Buying a house with a pool in Florida is a good choice.

Pros and cons of buying a house with a pool in Florida

One can hardly imagine buying a house without a pool in Florida, and there is a reason why many houses in Florida have pools in their yards and backyards. However, a house with a pool comes with its own set of problems. In this article, we are going to explore some of the pros and cons of buying a house with a pool in Florida. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Pros of buying a house with a pool in Florida

We can hardly imagine owning a home in Florida and not having a pool in the backyard, especially in even hotter South Florida. And that is for a good reason. It is not accidental that Florida is called ‘The Sunshine State’. Weather in Florida is perfect for the pool, and many buyers won’t even consider buying a home in Florida without a pool. So, what are the main reasons why people buy homes with a pool in Florida? Let’s jump straight into the benefits of buying a house with a pool in Florida!

Buying a house with a pool in Florida is a must

Most people won’t even consider owning a house in Florida without a pool. When one thinks of Florida, the first thing that usually comes to mind is endless sunshine and pools in vacation homes in which people can get away from the infamous Florida heat. In residential areas, many, if not most of the residents own a pool.

Pools provide fun for the whole family

Children swimming.
Buying a house with a pool in Florida will be like a heaven for children!

It is uncommon to find a person who doesn’t like backyard pools, even more so in Florida. Pools tend to bring the whole family together, and when one thinks about the perfect life in Florida, what comes to mind is the picture of a happy family in the backyard pool. This is the picture all of us want to achieve. So, if you want to move with your family to Florida, let the stress out by jumping into a pool when you’re done.

You can bring people over

Best parties are pool parties, especially in The Sunshine State. Imagine throwing a party in your new Florida home without a pool. Sure, the success of a party is measured by the atmosphere, but pools add much to the party atmosphere. What can be better than having a barbecue next to a pool in the backyard, while you and all of your friends are quenching thirst with some kind of beverage? If you need to have your backyard stuff brought from your old home to your new Florida home, you should know that move of any kind can be stress-free if you hire the right kind of professionals. In most cases, it is better to work with professionals when it comes to maintaining a home, and by extension, a pool.

Two persons in a pool.
You can bring people over to your house and enjoy the pool together!

If you are younger, throwing a party without the pool in Florida is even more unimaginable. Young folks tend to love pools even more. If you have kids, there is no better way to celebrate their birthdays than in the pool. Children love pools, but so do adults and teens.

Cons of buying a house with a pool in Florida

Now when we have covered all the pros of buying a house with a pool in Florida, we can shift our attention to cons. Sure, not having a pool in Florida is almost heretical, but owning a pool has some negative consequences. So what are the negative consequences of buying a house with a pool in Florida? Let’s find out!

Routine maintenance can be quite costly

Sure, owning a home with a pool in the backyard can be fun for your whole family, especially in the hot Florida sun. However, the pool requires a lot of maintenance, and we mean it. In more temperate areas of the US, the pool is used for only a few months in the year. That means that people from those areas have to drain the water when the pool season is over.  Thankfully, having a pool in Florida means that it will be used all year-round.

But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to maintain it at all. All kinds of stuff can be found in pools, from leaves and sand to bugs and other live animals. Removing those stuff on a daily or even weekly basis can be tiresome and expensive. If you don’t want to clean your pool yourself, know that pool maintenance is around 125$ if you want to hire a professional.

Repairs can be even more expensive

Pools don’t only need constant maintenance, they also need to be repaired from time to time. And this is more common then you think. That dirt, leaves, and bugs can clog up your pool filter, and from time to time that filter needs to be changed or repaired. That can be costly and if you don’t want your pool water to be turned into a swamp, you have to be prepared to pay for the repair.

Buying a house with a pool in Florida whit pineapples in it.
Before buying a house with a pool in Florida, you should know that pools require constant maintenance.

One of the most common repairs is a tear on the protective layer. This layer acts as a barrier between the walls of the pool and the water. Also, it keeps the mold out. You have to be prepared to pay up to 200$ for that kind of repair. If the entire layer needs to be replaced, the cost can be more than 1000$. However this protective layer is hard to transport, and this is why you need to hire a company that can bring it to you, like Purple Heart Moving Group.

You have to make your pool safe to use

Many municipalities require a safety barrier to be applied around the pool to help prevent accidental drownings. More than 300 children under the age of 5 drown in pools every year in the US. You need to pay for the safety of your backyard Florida pool.

Resale value is not that high

You might think that owning a pool can massively increase the resale value of your Florida home. That is common sense. But that is not the case, especially in some parts of The Sunshine State. The upper limit of your home’s value resale price is around 7%. That is not much considering the cost of the maintenance.

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