It is necessary to plan ahead although you will move your office within the same city

Move your office within the same city: action plan

The time has come for you to take your business to another level. The reasons for this could be various. Perhaps you are in need of a bigger space, or you have found a perfect location to match your current demands. Nonetheless, you have decided to move your office, but not that far. Yet, you still have to be prepared. It may sound like plain sailing, but it is no joke to move your office within the same city. You are going to need some careful planning, even though your new office might just be a ten-minute ride away. Try to make the entire endeavor a bit easier by making a plan of action and sticking to it. If you have already chosen your new office location, there are several things on your to-do list.

Make plans in time for your office relocation
Although your office will stay in the same city, you should plan ahead

Give yourself enough time to plan it all

Moving your office is never an easy task. It requires thinking ahead. Mulling over. Evaluating. Designing. It can be stressful and demanding, but there are ways to have a stress-free move. There are so many factors to consider that it’s never too early to start. Do not be tricked into thinking you will be done with the relocation in no time, just because you’re moving within the same city. The distance itself can be a factor, but it is a small one. It may be the same city, but everything else changes.

So, keeping all this in mind, give yourself at least a couple of months to prepare before the moving date. If you are able, even six months could be spent on thorough moving plans. Take your time and take everything into consideration in order to relocate your business with ease.

Hire a local moving company to ensure absolute success

One of the perks of your decision to move your office within the same city has to be hiring professional movers from your neighborhood. Do not hesitate to get help from professionals, as moving your office usually turns out to be a quite complicated and demanding task. There are many issues you will not have the time or the energy to cope with. The physical strain of moving itself will likely get to you in no time.

All things considered, the best way to help yourself is to delegate and let the professionals take over. They most likely know your city and neighborhood very well, which is surely an advantage of moving your office locally. If you have never used professional movers before, you will probably need some tips for hiring a cheap moving company.

Let your customers know you will move your office within the same city

After completing the initial steps of planning your office relocation, you should think about informing your customers about the move. It should not be a big issue for them since you are staying in the same town/city. Nevertheless, they will surely feel more appreciated and you are more likely to keep them as your clients if you notify them in time. Why is this? Think like a customer or a client. If your attorney’s office or your doctor’s practice was scheduled for relocation, you would want to know about this beforehand.

Notify your customers of your office relocation in time
Your customers will appreciate a timely notification

So make notifying your clients a part of your moving action plan. They are a vital part of your business and thus your office as well. Decide on whether to make a phone call or to send a courteous e-mail with all the necessary information concerning your moving plans. Every client will appreciate this move.

Your employees will also need a heads-up

Apart from your customers, your employees are also people who will need to know about your plans. They are an essential part of your company and your office. The relocation in question will affect them in several ways so they need to be timely informed. Perhaps your selected new location is not suitable for them as a workplace. This is a long shot since you plan to move your office within the same city, but it is something to consider.

Talk to your employees about the relocation, discuss the moving date (or dates) and prepare together. If there is a possibility of having some days off during the relocation, you should let them know. Make them feel comfortable with moving and explain that this is a change that you will all benefit from.

Think about your office equipment and furniture

After completing the better part of your relocation action plan, start thinking about the bulkiest of issues. The actual packing. This part alone can be quite a pain in the neck. Both figuratively and literally! Even though your office is staying local, the task of moving your entire office equipment and furniture can be exhausting. Prepare enough bags and boxes. Buy duct tape and label maker. This is a part where hiring a professional moving company is bound to pay off. You have numerous parts of your office to pack and move:

  • IT equipment (desktop and laptop computers will need to be moved with extra care)
  • Cables (So so many cables! Label and classify them in order to make the relocation less complicated than it needs to be)
  • Furniture (perhaps you can use this opportunity and get rid of some old pieces of furniture and buy items that you haven’t needed so far)

Moving your office equipment can be demanding
Think carefully about your office equipment and furniture

If you have firmly decided to move your office space within the same city, thinking ahead will definitely help you tremendously. There are many different ways to plan office relocation, so hopefully making your own plan of actions will not turn out to be too difficult. Give yourself enough time to plan everything carefully and meticulously. This is an essential part of your moving preparations and will make things run smoothly and steadily. As stressful and exhausting as it may be, the light at the end of the tunnel of relocating is right in front of you.

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