Boxes on a wooden floor. Packing is something you save on when it comes to items you don't need to pack.

Items that you don’t need to pack

Moving is a complex process. There’s the preparation, the stress and of course packing and unpacking. Both of these are tiresome and consume a lot of time. Precisely that is why it’s important to approach them with a good strategy. Plan your packing well and you will save up a lot of time that you can use for other moving related task. Also, by packing rationally you might even save some money. All these show the importance of distinguishing items that you need and the items that you don’t need to pack. Although the distinction boils down to separating the items that you will need in your new home and the ones that you won’t there is much more to it. So let’s dive right in!

Plan which items you don’t need to pack with your new home in mind

One of the most important aspects of moving is planning. And one of the most important things to take into account when planning is the size and arrangement of your new home. Certainly, it would be pointless to bring along items you can’t fit into your new home. However, people tend to hang on to their old possessions. This is why most articles that talk about moving assistance for seniors mention the importance of letting go of some of your items. After all, senior citizens will have had more time to accumulate items that may not fit in their new home.

Floor plans and a measuring tape. You don't need to pack what can't fit into your new home
To know which items you don’t need to pack, consider the size of your new home

Either way, if you can’t fit a certain item in your new home, bringing it along will only incur unnecessary costs on your budget.  What’s the point of, for example, preparing a pool table for relocation if it simply can’t fit into your new home? Therefore, before you make any moving plans, grab your measuring tape and measure all your bulky items. Then think about how they can fit into your new home. Just be rational about it, if something really can’t fit, it might be a better idea to sell it or give it away. Instead of packing it.

Moving to a small apartment

Talking about furniture, we cannot avoid but talk about moving from a larger apartment to a smaller one. Whatever the reason for such a move, be it moving away from your roommates or parents, you will need to think in terms of the reduced size. It might be smart to look up tips for decorating a small apartment in this case, to see exactly which of your old belongings you can take along.

The wardrobe

Next up on our list of items that you don’t need to pack are old clothes. We are all guilty of hanging on to pieces of old clothing that we don’t wear anymore. However, a move is the perfect opportunity to revise your closet. Look at your wardrobe and think about the items you haven’t worn in a long time, say a year or two. If you haven’t worn something for that long, chances are you won’t in the future either. Also, pick out the clothes that don’t fit anymore.  Separate this into a keep pile and a giveaway/throw-away pile. If you are looking to make a buck on your relocation you might even sell these, provided they are in good condition.

Clothes hanging off a rack
Wardrobes easily get filled up with unnecessary items

Art pieces,  plants and unfortunately, in some cases, pets

Now we come to valuable items either personally or objectively. If you’re moving inter-state or internationally, there might be certain laws prohibiting you from taking along these types of items. Different countries have different laws on the export and import of art pieces, and if you don’t do your research on time, they might get impounded at the border. Obviously, this will make all the time and stress you spent on packing them – wasted. The same is true of certain plants. If they are considered an ecological threat, your plants will be seized in customs. As plants are fragile, to go through all the trouble of preparing your plant for moving only to have it taken away is certainly pointless. To save yourself from this, do your research well in advance.

Art pieces on a wall. If your artwork is going to get impounded at the border anyway, you don't need to pack it.
Artwork may get impounded so research before you pack

Even more tragic is the situation of being unable to bring along a certain type of pet. However, instead of leaving them in the careless hands of the border guards, you can arrange for them a new loving home in your area. Leave them with friends or relatives that will take good care of them. Heartbreaking as it might be, this will at least mean that you won’t have to pack your pet-related items for the move. Here too proper research is very valuable. There is no worse surprise than losing your family pet at the border due to the lack of research.


When it comes to moving books, there is one thing you must never underestimate. That is the weight of the books. So you might have books you like to keep and re-read from time to time. On the other hand, you might have books that you read once and never intend to read again. Obviously, there would be no point in packing these. However, you don’t have to simply throw them away. Instead, you can give them a new home, by donating them.


When it comes to moving organization, one tip seems to be always present. That is that the move is the best time to de-clutter. All the little ornaments, magazines, items that you have stacked around the house but don’t really need? Consider them items that you don’t need to pack. Just sell them, gift them or throw them away. It will save you both time and money.


Finally, one thing that you don’t need to pack is also a group of items you really shouldn’t pack. We’re talking about perishables. This goes double if you’re moving for longer than a day. They just won’t survive the trip and are only bound to be a risk of producing a mess. Therefore, while preparing for a move, go through your fridge and pantry and avoid packing any perishables.

Moving lighter and easier

By removing all the items that you don’t need to pack from your moving checklist will do you a lot of good. It will save you time and money. Also, you will be moving more lightly, meaning that after the move, you will be able to unpack faster! So, it’s definitely a win-win!

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