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How to prepare your belongings for safe relocation?

Whether you will move in a few days, weeks or months, one thing is certain – you need to know how to prepare your belongings for safe relocation. You definitely don’t want your items to be in any peril, as you want to see them all in one piece upon arriving at your new home. But, you don’t have to worry. We will help you have a stress-free move by giving you a few tips for preparing your items.

Check your belongings for any damage

Whether or not you decide to hire moving help it makes no difference. You still need to check your items for any existing damage. The last thing you want is to wrongfully accuse someone of damaging your items which were already damaged in the first place. Besides, it will give you an idea of how careful you need to be with a certain item when packing it. We understand you might not want to face the truth, but it’s better than living in the dark.

A detective with a magnifying glass.
In what condition are your items?

Choose the right moving boxes

When moving, your budget can either allow you to buy new boxes or your only option might be to get previously used ones. Don’t hold any prejudices – used boxes can be just as good and sturdy as new ones. The only thing you need to check is whether they were not in a moldy room. A moldy room will make your boxes wet and thus, unusable.  So, learn about the best ways of handling mold contamination and make sure to prevent the damage to your home. Once you choose good and quality boxes, the time has come for you to protect them.

Cushion the moving boxes to prepare your belongings for safe relocation

The ride from your soon to be old home to the new one can be very detrimental for your belongings. Any bump on the road will send your belongings flying inside the boxes, which can make them break. The only way to prevent any damage is by cushioning the moving boxes.

  • Make sure every side of the box is covered in protective packaging materials. 
  • Fill the bottom of the box with packing peanuts, or some other form of protective packaging materials. 
  • Those same packing peanuts are perfect for filling in the empty spaces inside the moving box, so use them. 

You should never try to save money on protective packaging materials. Usually, they are the ones that decide whether your move will be successful and whether your items will arrive in one piece.

Lots of green foam peanuts to prepare your belongings for a safe relocation.
In case you need to prepare your belongings for a safe relocation, you have found your new best friend – foam peanuts.

So, the next time you find yourself making a moving checklist, include these items. Make sure you have enough time to prepare your belongings for safe relocation, as you don’t want to do anything in the last minute. That is the complete opposite of what an organized relocation should look like.

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