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How to prepare for moving to another state – NJ edition

Moving to a new place is very stressful and requires a lot of time and preparation. To prepare for moving to another state, you need the right tips and help. Luckily, we have simple tips for handling the move with ease and for organizing it properly.

Moving to NJ

If you are moving to New Jersey from another state, living here will be probably different than you used to. First, choose the best places to live in NJ and start from there. Then, you should choose a home to rent or buy (most people rent a home in NJ because of high prices and taxes).

Moving from NJ

On the other hand, more and more people are moving out of NJ, especially young people seeking a job. Leaving NJ and settling down somewhere else is a big step that needs a lot of preparation and organization.

You will need to hire a moving company and start to pack your moving boxes. How much time you will need, depends on the place you are moving to. It is not the same if you are moving to NY from NJ or to FL from NJ. Long-distance relocation required more time, money, and organization.

Prepare for moving to another state – tips

No matter what is the reason for you to move across the country, you must be prepared in order to have a successful relocation. Some people are moving because of a job, others are moving to be closer to a family, or simply they want to try something new, somewhere else.

Tips are essential if you want to move with ease. Below is the list of steps to take to prepare for a moving to another state – from NJ or to NJ.

A moving checklist to prepare for moving to another state.
Create a moving checklist to prepare for moving to another state. This way, your relocation will be organized and you will be prepared

Research a new state

Before you decide to move, first explore the state. If you are moving to NJ, then explore this state and what it can offer. If moving out of NJ to another state, then make sure you learn as much as you can. Research a job market, real estate, schools (if you have kids), crime rate, weather, tax rates, costs of living, etc.

Find a new home

Will you buy or rent a home? What are the costs? You probably don’t want to live in a hotel. Even if you will live, it should be a short period of time. Find a local real estate agent who is familiar with the area where you will live, and create your budget.

Besides home, consider renting a storage unit. If you didn’t rent/buy a home, you must have a place where to put all your household items.

Hire a moving company

For moving out of state, you should hire a professional moving company. A company must be reliable and experienced in NJ relocation. One of these companies in New Jersey is Ample Moving NJ.

Check a license for moving out of state and insurance. Verify the company’s name and pay attention to details. Get recommendations, search online, read online moving reviews (but recognize fake ones), visit social media profiles, etc. A mover will help you prepare for moving to another state and you will be more relaxed.

A sticky note.
Moving preparations are easier with a professional help

Sort and purge items

Use this opportunity to get rid of all unnecessary, old, broken, or damaged items.

First, decide what you want to relocate. The rest of the items you can sell, donate or throw away. Keep in mind that moving costs will depend on the size and weight of your items, so calculate is ti cheaper to move them or to buy new after moving.

Packing will be very emotional, so be prepared to let go of some items. If you will pack by yourself, ask a couple of friends to help you with large and heavy items. It is not a job for only one person. If you decide to hire movers to help you, make sure that you get the best ones.

Save the receipts

Why save all your receipts when moving? Simple, it can save you money. Even if you will donate some of your items, save proof that you donated, and you will have some benefits when paying taxes. Keep track of your finances and know how much money you spent on moving.

Notify people you are moving

You are moving to another state, so you will not see your friends for a long time. Notify people you are moving and organize a party or a dinner with your closest friends. This will help you mentally, saying goodbye to your old life and starting a new is very hard and emotional. When organizing a long-distance move, it is not only hard physically, it can be very stressful too.

Update your info

Prepare all the documents and update some of them. Change your address, ID, get a new driver’s license in a new state, cancel utilities and subscriptions, etc.

Especially if you are moving a business to another state, you will have a lot more paperwork to finish. In this case, gather a team of people you trust, and prepare them.

Adjust after moving

Prepare for a period after moving too.

  • Start saving money for a period after moving. You will need to pay rent, food, and other bills.
  • To prepare for moving to another state, learn interesting facts and be ready for new friendships.
  • Meet your neighbors.
  • Say YES to new items and try them.
  • Go out with co-workers after work, explore a new state, don’t sit alone in the house.
A girl with a suitcase.
A period after moving can be depressed and many people are feeling lonely


Now when you know how to prepare for moving to another state, you can relax and start ASAP with the moving process. Don’t wait until the last moment to start with preparation. It is one of the biggest moving mistakes you can make. If you think you cannot accomplish everything by yourself, ask for help. Friends of professionals.

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