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Redesigning the office space for coronavirus safety – Kitchener edition

In 2020, Coronavirus took the world by storm changing the way we live, work, and interact. The whole world is affected and every aspect of life is being influenced. That being said, businesses around the world are trying to find a suitable model for a safe office space. Coronavirus safety has influenced the redesigning of office space everywhere. This trend is also present in Canada. So if you are planning or relocating your offices there and particularly to Kitchener you will need to be creative in setting up your office space. Luckily, we can also help with a few tips on redesigning the office space for coronavirus safety.

Redesigning the office space for coronavirus safety

Everywhere around the world governments have prepared guidance for coronavirus safety. There are many measures that are advised to make the work area and offices safe. Distance and keeping a safe distance fro each other seems to be the key aspect of protection. One of the first recommendations is to keep people at a physical distance by working from home if possible. If not, many companies are forced to renovate to be in line with the safety recommendations. Many of them are forced to find experts in the neighborhood to help them move locally to more suitable offices or business space. 

Two business women with masks standing at the office
Coronavirus is forcing a change in the way we work and do business

In line with social distancing requests, companies are adopting changes to their offices. Screens are becoming a standard to separate people and prevent the transfer of the virus. At the same time, the workspace organization is changing. Companies adopt more of a back to back or side by side working relation. This is changing the work area with the idea of avoiding face-to-face contact. In addition and with the recommendations from governments,  companies are planning for long term renovations. These renovations and designs include: 

  • Ventilation
  • Open-plan offices
  • Living wall environment
  • Shared touchpoints
  • Flexibility


In an attempt to prioritize public health companies are bending to new rules and medication. One of the recommendations is to provide proper ventilation and circulation of air. This will decrease the possible concentration of the virus in the air. So, office designers are changing designs and renovation to achieving this goal. At the same time, future designs are changing to accommodate changed conditions.

Open floor plan

Many office spaces are an open space area. This is beneficial for the circulation of air but it has its issues. Open plan can facilitate the transmission of any virus. However, redesign suggests the introduction of greenery, more water stations, and an upgrade of the venting system to improve office ventilation. Where these changes are not possible companies are moving offices. This is keeping and other local companies busy.

A woman with a mask working at a computer after redesigning the office space for coronavirus safety.
Personal protection has become key

Living walls

promotion of health in the office is also possible by bringing nature in the office. The idea is to boost productivity and both physical and sociological health by introducing more natural and bio oriented solutions. The preposition and trend are to implement living herbal walls as partitions and wall coverings making the atmosphere more natural


Many architects are redesigning to remove common touchpoints. They are introducing touchless switches and installing sensors and motors to open and shut doors hands free. 


Offices are also changing to be flexible for future trends. Coronavirus situation showed that workers are more productive when working from home. So many offices are adapting to receiving workers in greater numbers only when absolutely needed. They will combine both working from home and coming to work as needed.

Social distancing chalk sing
Social distancing is causing the redesign of office space to provide protection

This pandemic showed many of the flaws and problems in our living and working environment. So, professionals are now hard at work to correct those flaws. They are also designing new solutions to new problems identified. This is why our offices are changing and redesigning both now and will in the future.

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