White picket fence, separating you from making friends with new neighbors

Making friends with new neighbors

Now you’re done with labeling the boxes and thinking about all the other tasks related to your move. After unpacking, you’ll be ready to go. Now you’re at your new home and you’re ready for your new life to begin. But, you might find yourself tired after all that you went through. Let’s just say that making friends with new neighbors might sound overwhelming after the entire moving process you went through.

Making friends with new neighbors is easier than you think

It might sound basic, but a simple “hello” usually does the trick. Just greet your neighbors with a smile on your face when you see them. Don’t wait too much after moving in to become friendly with them, because they might start thinking that you like to keep to yourself. However, if you’re tired after your move, it’s reasonable to not want to say hi to anyone and to rest for a couple of days. While this is absolutely normal, you can avoid it to a certain extent. By hiring a reliable moving company, like the one at mayflower.com, you’ll be able to share your burden with someone. That way, after moving in, you’ll be ready for meeting your neighbors.

Walk around the neighborhood

Walking around your new neighborhood will give you a chance to actually meet your neighbors. So, when you see your neighbors, ask them about a cheap grocery store nearby, or a good gym. These conversations will give you information about the area, as well as help you connect with the locals. For example, if you invite them over, you can ask them if they think your kitchen appliances need upgrading or not. In general, people like sharing their opinions.

Compliments are nice

People usually like getting compliments. However, just make sure that they’re honest and not forced. To know this, ask yourself if you’re giving the compliments for the sake of it, or you really like their flowers, for example. And everyone has a redeeming quality. For example, even if they seem too stern at the first look, maybe their lawn looks perfect.

You can compliment them on their lawn to start a conversation

Throw a housewarming party

Invite a couple of people over to get to know them better. It can be a small gathering at your apartment or a barbeque outside. This kind of event will give you a chance to see who you connect with easily. So, don’t call a lot of your neighbors, just for the sake of it. A couple of people is more than enough, as it will give you enough time to talk to everyone and start a deeper conversation.

Barbecue is a good way of making friends with new neighbors

Something in common

Visit the local spots and start a conversation with your neighbors there. This will give you a chance to meet the neighbors who have the same interests as you. If, while talking your dog for a walk, meet them in a nearby park, with their pets, then you have at least one thing in common. The same goes for local bars where people watch sports.

Be yourself

You don’t want to go around making friends with new neighbors at all costs. It’s good to be friendly with your neighbors, but who says that you have to connect with everyone? Be yourself and see who you click with.

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