Real estate market-New Jersey houses.

Real estate market – New Jersey edition

Do you want to sell your home in New Jersey or the opposite, to buy or rent a home there? In both cases, you should know what is going on with real estate market-New Jersey. Moving to NJ is special. It is a big and beautiful country with a lot of opportunities. But, before a move and before you did prepare your belongings for safe transportation, consider all the facts including a current real estate market. So, where you want to move did you already choose a city? Do you have a real estate agent? If you did not choose where to live yet, let’s see what to expect when is time to buy a place to live.

House keys in the hand.
Before you buy a home, do your research. Explore a real estate market in NJ and make a good choice.

Real estate market-New Jersey

Where to live? What are the prices? So, if you did not decide where to move, now you can. The home prices are the major fact when is time to choose a neighborhood. Some cities are affordable, some of them are not. Real estate market-New Jersey is so variable. Between two cities, the price difference can be huge. So, investigate a little before you make a big step.

Jersey City

A current home value in Jersey City is $450,000 but when you find a home buy it immediately. But, the difference between the prices in the city center and the outside of the city center is huge. You can save $4,600 per square meter. Another good thing is, it is near New York.


It has it all. Home prices are almost the same in the center of the Trenton and in the outside. The average price per square meter here in this city is $710. Trenton has so many homes for renting and buying.

Atlantic City

The average price per square meter in Atlantic City is $1,600 so you can find a nice home for $130,000 which is great. The population in Atlantic City is almost 40,000, so it is not a big city but it has a lot to offer.


A median price per square meter is $1,300. Newark is near Jersey City and it is the biggest city and the most populous in New Jersey. If you want to buy a home in this beautiful city, you should spend about $230,000. It depends what you want and how big home do you need, of course.


If you are a millennial, this is the city in NJ for you. A half of the residents are young with no family. So, the average price if you want to buy a home here is $788,200. If you buy a home a little bit outside of the city center, that will be about $800 cheaper per square meter. 

Spring Lake

While Hoboken is for the millennials, Spring Lake is more for retirees. But, if you want to live in this city, you should spend a more money. Current home average value is $1,840,100. It is one of the most expensive cities in New Jersey. Now you see why it is a perfect place for retirees. They have peace after all those years of working and saving.

Affordable cities in New Jersey

Calculating a budget for a new home.
If your budget is not big, or you do not want to spend so much money on the home, NJ may offer you really affordable homes in beautiful towns.

If you do not have a big budget, do not worry. NJ also has affordable cities for you. If you want to move to New Jersey and it is your dream, call a moving company and do it. When you have a moving company you don’t have to move big pieces of furniture all by yourself. So, choose a city, hire a mover and fulfill your dream.

  • New Brunswick – This town has a rich history, and the more important, affordable homes. Median home price is $241,000 which is a great price for NJ. Real estate market-New Jersey is changing so fast, so take a chance. Just to compare, a median household income in New Brunswick, is $38,400.
  • Rahway – It is just 15 miles from famous Manhattan, NY. The average home price in this small town is $280,000 and the household is $59,000. This price is even below the U.S. average. So, think about buying a home here.
  • Pleasantville – It is smaller than Rahway and New Brunswick, but it is a beautiful town, for sure. And the lucky news is the median home price is $157,000 and the average household income is $40,000. Just compare it with Atlantic City, for example. The average home price there is $190,000 but a median income is $27,000).

Moving to New Jersey

So, you decided to move to New Jersey and you have chosen the right place for you. Whatever the reason is you will probably need a moving company, especially if it is a long-distance move. Vector Movers NJ are a company with a lot of experience in moving and they will transport your items wherever you want, safely. If you have no experience of moving, this is the smartest and the safest solution for you and your belongings. After exploring real estate market-New Jersey, find a good, reliable and experienced moving company whom you can trust. 

Driving a moving truck and moving to NJ.
A good moving company is a half of the job when you are moving.

If you find your dream home, hurry up, because prices in NJ are growing and changing. But, with a good real estate agent, you will find it easy. New Jersey has it all.  places for families, retirees, millennials, kids…just choose the best city for you. We hope you are going to move stress-free, and good luck!

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