Trying to stay safe when moving house and to protect a home too..

How to stay safe when moving house?

Health and security is always number one on the list, whatever you do. This includes a moving too. So, how to stay safe when moving house. You should protect you and your home too. What does it mean, find out by reading this texts.

Avoid injuries while moving

It is very important to take care of yourself and to avoid injuries while preparing your belongings for the transportation. How to accomplish that and what should you do?

Pain in the back because of moving.
Back pain is the most common injury when people are moving and packing.

A size and weight of the boxes

Do not overdo your boxes. The maximum should be about 50 pounds. Try to lift the box before the moving day and if you can’t do it, try to get something out of the box. Otherwise, you can hurt you back or if the box has too many items, they can fell on you. Keep this in mind, especially if you have stairs. Lift the box with your entire lower body and if the box is too big, ask for help.

A proper equipment

If you do not have a proper equipment for moving, then rent it or hire a moving company. If you are worried about your money, it is not a problem. You can move for less if you hire Miami Movers For Less, and see what they can offer you for much less money.  

Research the new property

Do a research before moving day and see where the truck can park and will they have enough space. Uneven sidewalks are very dangerous if they are not clean and visible. If there is a hole in the street, mark it. Also, check your floor in the house. Are they slippery?

Avoid stress

Even if you are moving your belongings to another street, it can be so stressful for you. Try to avoid any unnecessary stress, because stress is the number one cause of diseases. Also, you will forget to do some things when you are nervous. That means more injuries and more problems. Make a plan and be organized. Prepare every step. But,  it is normal to be excited, nervous or even sad.  Prepare for that too.

Stressed out woman.
Try to avoid stress when moving house. It can cause a lot of problems.
  • Create a checklist, it is essential. When you know that you will not forget anything, you will be relaxed. It will help you to stay safe when moving house, wherever you want. Also, you will have a list of what is done and what should be done and when.
  • Be free to ask for help. From friends and family and of course from a moving company. When it comes to friends, it is not just about packing boxes. They can give you tips for moving if they have experience or to give you some recommendations for reliable moving companies. And, of course, to talk to someone about your worries and problems about moving.
  • Make a plan. especially if you are moving to an unfamiliar area or overseas. What to expect after moving? Move to new house stress-free and plan ahead.

Stay safe when moving house

You should know how to stay safe when moving house and to be organized. Making things easier and safer for you is a priority.

Tools for safe moving are things such as gloves, hand truck, furniture sliders, sneakers to secure your feet, etc.  A proper tool will make your house moving safely. With the tools, comes also safety rules. For example, drink enough water, avoid to wear long clothing, be prepared for the rain or snow, keep kids safe while you are loading and unloading boxes from the truck…Not only you should think about your furniture, also, think about the environment and the people around you.

Protect your most precious items

Imagine something you love is damaged in the process of moving. Nobody wants that. So, because of that, you should protect your valuables. Determine what is precious to you. It does not have to be just jewelry or documents, sometimes cheap stuff can be so valuable to you because it has a sentimental value. And that is sometimes, more important than money.

A box with a jewelry.
Jewelry is not the only valuable item in the house. An old vase you inherited can be the most valuable thing you have.
  • Take photos of your valuables. You will have a proof if something goes wrong that you had that thing.
  • Pack them carefully with a special attention. Use a lot of bubble foil and DO NOT label a box “jewelry” or “important files”.
  • The small valuable items you should have with you in the car on a moving day.
  • Antiques and sensitive items leave to the professionals. Moving companies have a lot of experience with them, so do not risk. A moving company Miami Movers For Less have an experience with moving valuable items.
  • Check everything twice before the moving day. First, check your valuables and make sure they are safe.

Keep your new house safe and secure it

After moving, your job is not over, unfortunately. Know you need to make sure your new house is safe. Protect you, your family, and house.

Change the locks, all of them. You do not know who has keys, cleaners, previous homeowners, friends… It is the first step you should take after moving. It is simple, easy and cheap but many people forget to do it right after moving. As soon as you can, change them and relax.

A lock and the keys.
Right after moving, change the locks to secure your new house.

Do not forget to install an alarm system to stay safe when moving house. It is a small detail that could help you a lot. Find an alarm system that fits your budget and install it. Secure your doors and windows and protect your entire home. 

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