How to move across the country

So ,you have decided to move across the country and it definitely is a big decision. It sounds like a lot of work and it is in a lot of ways. What you need are a good organization and good preparation. If you pay attention to details, become a master organizer and get the right help in the form of a reliable moving company you should be fine. The most important things are logistics, calculating the costs of your move and preparing yourself for the new and unexpected. Be sure to start planning well ahead. Your keyword is strategy and a good strategy is exactly what you should develop and apply. Always try to be in control over everything .

How to move across the country
Get ready for a long move

Count your miles

So this long distance move across the country will make you cover a lot of miles. You should count your mileage and make plans appropriately. Know when to make stops and how to organize your breaks. Always be sure that the place to make a stop is right too. You will want to stop near a diner, gas station or a hotel or other lodging of your choice. Don’t forget how much money you will need for the gas. That is one of the most important issues when embarking on this long moving journey.You wouldn’t like to stop somewhere in the middle of nowhere with no gas station in sight,so mark them on a map and keep them in mind when making your breaks.

How to move across the country
Refill that tank !

Don’t forget the tolls

Tolls are a part of long distance moving you can not avoid, that is, if you don’t want to get in trouble with the law. They are something you just have to pay attention to and consider them in time. Be sure to check what the toll roads on your route are and prepare yourself. Always be sure to have some cash on you if some tolls prove to be more expensive than you expected.

Find perfect places to stay

When you decide to move to a place far away you will need to plan where to stay during your trip.Choosing a cozy and affordable lodging is quite important, don’t you think? You should consider booking your hotel room or any other lodging in advance. Last minute booking can bring you unexpected and unpleasant surprises. Check the prices and pictures of your accommodation online so that you know what to expect. But why not try thinking outside of the box and trying something a little bit different like Airbnb. This is usually a cheap and affordable option and will help you keep that money for some other costs. For a very reasonable price you could even rent an entire house, not just a hotel room. And whatever accommodation you choose there are some things you should pay attention to

  • Is it clean and sanitary
  • Do they allow pets there, if you travel with a pet
  • How about the safety of this place

Food doesn’t have to be an issue if you organize yourself well.Even if your accommodation doesn’t come with a breakfast you can manage. You can take a cooler with you and fill it up with your favorite snacks and goodies.Consider packing something healthy and energizing,because you will need that extra energy boost with all of that works that needs to be done.

Take control over your move

All of the moving related issues are very important. First of all you should decide on who is going to help you move across the country.This is not a piece of cake , so be sure to hire a reliable moving company with a professional moving team you can trust.Make sure they are fast,efficient and experienced in these long distance cross country moves. There are some things you can do to make their job easier and optimize your moving process

  • Rise and shine, and we mean it. Time is money,and you shouldn’t waste it. So be sure to get up  early in the morning and seize the day. You should be up and running and on the road by 7 am if you want to make the most out of your day
  • Be sure to check everything before you go and a checklist or inventory list can come in handy right about now. Read that checklist and remind yourself of your daily tasks and of course double check your inventory and make sure that everything is in those boxes.
  • Double check the fragile and ‘handle with care ‘ boxes.Everything should be labeled appropriately.
  • While you are on the road multitasking is a good idea.Share the tasks of buying food or refilling gas with your fellow travelers
  • Practice flexibility.Even if you encounter an unexpected situation try to adjust and keep calm.Just try to go with the flow.
How to move across the country
Stay relaxed and focused

Save money when moving

Moving across the country can get expensive so here are some tricks that can help you save some money

  • Your moving company will charge according to the weight of your possessions and furniture so this is the right time to get  rid of all the unnecessary things. How about being charitable while you are at it.You could donate things you don’t need to charity and actually help people who need them. Or if you need that extra cash, you could organize a yard sale and sell some of those things.
  • You can also save money on boxes.If you find some free boxes at work or at your local supermarkets and stores you could use them and forget about buying any.
  • The season when you decide to move can save you time and money. The summer season is the peak moving season so try choosing another part of the year to move cross country.  The moving companies might lower the price because they will not be so busy.
  • Try getting and using coupons for free meals at certain diners and if you have a gas loyalty card and some points you can use, this is the right time to do that

So now you have an idea how to move cross country. Just remember to stay focused,organized and calm and everything should be fine. After you move into the new house there is a new task of cleaning and redecorating so don’t get out of that organized mode just yet. Good luck!

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