A pool.

How to avoid mistakes when purchasing a pool

Do you want a pool in your backyard, to have a place to relax during the hot summer days? If you do, then you probably considering buying a pool. But, it is not simple, you need to have the knowledge to avoid mistakes when purchasing a pool and to choose the best one for your needs.

Common mistakes when purchasing a pool and how to avoid them

Where people are making mistakes when buying a pool? By knowing those mistakes, you will avoid them – learn from someone else’s mistakes. Educate yourself, that is the first step. After that ask yourself simple questions:

  • Why do you want (need) a pool?
  • What will your family and you use the pool for and how much?
  • Who is going to maintain the pool and to keep it clean and safe?
A pool in the backyard.
Before you buy and install a pool in your backyard, know how to avoid mistakes when purchasing a pool


If you are buying a house with a pool in Florida, then you need to know how to maintain it and how to choose a house. And if you already have a house and want to buy a pool, then know how to pick the best pool.

Choosing a pool with the wrong purpose

If a pool is not designed for its intended purpose and if the form doesn’t follow function, it is the first mistake you can make. For example, if you have kids, safety must be first on the list when buying a pool. Many people when purchasing their first pool, want a large diving pool and after a year or two, they don’t dive. To avoid these mistakes, consider:

  • Easy access to the pool
  • Lines and cables around
  • Drainage
  • Covenants

Also, there are different types of pool containers such as concrete/gunite, vinyl liner, and fiberglass pools. What will you choose depends on your price range, do you want an above-ground or inground swimming pool and how you want to use your backyard space.

Kids in a pool wearing safety equipment to avoid mistakes when purchasing a pool.
If you have young kids, safety comes first when buying a pool

Not checking a pool developer

Who will build your pool? There are many developers who can install the pool in your backyard, but you cannot hire anyone. Hire one with experience, knowledge, and insurance. It is a major investment, so don’t risk hiring an unreliable pool builder. Ask the builder about any liability and compensation insurance, better be safe than sorry.

Not understanding the contract and warranty

You must fully understand your pool contract and warranty and to pat attention to details in those documents. Usually, the warranty includes structural, equipment, and plumbing parts. Make sure your pump, filter, and heater are from the same manufacturer because most pool companies will not stock repair parts from multiple manufacturers.

Be aware of extra costs

One of the mistakes when purchasing a pool is that people think that the only cost will be to buy a pool. Maintaining your pool will also cost – you will need chemicals, gates for kids, furniture around the pool, cleaning supplies, buying replacement parts after a while, etc.

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