Night view of our favorite places in Los Angeles County

Places in Los Angeles County with the best life quality

When moving to California there are some spectacular options for newcomers. In reality, the sky is the limit. From small and quiet towns to fast passed and fun neighborhoods, it is safe to say that Cali has it all. However, if you are targeting places where you and your family can have the best life quality, there is no other place such as Los Angeles County. Still, finding that perfect spot that will cover all your needs isn’t easy. For that reason, we are sharing with you our favorite places in Los Angeles County.

The best places in Los Angles county for those looking for the best life quality

Even once you have set your site on the City of Angels narrowing down your options can be tricky business. Looking for a property can be difficult. Especially, if you haven’t narrowed it down and chosen your favorite neighborhood. You might wonder how can an outsider get that accomplished. Well with our help of course. So, before you visit and check out their Californian moving services, stay with us and explore some of the finest places in Los Angeles County.


Since you are aiming towards a high-quality lifestyle, you cannot neglect the safety factor. After all what can be more important than your family members’ safety? Glendale is known as one of the 10 safest neighborhoods in the US. Which makes it an excellent choice if you are looking somewhere to settle in within Los Angeles. Not only will your kids be safe, but they will also have plenty of fun stuff to enjoy during their free time. Right around the corner, you will be able to enjoy the LA Zoo, Travel Town, the Norton Simon Museum, countless beautiful hiking trails and so much more. Safe fun never stops in Glendale. In the end, it is a safe and cool place that you can enjoy every single sunny day while living in CA. Your long-distance relocation with the kids will be worth the effort when moving to Glendale.

Mom and daughter kissing on the cheek and having fun.
When living in Glendale you can be sure that your kids will have plenty of activities to choose from.


For those that live in the big city, Alhambra just might do the trick. This unique LA residential area is located in close proximity to the Downtown Los Angeles civic center. Therefore, living in this area will give you simple and easy access to busier areas of the city, while still enjoying a peaceful residential area. Professionals who know the area well can help you relocate to this gem of a town without any problems. All you need to do is find the perfect property to call home.

Silver Lake

Out of all places in Los Angeles County, Silver Lake is the best choice for those that like to be busy while living a high-quality lifestyle. There are plenty of cafes, cocktail bars, and exotic restaurants that you can frequent. This is an excellent choice for those that do not consider themselves homebodies. Nevertheless, delicious meals and cocktails aren’t the only things that can be enjoyed. The neighborhood is filled with artsy galleries and other culturally enriching places. It is safe to say that there is never a dull moment for those that are the residence of Silver Lake. Wait, we have more! When you get tired of all the socializing and other fun things, you can always walk or jog around the lake. No wonder Silver Lake is one of our favorite places in Los Angeles County. It is the place where the fun never stops.

People doing a cheers with their drinks.
There are plenty of places in Los Angeles County that are ideal for those that like to go out and have a great time.


For those that are looking to permanently settle in LA, we have just the spot for you. The truth of the matter is, Los Angeles is the most amazing place. But with all that fabulousness comes a hefty price tag. For that reason, many residents are renters. Purchasing a property is out of majority reach in most Places in Los Angeles County. Yet, Monrovia is the exception to the rule. Please make sure your expectations are adjusted. Homes in this area aren’t inexpensive. Still, they are significantly cheaper than in other Los Angeles neighborhoods. After all, nothing can improve your overall life like being a homeowner. That is an investment worth your while. No matter if you are building or buying an already made home, this place can be a perfect choice for you.

San Dimas

Our last gem will be especially treasured by history lovers. The small-town feel makes this place irresistible to many. Plus, it is well known for its Western art and equestrian qualities. If this floats your boat get a move on and move to this inviting town in LA as soon as possible. But remember, you don’t have to move on your own. Finding help is a good call, particularly when relocating long distances.

Manhattan Beach

Of course, those sunny days are an everyday thing in LA. But what can make a sunny day even more delightful? Well, a sandy beach of course. Manhattan Beach is one of the favorites among all-LA ocean fronts. There is no surprise that living in this neighborhood is anything but cheap. Even so, people that occupy homes in this area will tell you that is well worth it. Especially, if you manage to land property will a beach view. Jackpot! But, be careful, before you commit to a proper make sure you are aware of California Hous Pricing predictions for the following year.

View on the most beautiful part of the beach with pink skies above.
Sunsets can be the most mesmerizing sights when on Manhattan Beach in LA.


After exploring all our favorite places in Los Angeles County it is safe to say that the choice in front of you won’t be easy. There are truly plenty of amazing places to choose from. Now all you need to do is discover which one would fit you the best. In any case, get ready to embrace the sunny days and your new and improved Los Angeles lifestyle.

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