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Mississippi vs Tennessee – house prices compared

Are you in two minds about whether to move to Mississippi or Tennessee? Are you interested in seeing the house prices of both states in order to make the right choice? Don’t go anywhere! We’ve made a Mississippi vs Tennessee contest in terms of home prices.

Mississippi vs Tennessee – which one has lower housing costs?

Mississippi is the best candidate in terms of affordability, having the lowest housing costs in the U.S. According to our experts from Joel Real Estate, this makes people flock to the state. Here, look at the average prices, both for purchasing and renting:

  • average home price: $128,000
  • average rental price (two-bedroom apartment): $795 per month

Tennessee, on the other hand, is the ninth state with the lowest housing costs. That’s still good given the fact that 40 more states are behind. For a two-bedroom in Tennessee, you’d pay around $860 per month. It’s not a big difference, you see? Speaking of, upgrading rental space is possible to a certain extent without breaking the lease. Remember that next time you want to change something.

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Comparing Mississippi vs. Tennessee home prices, the former won. However, the difference in the average cost of a two-bedroom apartment between the two states is less than $100. 

Mississippi vs Tennessee – continuing with numbers

Now, let’s compare the median listing prices of the two states. But first, how it differs from the average price. As regards the list price, half homes are listed above and half below the listing price.


  • median listing price: $188,900
  • median listing price per foot: $96


  • median listing price: $259,000
  • median listing price per foot: $135

Once you’ve made up your mind, start searching for a reputable yet affordable moving company, such as Spyder Moving, which luckily does both states.

What’s the catch?

We bet you think Mississippi is the one, right? However, keep in mind that with less amount of money paid comes the worse quality. The more expensive house, the nicer it is and comes with more amenities. Not to get confused, you won’t live in a dump if choosing Mississippi.

Should you make Tennessee your future home, you can also choose an easy transfer to any part of the state, having picked the right moving company. Long-distance moves are hardly bearable without assistance, so don’t hesitate to seek help.

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With a larger price comes the better quality of a home.

Moving preparations

After choosing the state, city, neighborhood, and home (don’t despair!), determine the warehouse space and storage capacity for your belongings. Many people don’t think of it, esp. when moving for the first time, but it’s essential for a successful move. And, of course, make all other necessary preparations, but first, inform a bit if this is your first move.

Hopefully, you will be content with the decision you’ve made and find a beautiful home to move into with your beloved ones. We wish you many happy years spent in Mississippi or Tennessee, whatever the choice.

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