Living in Birmingham

Everything you need to know about living in Birmingham

Birmingham is the biggest city in the state of Alabama. It is also on the top of the list when we’re talking about its’ look. Living in Birmingham is busy and fun. Not as busy as New York of course. And definitely not as expensive as others. No wonder more and more people each year move to Birmingham. It’s a truly marvelous city and living in Birmingham suits everyone. From children to teens to elderly people. There is something for everyone in Birmingham.

Moving to Birmingham

So if you’re moving from a large city such as New York, Toronto or any other city of that size, you will be shocked how inexpensive everything is. The houses are very affordable yet big and beautiful. Moving companies are much cheaper too. We can’t forget to mention the fact that life costs much less than in any other big city. So if you’re looking to move to Birmingham, make sure you check how much money you need and what are papers you need to have. Relocation experts of Birmingham have all this information and much more useful info that you will need.

Living in Birmingham.
People are very welcoming

When you arrive, you will most certainly fall in love with the city immediately if you haven’t already. The city’s charm will win over your heart. Not only will the city woo you, but the people will too. Birmingham’s residents are one of the nicest. Everyone on the street would help you if you asked for it.

What to eat in Birmingham?

After you’ve settled down it’s time to release some of the stress unless you’ve moved by following tips for stress-free moving. In order to be able to go around this city, you need to be fed well. There are many places that offer good food for either a small amount of money or a bigger amount.

Wasabi Juan’s Battery is a place where you can eat Asian and Mexican food at affordable prices. It is cheap and tasty. And if you don’t mind spending a bit more money on Mexican food, El Barrio or Babalu Tapas and Tacos. These are two very nice restaurants with a menu that has various food types. And you will love them as much as others do for sure. Saigon noodle house is another affordable place where you can eat all kinds of Asian food. And Surin West is its expensive version. It’s up to you what you want to eat and where. These are just some recommendations but there are definitely a lot more restaurants. There are:

  • burger bars
  • dinners
  • Mediterranean food restaurants and many more.

Must see in Birmingham

Since you moved you have been inside probably cleaning the moving and redecoration mess. Which means it’s high time you go outside. Birmingham Botanical Garden is one of the best in the US. It’s great for spending some quality time with your family when it’s nice outside. Birmingham also has a zoo that we recommend you visit if you have children. It’s very nice and fun. Birmingham’s railroad park is nice for walking and enjoying the sun and the beauty of the city. Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve is something you must see if you’re moving to Birmingham. It’s an experience like no other.

Family at a park.
Spending time with your family is important

And if you want to spend some time inside, the Birmingham Museum of Art is the right place to be. It has native American and African art, impressionism, contemporary art, and American landscapes. Alabama Theatre is also worth visiting. And so is the Lyric Theatre. It’s great that you have many options so you will never be bored. As we already said, this city is suitable for everyone.

Birmingham’s nightlife

There are many clubs in this city that you need to visit if you like dancing to good music while having fun. Saturn is a club where they play only the biggest hits. Tourists love it too so you know it’s good. But during the day it’s a coffee shop, so don’t get confused. And if you’re looking to laugh a little, The Stardome comedy club should be the first on your list. But it only works from 1 pm to 9 pm, so have that in mind.

Alabama sign
Nightlife in Alabama is great for young adults

The Collins bar is one of the best in town. And if you’re someone who likes to hang out in pubs, Dave’s Pub will be your spot for sure. Starz Karaoke Lounge is a chill spot for you and your friends to hang out. And if you still don’t have any new friends, you have to find a way to introduce yourself to your new neighborhood. It isn’t that hard to find friends in Alabama as everyone is nice. Living in Birmingham is more fun when you have friends.

Moving with children to Birmingham?

There are many places for your children to have fun. Escape rooms became popular in the last few years and Birmingham has some. Breakout games are one of the most popular. If this doesn’t seem too fun, Topgolf minigolf inside is great for quality family time. And we can’t forget Laser Tag. Game Zone Laser Tag Center is the biggest in Alabama and is definitely worth the visit. But BumperNets is a lot of fun too. It’s a place where you can play all sorts of games such as driving games and shooting games to ping pong and pool. BumperNets is also the second largest retail venue for pinball in the US with over 35 pinball machines. Living in Birmingham can never be boring.

Living in Birmingham- is it good?

It’s up to you to say whether this city suits your needs but you have to admit it really does have a little something for everyone. We can only tell you that if you decide to move and start living in Birmingham, you will be satisfied. Plus you will be saving a lot of money as it’s not an expensive city. And who doesn’t like having money while living in a nice home that is situated in a beautiful city?

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