Wonderful nature and mountains that will make moving in Summit County as a single parent an attractive option.

Moving in Summit County as a single parent

Summit County is one of the most beautiful places to live in Colorado. Also, this amazing mountain area, with overwhelming views, might be a perfect place to raise kids. The dozens of active neighborhoods and astonishing outdoors are making moving in Summit County as a single parent very attractive. It can be difficult at first, but once you settle down, everything this winter wonderland has to offer will start to show.

Moving in Summit County

You can find everything from alpine skiing, snowboarding, kite skiing, and sleigh rides to entertaining music concerts and festivals in Summit County. As a child, it will be one of the most amazing experiences to grow up here. As a parent, before you move, you need to carefully plan everything first. From available residential options and cost of living to professionals that can assist your move.

Change of residence in Summit County

In Summit County, separated parents need to notify each other of any significant change like address or phone number. Also, if leaving Summit County, you will need to file a notice of intent to relocate with the court. The point is, any move has to be overviewed prior to relocating in order to be in the best interest of children.

Now, with the legal requirements fulfilled, a single parent that considers living in Summit County needs to get familiar with the place.

Weather in Summit County

Being the winter paradise, this mountain area has an interesting climate. First of all, summers are pleasant, oftentimes brief, with relatively cold nights. On the other side, winters are really cold with a fair amount of snow. Even though plenty of sunny days and low humidity helps, you should be completely prepared for winter life. This means, bring all your winter clothes and gears for you and your kids. As a single parent, you should find a local moving company like homegrownmoving.com to help you with stuff. Which will leave you more time to focus on your kids, their school, and daycare options.

A town covered in snow.
Prepare for wintertime when moving to Summit County.

Housing options as a single parent

For a single parent, there are federal, state, and local support programs that can help you find affordable housing and other necessities. Be aware though, that some places in Summit County can be very expensive if you plan to buy a property. It’s no wonder since it’s largely considered as the recreational resort-oriented county. However, if you are looking to rent, it’s good to know that owners prefer long-term rentals over the short term or other seasonal options. So, this is your chance to get a good renting deal as a single parent.

Job opportunities

There are many job opportunities in larger cities, and Denver is relatively near. But you will have the best chance for self-sufficiency if you are into skiing business and similar jobs. There are some major resorts open throughout the year, like:

  • Copper Mountains
  • Brackenridge Ski Resort
  • Keystone Resort
  • Arapahoe Basin


In most parts of Summit County, places have good access to goods and various services. From wonderful restaurants to shopping markets, you won’t have any problems finding any supplies. On the other side, child care can be expensive and one of the biggest expenses for many families. For more exotic amenities, you can always visit Denver and enjoy world-class dining and shopping options.

Prepare your kids for moving

Overall, approaching kids with the news of moving is probably one of the harder parts for a single parent. By all means, tell them the news as soon as you are sure about moving. In essence, it will give you more time to answer all the questions. It will also give you the opportunity to deal with any problem along the way. Try to bring the new place closer to them by talking about schools, winter sports, all the outdoor activities they will enjoy, etc. After all, Summit County is like made for this.

A man enjoying skiing in Summit County.
Tell your kids about all the winter adventures that await them.

In the end, don’t hesitate to call for help from friends and family. Moving in Summit County as a single parent, or anywhere, is not easy. But, with the right help, fine pieces of information, and goodwill, it might be one of the best moves you are about to make.

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