A proper way to set up a gym in your Dubai home.

How to set up a gym in your Dubai home

Planning to set up a gym in your Dubai home? You should know that it is not an easy task. People may say it is a matter of luxury, some may even claim it is an unnecessary one. However, if you have valid reasons to do so, it may prove to be very beneficial. When undertaking such a project, we often want to set it up all at once. Making it fully ready seems like a good idea at first. But, the experience is teaching us it usually is not. The best way would be to start with things you are most definitely sure you will use. Then, after a while, the time will show you how to upgrade it to suit your needs. This way, you are open to a change of heart without risking throwing money away.

Benefits of having a gym in your Dubai home

Obviously, convenience is the primary thing you are looking for when planning to set up a gym. On the other side, some people appreciate more privacy a home gym provides. Switching and upgrading the equipment is another thing that is available for you. Also, making your own rhythm and schedule, 24/7 availability, and the possibility to customize everything is a huge advantage. Nonetheless, achieving the perfect balance between the functionality and the aesthetic value with the rest of your home can be challenging. But only if you don’t research and inform yourself well about the subject. Everything will be important to you, every single detail. From the realization that it’s important to find a good yoga teacher or fitness instructor, to finding the proper and satisfactory flooring. From equipment racks for all the gear to the music system to install for enjoyment.

Things to consider when setting up your home gym

There are many home gym design planning strategies, but they are necessary. Since many things depend on your expectation, some basic questions you need to ask yourself before starting:

  • How much space do you need and have?
  • Are your budget expectations correct for a gym in your Dubai home?
  • How many people will use the gym?
  • Can you install it yourself or you will need help?
  • What kind of equipment do you need to start?
  • How about some home gym accessories?
  • Should you consider second-hand equipment?
  • What are health and safety concerns?

Also, it’s not advisable to plan a complete gym set up if you plan to move in the recent future.

How much space do you need to have?

First thing first, you want to make sure you have enough room for everything you are planning to get. Even though the gym exercising units are coming in parts, you will need the exact dimensions of the assembled unit. You don’t want to occupy most of the space with one unit. Carefully check and measure the size of your place in order to plan the distribution the right way. Moreover, try to plan ahead considering all the additional attachments and upgrades that come with the particular model.

Another thing, it’s not about filling the entire gym with devices. Have in mind that in order to practice efficiently you will need a lot of free space for workout. Tailor it to your personal needs and habits but try to leave some breathing space around.

Running system for exercise.
Some systems are bigger than in the picture. Take exact measurements before ordering.

Also important – remember that moving sensitive equipment could be just like moving fragile items. Be careful!

Are your budget expectations correct?

The budget allocation is the next important thing you need to consider. Even though setting up your home gym can be a very expensive task, it doesn’t have to be. It is possible, with the proper and long term planning, to set up your home gym on a budget. Start with only the necessary things and upgrade it over time. Also, consider buying second-hand equipment, just don’t forget to check the warranty and condition.

How many people will use the gym?

Another thing to consider when planning your gym is the number of people that will use it. If you have a partner or the family also warmed up for some fitness, then you might need the additional gear and space. Not everyone can use the same devices, so you may have some additional expenses because of this. One of the options may be to buy a multi-station device so that more of you can exercise at once. Also, check the internet, some suppliers may offer discounts if you are a regular customer.

Can you install it yourself or you will need help?

It is important to plan the delivery and assembly upfront in order to avoid any troubles when setting up your gym. The best option is to hire professionals and not to risk any damage to the equipment or injury to yourself. Also, a good option would be to ask for some advice. Fitness professionals like Dubai PT can tell you everything you need to know about the usage and properties of various devices and gears. Furthermore, you may find the instructors for your future fitness programs this way.

Gym bar with weights on it.
A gym in your Dubai home cannot be imagined without these


What kind of equipment do you need to start?

When it comes to the equipment it should be oriented toward your personal training goals. The most popular gear you should consider are:

  • Adjustable benches
  • Pulldown bars
  • Stackable metal weights
  • Press bars for pushing and pulling
  • Seated cable row system for back and arms exercise
  • Leg curl system
  • Leg extension system
  • Racks for dumbbells and dumbbells

How about some home gym accessories?

Workout without music can be really monotonous. Luckily, you can install the appropriate TV and sound systems that will help you build up your motivation while exercising. Also, don’t forget about the mirrors, they are by far the most popular gym accessory.

Should you consider second-hand equipment?

Yes, as long as you are able to verify the warranty, condition, and quality of equipment. Check your local consumer authority or fitness professionals if there are any specific requirements about the equipment you plan to order.

Gear rack with dumbbells on it - perfect equipment for a gym in your Dubai home
Second-hand dumbbells can be a great choice for starters

Since gym equipment can easily get damaged during the move, you need to treat as if you would treat electronics while moving.

What are health and safety concerns?

Safety and healthy environment is a primary concern when you want to set up a gym in your Dubai home. It is of utmost importance that everything in your gym is safe because some flaws may lead to very serious injuries. Have some rules and manuals about how to exercise and properly handle the gear posted on your walls. Also, regularly check your equipment and provide ventilation and climate control systems for the most beneficial results.

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