The interior of a small apartment.

How to stage one bedroom apartments

The importance of staging apartments is equal to that of staging single-family homes, if not greater. Let’s examine some of the most frequently asked questions and issues on how to stage one bedroom apartments

Invest in staging a one bedroom apartment

Prospective residents will make a significant decision while selecting a one-bedroom apartment. They want to have the assurance that their choice of residence will feel like home. Therefore, how you show and stage the one-bedroom apartment a unit to potential customers has a major influence on their choice. And one of the best ways to achieve that cozy feeling is by investing in apartment staging. Apartment staging is a chance to sell it, showcase your available unit in the best light, and attract more potential tenants.

Showcase the apartment in the best possible way

When a unit is staged, potential tenants can see what it’s like to live, work, and play there. Focusing on your target market should be your top priority when choosing how to stage a one-bedroom apartment. Stage the apartment to suit the needs and preferences of the kind of tenant who will be renting it. Make sure to showcase your apartment in the best possible light. If young families are your target market, for instance, your staging may include kid-friendly areas.

Emphasize on lighting

Any property needs to have excellent lighting. The lighting has a significant impact, even if not all renters pay attention to it or even notice it. Make sure you don’t block out the natural light if your apartment already receives plenty of it, and even emphasize it during property tours. Add some warm light bulbs, a few candles, or even themed lamps, even if the natural lighting isn’t as good as it could be. Updating the light fixtures between renters is an additional choice for apartment owners or landlords. The appropriate lighting fixtures can provide even more light and make a significant difference.

Scented candles in front of a one-bedroom apartment window;
Having scented candles will also emphasize the stage of a one-bedroom apartment.

Delegate the heavy lifting to experienced movers

The fact that you’ll have to move everything yourself is arguably the worst aspect of a do-it-yourself move. That is unless your closest and best friends happen to be the ones assigned to perform that duty. Even so, moving all of those heavy boxes and oversized furniture is not simple, especially if there are stairs involved. Lifting couches and beds downstairs could mark or scratch the walls if you or your friends are inexperienced movers. We suggest you opt for help from movers at because with the proper help, moving a one-bedroom apartment will be simple enough.

The box is carried down the stairs of a one-bedroom apartment;
Be sure to mark the boxes when moving your belongings from the apartment.

Allow space for your one bedroom apartment furniture

Let’s discuss how to position and rearrange your furniture. When all of your furniture is in one corner of your room, it gives the impression that the room is leaning in that direction. Allow space between each piece of furniture. As you spread the table out, place rugs to help define each area. Find a wall you can rest your chair against if it feels like it might be blocking a natural path. Then, when they have guests over, seating can be added if needed.

Choose temperature-controlled containers

Not everything you have can be stacked or neatly fit in a drawer. Consider other items you can remove from your apartment and that can be removed and packed with our storage options. The most secure places to store clothing and accessories are in temperature-controlled containers. Those items need to be in the best condition possible before storing them because they will be there for a while, so wash them beforehand.

Now that you know just how to stage one bedroom apartments, know that this won’t be a mistake. It will, for sure, help you immensely!

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