Investing in New Hampshire real estate

Investing in New Hampshire real estate 101

Real estate investments are one of the most serious investments people make in a lifetime. Buying a home or a property costs a lot no matter where you are investing in. And if you’re thinking about investing in New Hampshire real estate, you came to the right place. We studied the real estate market in New Hampshire so we could give you the best advice on investing in real estate in this state.

A little bit about New Hampshire

If you’ve never considered investing in New Hampshire real estate, we’re here to tell you a little bit about this lovely state and change your mind. New Hampshire is the 5th smallest state by area but that doesn’t make it bad at all. It is located in the Northeastern part of the United States. It’s a coastal state because it is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Concord is the capital city of the state, but Manchester is the largest city in the state.

What people love about this state is its climate. New Hampshire has a humid continental climate. This means that you can experience warm, humid summers, and long, cold, and snowy winters. This is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds. You can go swimming in the summer and skiing in the winter on some of the largest ski mountains on the East Coast.

Skiing is a very popular sport in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire has no general sales tax, nor income tax other than on interest and dividends which is why so many people have been moving to this state lately. Well, this is just one of the reasons. Small towns, normal amounts of people, business opportunities, weather, and outside activity options are other reasons. If this sounds appealing to you, you should already start thinking about finding the best movers for your move.

Best places for investing in New Hampshire real estate

The whole state is very charming and lovely but there are certain towns in the state where investing in real estate would be the best idea ever. We’re here to tell you a bit more about these towns and exactly why investing here won’t be a decision you’ll regret.


Hollis is the first city we’d like to mention as a place that is worth investing in. It is one of the very best suburbs to live in all of New Hampshire which is why many people decide to settle down in Hollis. Settling down in Hollis means that you will be able to live a very quiet and peaceful life in a rural area. Here is where many people move to start their families because Hollis also has amazing schools and it’s exactly why the population in Hollis is very well-educated. Hollis also has an attractive downtown where you can shop, eat and enjoy the lovely scenery. The only three things people point out as negative ones when it comes to this town is the cold winter weather, the long commutes to bigger cities and lack of diversity.

Hollis is located in a rural area in the northern part of the state.

If you’re thinking about investing in Hollis and moving there, you must know a few facts about the real estate market as well. The median home price in Hollis is just under $500,000. This means that homes in this town are pricey compared to the national average. But you also have to have in mind that homes here are very big and spacious and they come with large backyards which is perfect for those who are planning children.


Seabrook is a suburb of Boston and investing in Seabrook is one of the real estate trends in Boston. It is very small with just around 8,000 residents. This town is coastal and it has its own private beach for its residents. This means that you can do plenty of things with your family here during the summertime. It’s pretty quiet and lovely with plenty of nature. Seabrook is known for having low crime rates too. People in this town appreciate history and art which is why plenty of people come here to learn a bit more about it.

The median home prices in Seabrook are pretty reasonable. They’re around $390,000. Plenty of elderly people choose to move here because of the lifestyle and home prices. And when you decide to relocate to Seabrook, Seabrook professionals can transport your household goods for you.

Seabrook is a coastal town.

Why investing in New Hampshire is a good idea?

We mentioned places worth investing in but now let’s talk about why investing in real estate in New Hampshire is a good idea. First of all, you will invest in a large home for not a lot of money. And even if you do invest plenty of money, in a few years you will be able to sell the home for much more. This is because the home prices in New Hampshire are rising every year. This is happening due to an increase in interest among people to live here and raise their families here.

This state is very safe. The lifestyle is very healthy because of so many outdoor activity options. People in New Hampshire are very welcoming and warm to newcomers. We can’t forget to mention the fact that tourism here is a pretty big deal which makes this a perfect place for starting a business. Schools are amazing and the majority of the population had a very good education.

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