Resolve disputes with your landlord like an animal.

How to resolve disputes with your landlord

Living under rent has its good sides and bad sides. The good side is that you are not going to pay taxes for the property you are living in. Also, if you have a good landlord, your stuff will be repaired by your landlord. And you can leave at any time if it is in your contract. But living under a rent can be a living hell if you have disputes with your landlord. Sometimes landlords can be unreasonable, and sometimes the problem can be your fault. But no problem is unsolvable if you have the right person who is willing to listen to you. So, how can you resolve your disputes with your landlord? Let’s find out!

Try to build a trusting relationship so you won’t have disputes with your landlord

It is always good advice, to be honest. In the short run, not telling the problem can seem like a good idea. You will cover your problem and your life will go on. But in the long run, not telling the truth will damage the relationship you have with your landlord. It will only create friction with your landlord and living with that kind of anxiousness can turn your life in a living hell. So try to be as honest as possible with your landlord and follow the house rules.

Are you late with your rent?

No one likes to get their money late, and this is why it is important to pay your rent on time. But sometimes that can be hard, especially now, when there is a global pandemic which affects global unemployment. A reasonable landlord will understand if you are behind the rent because of justifiable reasons.

Resolve disputes with your landlord by giving money.
How to resolve disputes with your landlord. Usually by paying rent on time.

Try to gather money as soon as you can and pay your rent. There are a lot of things you can do to pay for your rent. If you need money now, you can borrow from your family and friends. It is better to be in debt to your family and friends than to your landlord. This is what people who rented an apartment for the first time don’t know.

Also, you can always do some extra job for a short period. Thankfully there are a lot of jobs on the internet. Search some sites that offer jobs. Know what you are good at and apply to as many jobs as you can.

If the situation is unbearable, search for a new apartment

But what can you do if you stumbled upon an unreasonable landlord? If the rent is not the problem, then what is? If you have other disputes with your landlord you can always find a solution if your landlord is reasonable. But if your landlords keep nagging you all the time, just pack up your stuff and leave. Nothing is stopping you from doing that. You can always find an apartment for rent online.

person yelling on the phone.
If your landlord is unreasonable, just leave the apartment.

There are a lot of other apartments and landlords, and most of them are reasonable people who can be reasoned with.

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