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What to know before renting storage units in NYC?

When it comes to moving, saving time, money and space is essential. There are various ways to do that, however, we always end up with a couple of those extra boxes. There are some seasonal items, some old things you don’t want to get rid of, and you don’t have space in your new home or office. Well, it’s time to rent a storage unit. If you are first time mover, or you simply haven’t rented storage units before, you are in the right place. We prepared the things you should know before renting storage units in NYC, so you can be ready and choose the safest option for your needs.

Be realistic

When renting storage units in NYC, it is important to be realistic. First of all, think about the size of a unit you might need. See what are the things you need to store and search for a unit of appropriate size. It’s not good to take a unit too small – because your items can be damaged that way. Another thing you should know that not all the storage units are identical.

If you plan on renting storage units in NYC, you should know that each company offers different units. And this is not only about the size, but also the other factors like cleanliness, security, availability, customer service. Since all of the companies have different offers, decide what is the most important factor for you and go for it.

Organize your move

When moving, you need to master moving organization to have a simple and easy move. Also, be sure to declutter and get rid of the items you don’t really need. Sell, recycle or donate them, so you can free up space and reduce both moving and storage costs.

Don’t fall for the discounts

Yes, it’s great to get a discount. However, some storage companies offer a very good rate at the beginning, and they change it after a couple of months. Feel free to ask the company how long that price is going to last, and if they don’t give you a straight answer – run away from them.

Have a clear moving and storage budget

With regard to moving and storage, having a strict budget plan is necessary. If you decide on the sum you need to spend on the moving and storage, and follow that plan – you will avoid surprise costs and additional stress. Be sure to know your costs clearly – you can calculate the cost of your move online and of course get the precise estimate from your mover.

Find somebody you can trust

When it comes to both moving services and storage, it is important to find a trustworthy company. You need someone you can trust your possessions, without worrying about their safety. Big Apple Movers NYC is a reliable moving company that offers a simple moving solution at affordable prices. You can choose both long-term and short-term storage, for different purposes:

  • residential storage
  • commercial storage
  • military storage
  • student storage, etc.
signing a contract when renting storage units in NYC
Find someone you can trust before renting storage units in NYC

Things you should consider when renting storage units in NYC

When you visit a storage facility and check their offer, make sure you check for these things:

  • size – usually facilities offer storage units of different sizes, mostly 5×5, 5×10, 10×10, etc. Of course, some offer a lot of bigger units.
  • safety – check if the unit you are about to take has an alarm/video security system. Also, see if they allow using your own padlock so you can be sure nobody can come in.
  • climate control – these types of units prevent mildew and protect your items from extreme weather conditions. Therefore, if you plan on storing furniture, clothes, electronics or documents, make sure you take climate-controlled units.
  • lightning – it is necessary that the facility is well lit, and therefore safer and easy to access.
  • accessibility – make sure to check the times/days you can access the facility. Sometimes it is 24/7, sometimes they don’t work on weekends, etc.
  • pricing and contracts – this is, of course, one of the most important items on the list. Ask about every detail of the pricing and read the contract carefully.
Video surveillance is important when renting storage units in NYC
Security is very important when renting storage units in NYC


Generally, insurance is the responsibility of the user. In most of the cases, the storage facilities are not responsible for the items you store in their units. Some facilities offer insurance premiums but sometimes these are more expensive, so be sure to check your other options.


When renting storage units in NYC, you need to know that just putting your items inside is not enough. Don’t expect that somebody will take care of what’s inside. You need to visit your storage unit from time to time and check if everything is fine. Even though your items are packed in boxes, they need to be checked from time to time.


Once you find the perfect storage, you need to clean it. Yes, companies are required to clean after each client, but it’s safer to do it once again by yourself. Next, it’s time to pack. However, you shouldn’t just put the boxes inside without any order. When renting storage units in NYC, you need to know how to pack and organize your items. This way, they will be safer and you can access them more easily. Here are some tips on packing a storage unit:

  • make an inventory list – it is important to know exactly what you’ve put in the storage unit. You can hang that list on the wall, and even after a long time, you can’t forget what’s where in your unit.
  • pack the boxes safely – protect the fragile items and seal the boxes tightly.
  • label the boxes to know what’s inside (a lifesaver when you try to find something after a long time)
  • make some space between the boxes so you can easily access all of them without having to move everything
  • tallest/ biggest /heaviest items should go in first
Renting storage units in NYC
When renting storage units in NYC be sure to write an inventory list and then start packing

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