prevent damage to your pool table

Prevent damage to your pool table when moving

Moving a pool table may not be the easiest task. Pool tables are quite expensive, bulky and heavy. To prevent damage to your pool table when moving it, you should consider hiring professional movers. Purple Heart Moving Group is a moving company that provides many specialized moving services including a pool table relocation. Movers with experience and proper tools can transport this delicate item without causing any damage. Moving a pool table will require manpower and preparation. For this reason, you may not be able to move this heavy item on your own. It requires special care and specific preparation tactics when packing. You can easily get injured or damage a pool table when moving. Use our guide and find how to prevent damage to your pool table when moving it to a new location.

Why moving a pool table on your own is not a good idea?

If you haven’t already decided where to move, you can always move to Hollywood, FL. Your pool table will fit perfectly in your new home. You will be able to enjoy a great game with your friends. But as we said before, this is not the task you should take lightly. Pool tables can easily damage if you don’t move them properly. On the other hand, inexperienced individuals can get injured while moving heavy items like this. Even when moving a pool table from one corner of the room to another will require at least a few of your strongest friends. Even then it is easy to cause damage or injure while moving heavy and a bulky item like this.

pool table equipment
When moving your pool table make sure to protect and pack all other pieces when moving.

If you wish to prevent damage to your pool table when moving your entire home belongings, you should find a professional with experience to help. Quality relocation specialists can prepare your belongings for safe relocation and keep your pool table undamaged. Professional movers know how to disassemble this big piece and pack everything. They know how to handle this process without damaging any part of the moving table.

You can easily damage or tear the cover off the pool table if you try disassembling it on your own. Keep in mind that pool tables have different systems inside. You may see how it is done on the internet, and you wish to try doing it on your own. But that is not the best idea. In most cases, inexperienced hands can cause substantial damage to a pool table. In the end, you may spend more money on repairing your expensive item than paying a professional moving company to move this item to you.

The benefits of hiring quality pool table movers

Quality poll table movers know how to prevent damage to your pool table when moving it. Professionals use special moving equipment to disassemble any type of pool table. They have experience ad specialized moving tools to make the pool table relocation go smoothly. Professional movers won’t take too much time to take apart your valuable item. They use moving doilies, shoulder straps and other special tools to move each piece no matter how heavy or bulky it is. On the other hand, movers will use professional packing materials to secure each piece and prevent damage to your pool table while in transport.

piggy bank
Professional pool table movers save you time and money.

It is best to hire professionals to handle your expensive pool table. With quality movers taking on this big task, you will stay safe. The benefits of hiring professional pool table movers are numerous:

  • With professional movers, you will avoid heavy lifting
  • Injuries may happen when moving a pool table on your own
  • Professional movers will disassemble your pool table in a few hours
  • Quality movers will offer insurance when moving your pool table
  • In case of damage, the insurance company will cover your loss

When moving your entire household belongings to a new location, you may need additional space for storing your belongings before transport. If that is the case, consider renting one of the safe storage units in Florida. Your moving company may offer different storage solutions to you when moving. Talk to your relocation specialist to find out more about storage possibilities for storing your belongings and your valuable pool table. Choosing to store your items in a climate-controlled storage unit will prevent damage to your pool table when moving.

How to prevent damage to your pool table when moving?

In case you still decide to move a pool table on your own, you should make sure you have some to assist you. Pool tables are very heavy, and you may need to call strong friends to help you even move it. Professionals advise that you have at least five people helping you move your heavy and bulky pool table. Be aware of the injuries you or your friends may face when moving a heavy item like this. On the other hand, make sure to advise everyone to wear suitable clothing and shoes that will prevent slipping. Lift from your knees and don’t forget to have all the packing supplies on hand.

pool table balls
Make sure to be very careful when taking apart your pool table.

You should consider wrapping each piece of your pool table separately when moving. Buy the best packing materials to protect each piece. Make sure you double protect sensitive parts before you load everything onto the moving truck. Professional pool table movers will advise you to prevent pieces from moving in transport. Also, professional movers will always advise you to get transit insurance when moving your pool table without professional help.

Disassembling a pool table may seem easy, but it is not. Consult a manufacturer if you can to receive proper instructions before you start taking apart this expensive piece. That is a crucial step to prevent damage to your pool table when moving it. It is important you consider renting moving equipment to help you move each piece after you disassemble everything.

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