush landscape, so you’ll have a lot of outdoor activities to choose from.

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Enjoy the beautiful scenery

If you find a city that you like in one of its areas, have in mind that you can always rely on teams in the neighborhood to help you with your relocation. Whether it’s a local or a long-distance move, packing stuff, or anything at all regarding moving, expert teams will help you out.


Located between Motreal and Toronto, on the eastern end of the Lake Ontario, Kingston is a home to around 136,000 people. Due to its proximity to both mayor cities, it’s got a low cost of iving, around 42% lower than in Toronto. What makes it a perfect city for renting an apartment in Ontario. Also, the unemployment rate is 6,3%, which makes it a perfect place to start a career. Especially in health care, government, tourism and education sector. And, there are more perks to this city. Since it’s near the lake, there are lot of things to do: kayaking, swimming, canoeing and boat rides are just some of them.

The province of opportunity

So, as you can see, there are a lot of excellent cities for renting an apartment in Ontario. And once you find the one that suits all of your needs, and you find the perfect apartment, you can get down to planning how to decorate it your style. Enjoy!

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