An artist in a home studio like the one you will enjoy after you set up a painting studio in your own home.

How to set up a painting studio in your Northbrook home

Being an amateur painter can be a great pastime and a creative, adventurous opportunity. Creating something with your hands and imagination is a blessing. However, in today’s world, many amateurs do not have the opportunity to work. Cramped spaces in our apartments and homes often hinder the artistic inclination and talent. With that in mind, anyone wanting to express his or her artistic side should try to do so. You just have to find your artistic corner in your Northbrook home. So, let’s analyze just how to set up a painting studio in your home. If you set your mind to it you can do it. Here are some of the practical ideas and what you will need to do it.

Artistic studio

When it comes to creating art many of us are prevented from doing so. Lack of a practical and functional artistic corner will stop anyone in their tracks. Many people simply give up. Out there is an abundance of practical and easy to implement ideas that you can find online. Artsy space in your home is not so unattainable and there are some great examples of it online. So get inspired and start creating your painting studio in your home, here is how to start.

A woman painting
Setting up a painting studio in your home is not easy but it is doable.

Research before you set up a painting studio

Do your research and gather all of the ideas that you can. The internet is overflowing with great examples of what you can do easily and cheaply. So, find the ideas that suit you and your home and prepare to make the first step. Make a plan and gather all you need: furniture, painting equipment, painting materials, and get someone to take care of transportation so you can concentrate on setting things up.

Set it up

Setting up your painting studio won’t be easy and it cant be done overnight. So take your time. The first step will be the hardest but go on through all of them:

  • Claim your space
  • Design it
  • Make or repurpose furniture
  • Make space for tools

Claim your studio space

Claiming space for an art studio is the hardest thing to do in this process. Available space comes at a premium in most homes. Especially in small homes and apartments, it is hard to free up space for your artistic corner. This is why you have to improvise. It will not be ideal but if you put your mind to it you can do it. It will surely be better than having to always move your easel and disrupt your process. So claim your space.

Dining or living room

Claiming space in common rooms is not easy. But if you cant spare a room you will have to settle. If your dining room is not used often it can be ideal to claim for your studio. You can pout up a curtain to divide space. You can even rearrange furniture to provide some privacy for your work. But if you can reclaim the room then do not hesitate to do so.


An extra bedroom can be perfect for a painting studio. It has a door and it can provide much-needed privacy, peace, and quiet. Make sure to protect the floors from existential spills and provide adequate ventilation.

An extra closet

A closet that you aren’t using can be a cozy art studio. Clean it out and place a small desk inside and also make room for an easel. Use the shelves for storage and enjoy your secluded art space. It can be an easy remodel project in your home.

A jar full of art brushes
Make sure you have space for all of your supplies and tools.

Shed, garage, attic, or basement

Utilizing a shed can be perfect for those working on sizable projects like sculpture. The shed can provide privacy and peace and quiet needed for art. You can also adapt space in the garage for your studio. It has good ventilation and space can be optimized to do the job. Use an attic, basement, or space underneath the stairs. These spaces allow for full privacy. They can be secluded artistic havens. At the same time, they are perfect for storage of painting and other artistic materials you may use. They are easy to adapt to and very flexible.

If you are moving to a new house you might want to designate your art studio place in advance. In this way, your movers will be well-informed about where to move your artistic supplies and organize the move accordingly. Your painting studio will be set up from the first day of your move.

Design your studio space

Make sure to adapt your studio space to your artistic needs. Decide on the color and pattern of your walls and furniture you use. This is important or your inspiration and it may influence your work. So be creative when designing your space. Also, make sure to pick a well-lighted space. As an alternative try to make the space as light as possible. This will also influence your inspiration and reflect in your artistic expression and work.

Make or repurpose furniture to set up a painting studio

You will need adequate space for your supplies and canvases. So make sure you repurpose your old furniture. You can use dressers, small tables, or shelving systems for everything you might need. Make sure to have a small drawing desk as it will be the most important piece of furniture. Also, acquire rolling carts for easy manipulation and usage of your supplies.

A canvas and art supplies on a small table
Make sure that your painting desk and furniture are flexible and serve the purpose in your painting studio.

Make space for tools

Tools are the most important part of your studio. There is a multitude of tools that you may own and use. So to prevent clutter and keep organized you must make space for it. Other than shelving systems and other ways of storing them you can use multipurpose furniture. This furniture can be used in multiple ways and it can also be utilized as storage. In this way, you can keep your tools and supplies hidden from view until needed. Also, your painting studio set up will be flexible and versatile

So, even with limited space, there is a way in which you can set up your painting studio. All it takes a bit of creative thinking and planning. So, get to work in creating your perfect artistic corner.

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