Cheaply personalize your new rental home with the help of a piggy bank!

Low budget ways to personalize your new rental home

Coming to a new apartment is an experience on its own. It can almost be said that you have a blank canvas on which you can do anything you wish. The same is true for rental homes, albeit this ability is somewhat restricted for them. You can not tear the walls down as you please, but small adjustments are possible. And this is precisely what we are going to explore today in our article. So, what are some low budget ways to personalize your new rental home? Let’s explore!

Get some decorations

Getting your hands on decorations is the simplest and the most effective way to turn your rental home from a dull and ‘gray’ place to a space in which you can feel comfortable. Of course, ‘decoration’ as a term is a broad one, but in general, the rule we mentioned still stands. Get some Christmas lights and put them all over the place, of course making sure that the style is consistent. That way you can make your rental home feel more ‘cozy‘ than it is. Don’t go too wild, try to keep that minimalist design.

Personalize your new rental home with Christmas lights.
You can personalize your new rental home cheaply with some Christmas decorations.

Washi, washi, washi…

…washi, washi tape. Sorry, it is so interesting to repeat this phrase over and over again while doing awkward hand motions. But let’s not get distracted here. Washi tape is an awesome way to make your rental home feel like a home. You can use it as a temporary paint for some places, or make geometric shapes with it. You can use those cool patterns to decorate the sides of your kitchen table, chairs, or something else. Washi tape is easy to apply, and you can go crazy with it. Again, remember to follow the style.

Let there be light!

Do you know those cool lightbulbs that are hanging from the ceiling of your favorite restaurant or cafe? Guess what, you can buy them too! Getting those kinds of lights will greatly improve the atmosphere of your rental home. Generally, using different ways of lighting the space brings a vastly different feeling to a home. You can go wild and get those tall lamps for corners, or just a few simple lightbulbs for your ceiling. Whatever the case is, this home improvement is definitely under $500.

When you go to your favorite restaurant again, look at the way they have designed their lighting. Trust us, this is one of the main reasons why you keep coming back to that place.

Light bulbs.
Getting interesting lights and lamps is a good way to cheaply personalize your new rental home.

Those chairs have to go

We’re sorry but that is the case. Most rental homes have awful couches, tables, and chairs, and one thing is certain – you have to get rid of them. Sure, this is not as cheap as getting a few lightbulbs, but getting a new kitchen or living room set will bring a totally new life to your rental home. Just make sure to consult your landlord before you do that.

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