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Modern ranch-style houses in Texas: be inspired

There is nothing that would suit the state of Texas more than a traditional ranch house. What’s more, along with the cowboys, cattle, and livestock, ranches are the very first association when one speaks about Texas. Large land areas with houses farms with crops and domestic animals remained popular even nowadays. Although in a bit modified shape, they are still favorite homes in the south-central region of the USA. Now, let’s learn something more about the modern ranch-style houses in Texas.

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Cowboys are usually the first association when one mentions the state of Texas.

The inspiration that lasts for decades

The story about the first Texas ranch houses starts far back in the 1950s. Those were years when the first homes of that kind appeared mostly on the territory of central Texas. After that, in these post-war times, the trend spread further, and numerous ranch-style houses have been built all over the state. People were moving to Texas, buying houses, or building some new of their own. Soon the number of neighborhoods arose, and many of them are still there. An interesting thing is that those are properties whose owners tend to keep them for a lifelong time. However, once when ranch houses appear on the real estate market they are a real attraction simply because many people dream of them.

Modern ranch-style houses in Texas – general characteristics

Most of the ranch-style houses built in Texas basically have the same characteristics. They are typically wide constructions, and usually single-story ones. Although those types of homes, regarding the form, are best built on bigger land properties, it is not unusual to see some of the ranch house elements in cities, too.

Thus, for example, if you decide to move to the city of San Antonio, or its surrounding areas, such as Stone Oak, Inwood, or Rogers Ranch, you’ll probably have the opportunity of finding those great ranch-style real estates. What’s more, the whole relocation process should not bother you at all. With a team of excellent San Antonio interstate movers, you will be able to get to the city with no hassle, and of course, stress-free.

There is a house with a big yard.
It’s good to have a large front yard where you can spend your free time.

Speaking about details

Even though every new time brings certain changes with it, when it comes to ranches, there are many features of ranch-style houses in Texas that remained the same over the years.

  • The very first thing you will notice is the unique exterior. The asymmetrical facade is usually done in red or white brick, although limestone is not unusual either.
  • When it comes to choosing the right type of windows for a house, with modern ranch-style houses in Texas you’ll have no doubts. Their windows are always large and in most cases aluminum-framed. Sometimes, the front doors are made of glass too.
  • Roofs on ranch houses are low-pitched ones and the eaves are wide. More often than not they are compositioned, while in some cases you might also see metal or concrete barrel-tile roofs as well.
  • Interestingly, the garage is always an incorporated part of the house and is never built separately.
  • In most of the ranch homes, you’ll find beautiful domed ceilings with beams and traditional limestone fireplaces.
  • And there is one more thing you won’t miss to notice once the professional State to State Move team helps you settle down in your new Texas home. These neighborhoods really like growing big trees in the yards.

Still, some new trends are coming

However, no matter the everlasting trends, every style is prone to changes. And depending on the neighborhood the ranch is located in, different updates can be noticed. Eventually, that’s how we get the remodeled versions of these houses.

What’s usually changed when it comes to the modern ranch-style houses in Texas

  • The number of floors– If you are thinking about your relocation to Texas, but you prefer two-story houses, you still should not have any second thoughts. Although two-level ranches are really nothing common there, it is not impossible to find them. Some such houses are built in the hilly regions of Texas. However, due to the terrain’s slope that extra level usually is not so obvious.
  • Walls and facadesCalming nuances and soothing textures are becoming more and more popular, while finishes tend to add a bit more of modern to the traditional constructions and styles. These modern influences are especially noticeable in the biggest city of Fort Bend County, called Sugar Land. Its fantastic houses leave everyone speechless. Once you see them, you will immediately wish to become a part of their community. And the best thing is, this won’t be a problem, no matter where you are coming from. The Sugar Land long-distance movers make transfer here simple and easy, and you’ll be at your new home in no time.
  • There is more use of natural materials– especially travertine or wood.
  • The color of front doors– Well, this is something that started to be popular in the past several years. The ranch homeowners started painting front doors in some interesting and bright colors. And if you combine them with the stylized home numbers, it really seems pretty catchy and leaves a strong impression.
There is a house with a blue door as bright colored doors are one of the elements of the modern ranch-style houses in Texas.
Bring some bright colors into your life.

To conclude

Here you have learned something new about the state of Texas. No matter whether you have already been a resident of this Lone Star State and you just want to change your home and relocate, or you are someone coming from a completely different part of the world, you have learned how to recognize a ranch style house immediately.

Finally, now when you know some of the main characteristics of modern ranch-style houses in Texas, you may understand why so many people all around the globe wish to have something like that one day. What’s more, we won’t surprise if you become one of them. If so, we hope our article helped you make up your mind and make the moving decision.

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