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Moving to Mississippi – how to prepare?

Moving to a new location is always a stressful, exciting and terrifying endeavor. Moving can be overwhelming and it can cause a lot of sleepless nights while worrying. Whether you opt for professional assistance or a DIY mission, good preparation and organization are usually the best strategy to go for. But how can you cope with this process easily? How to prepare for moving to Mississippi?

What you should know about Mississippi

Mississippi is a state of great history and tradition. It is a diverse state with a lot to offer to anyone. From its welcoming cities, trough the farmlands, historical locations and wild and diverse nature it has something for everyone. It is experiencing an inflow of people looking for work and affordable living conditions. The state has a great education system that attracts a lot of students and if you are planning to move for education your Oxford relocation can be easy and smooth. Despite its recent economic problems, the state is very popular now and perceived as one of the most welcoming and hospitable states in the US.

A view of Mississippi.
Choosing Mississipi is actually choosing a state with a rich history and long tradition.

How to prepare for moving to Mississippi?

It is always good to be organized, so plan and prepare for moving in advance. This process requires meticulous planning, preparation, and execution of all essential tasks. In other words, people most often decide to hire professional help from a reputable moving company that will provide guarantees and insurance of your belongings. If you are executing a long-distance move it is even more important to start your planning on time and execute it perfectly.

Besides this, you should also know to prepare:

  • A detailed time frame and activity schedule
  • A detailed inventory of your belongings
  • To shed weight and declutter
  • Pack
  • Plan a good moving date
  • Find reputable movers

Make a time frame and activity schedule

Planning should be done well in advance as it is important to make a perfect time frame. If it is a long-distance move it is even more important to start your planning and prepare on time. The schedule and time frame is important so you can start your final move on time. The schedule will provide you with all of the steps you have to perform and with their duration. The activity schedule of your Mississippi move should have the details of all of the preparatory activities from inventory, decluttering, packing, loading and finally moving.

A person checking boxes on a checklist while trying to organize moving to Mississippi.
Making a plan, schedule and checklist are important when you prepare for moving.


We tend to accumulate a lot of stuff over time which ends up taking up space. We usually amount a pile of stuff we don’t use. When we move, such things become a heavy burden. Thus, it is always a good idea to assess the value and importance of such stuff, make an inventory and sort these things out. The aim of this task is to help you with organizing, packing, and loading your items much more easily. Of course, when you have a list of your items and you check the items carefully, the chances to forget something are brought to a minimum.

Furthermore, when you group the stuff by their importance you will organize the unpacking process much better as well. There will be a group that is important for the first day of your move and has to be unpacked immediately. Other things could be even put into storage as they might not be needed in a while.

Decluttering – shedding weight

The moving load can be decreased by decluttering. Decluttering can mean a lot of things but it always leads to less stuff that has to be moved. It usually means to get rid of the stuff you decide you don’t need any longer. You can donate clothes or household items to shelters and other institutions that might need them. You can give your stuff away to friends and family. Some stuff like furniture can be sold so you can even profit from it. Or you can decide to put some of your things into storage to deal with later. However you go about it, decluttering will help you decrease the number of things you have to pack, carry and move and it will save you both time and money.


Once you have shed your moving weight you can pack the rest of your belongings. You should plan to prepare your moving supplies in advance to make packing smooth. As these supplies can be expensive you can try to gather free cardboard boxes, use old newspapers and clothes as padding and protection. You can even use old suitcases, and containers to pack some of the valuable and fragile items. Always try to develop a packing and labeling system to make things simple.

You should sort the boxes by sizes and help movers pack them to optimize space usage. Lighter items should be packed in large boxes. Labeling boxes with an A-B-C system will help with loading. Boxes labeled A should contain items that will be urgently needed and should be loaded last and unloaded first. It is important to label and group boxes by content and especially to group fragile items. This will help movers handle them with more care.

You should also make an emergency bag of essentials that will be with you during the move. This bag will contain all of the important things you may urgently need and can’t afford to be without. The emergency bag should contain important documents and medical documents, medicines, iPad and other electronics you must have with you if needed.

Plan a good moving date

Planning your Mississippi move should be on a perfect date. Since most of the relocations are happening at the beginning and the end of the month you should aim to move close to the middle of the month. Since movers are overbooked in peak parts of the month they may be inclined to give a considerable discount for moving at another time. Also, the availability of the movers will also be better close to the middle of the month. On a moving day also try to be out of the movers’ way and try to organize the boxes and the moving space to make the process easier for the movers.

Cardboard boxes and packing tape you will need when preparing for moving to Mississippi.
Prepare your packing supplies in advance

Pick a reputable moving company

Hiring the right professional help is crucial for a stress-free move. Always look for reliable, licensed and insured movers. Also, look for the movers that provide additional services like packing and storage if needed. Many reputable movers like Spyder Moving Services MS offer a variety of services you might need. Do your research and gather reviews, estimates and user experiences. Reputable movers should be well equipped, efficient and flexible.

Conclusion on moving to Mississippi

So, moving is stressful but it is important to know that there are many ways to alleviate that stress. Adequate planning and preparation can make your moving to Mississippi move a breeze. This process can also be carefree if you do your research, plan and prepare on time. So be proactive and start your planning and organization ahead of time. 

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